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“TOWER OF GOD SEASON 2” Know Why Are Children So Obsessed With Tower of god season 2.

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Tower of God Season 2 is a South Korean adventurous anime. Author SIU  (Lee Jong Hui) has scripted a thrilling and mysterious fantasy “Tower Of God”. This is a South Korean Manhwa release as a webtoon. The individual chapters of 8 volumes each are collected and published by Young Com in July 2021.  Line Webtoon has given an English transcription to the series. Naver Webtoon has brought up “Tower of God” which is a Korean webtoon service.

The original run of the series was from April summer spring 2020 to June 24, 2020. This escapade series has thirteen episodes in all. The daring and thrilling music is given by Kevin Penkin. This harmonious and mellifluous music gives a heartwarming feel. The diverse characters help the series to bring a deep emotional touch to an audience. “Reach the top, and everything will be yours” and may such dialogues have made the series more fascinating. Overall, the series shows the efforts behind it.


The story revolves around the boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who heedlessly loves a girl called Rachel. He wants nothing from his life but Rachel. He could count on her whenever she needed. The unconditional affection of the boy makes the series more lovable. The stubborn girl Rachel inspired by Arlene’s vision wished to go up to the tower.

The story goes with away when the boy goes up to the tower for his love. He has spent most of his early life trapped beneath the mysterious tower. He lived there with Rachel. When she enters the tower Bam gets devastated but he somehow manages to open the door of the tower.

Tower of God season 2
Tower of God season 2

The story gets more interesting when Rachel is astray by him. Bam can reach any heights to see her back. he gets to see allies which help him giving direction up to the tower. Stay tuned to know the updates of the exciting next season of Tower of God.

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As of now, Netflix has not announced any update regarding the second season of Tower of God Season 2. The audience is in love with season 1 which is now streaming on Netflix. The show is reaching heights. Tower of God season 2 is also available in the English language. Part of the reason anime became a cultural sensation in such a short period is because of its theme and outstanding way of expression. Tower of God is not only an adventurous drama but a thrilling and sensational series for the audience.

This anime is a combination of emotions and mystery. Fans are in love with streamed drama which is going around with a romantic valor love. Keep in touch with us. We will let you know the updates as soon as the official updates are out. In an apparent acknowledgment, the second season release date would be somewhere in 2022. Fans can expect the premiere in the fall of 2021.

Tower of God season 2
Tower of God season 2

As soon as Crunchyroll and the animation studio start working the premiere will be out. Premiere may launch in the upcoming months. Keep in touch with us for further updates.


The details of the series Tower of God Season 2 are not disclosed. The information of the series will not be brought in front of the audience till the date of release. Well, we have detailed information about the characters in Tower of God season 1. Let’s have an overlook to the cast in series 1:

Tower of God season 2
Tower of God season 2

The Tower of God is a mysterious structure with many different species. The characters in the series are very unique and up-to-date to the theme.

  • Twenty-Fifth Baam
  • Khun Aguero Agnis
  • Androssi Zahard
  • Rak Wraithraiser
  • Ha Yuri Zahard
  • Yu Han Sung
  • Lo Po Bia Ren


The detailing of the second season 2 of the adventure series Tower of God is not yet updated. Netflix revealed on Twitter that it will begin streaming the Tower of God season 2 of anime on June 1. The show is loved by many and reaching heights. Till we are not refurbished about season 2 details let’s have a quick brief review on season 1.

The story mingles with the character Baam who is in deep love with an adventurous girl Rachel. Suddenly one day she was fully ready to climb the tower. Baam asks her where she is going to which she tells about the climbing tower and asks him to forget her. Baam cries feel sad and ask Rachel to stay back n and not leave him alone. He proclaims to her that if she will go, he will follow her until death. During a climb, Rachel meets Headon. She requests Headon to let her climb the Tower to which Headon agrees after a long while.

Following her, Baam gets ready to face any death-taking challenges to see Rachel again. He has different love heights for Rachel. Baam introduces himself as a guardian on the first floor and tries to ask Headon about Rachel. Furthermore, Yuri and Evan make their way to the start floor as they were in heard that someone outsider has entered Tower. Evan and Yuri start chasing Baam to the second floor. Rachel feels bad about Baam saying that she was the one who wanted to climb the tower, but the tests were taken by Baam. Baam gets the victory for all of his tests. Lero-Ro was also pulled to the tests for the Black March.

Tower of God season 2
Tower of God season 2

Further, the episodes take the exciting turnover. Lero Ro and Quant tags alone were fully planned to visit the 77th floor of the tower to get close to the truth. Hwa Ryun finds Baam still alive. Hwa Ryun asks Baam to climb the tower in search of the reason ” Why Rachel betrayed him and his love?” which goes on with Tower of god season 2.

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It has been years fans are been asking for the second season, and yet the updates are not out officially. But we can proclaim that the maybe next year 2022 will be the release year. You can enjoy watching Tower of God Season 1 on Netflix.


Is tower of god available on Netflix?

Ans: Yes, tower of god is streaming on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in Tower of God in season 2?

Ans: There are 13 episodes.

Is Tower of God canceled?

Ans: Tower of God has been on an indefinite hiatus ever since 29th June 2020. 

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