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Citadel Ceo Kenneth C. Griffin Lied Under Oath, Going to Prison [Confirmed?]-The LEAKED PROOF, EVERYTHING

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What we found out about Robinhood is that they are actually a hedge fund company with an app. They invested in GameStop and Amx Squeeze, which led to the downfall of retail investors’ rights as well as freedom on buying stocks- so now they can’t trade unless you want your money tied up for years!

It was the height of panic when investors found out that hedge funds had bought up stocks on Robinhood. This gave them more power than ever before, and it’s hard for retail traders to keep up with all their shady dealings in this cutthroat industry!

Coming back to the main storyKenneth C. Griffin

When Robinhood and citadel were called in front of the house committee, CEO’s from both companies testified that there had been no collusion between them. In fact they said it was actually an excellent working relationship- so much so that when Representative Juan Vargas asked if he believed cofounder Vlad Tenev (Robin Hood) colluded with his counterpart at Citadel during their testimony under oath; Mr.Trene v Replied without hesitation!

The CEO of a major bank was called before Congress and asked if he had any colluding with Robinhood, the head investor. He answered under oath that yes they did have collusion for years!

This has been the story of Ken Griffin’s downfall so far. He is in major trouble, but it remains to be seen if he’ll face any charges for lying under oath during his company’s deposition proceedings with US Representative Juan Vargas from California’s 51st district!

Ken Griffin is in big trouble. But whether he’ll be charged for lying under oath remains to be seen, and according to reports from the Associated Press (AP), his company will have a consequent deposition of staff soon enough.

” Let me be perfectly Clear, Absolutely Not”

Many critics are citing some documents that are viral online suggesting collusion with the Robinhood CEO, Ken Griffin. If these leaked documents turn out to be real then he could face major charges for perjury and possible prison sentence if convicted of any crime related in anyway whatsoever—to quote him himself as reported by Bloomberg News: “Somebody might want me dead or worse.”

All The documents have been uploaded below just in case they get deleted from the internet.

In the document shown above, COO of Robinhood Gretchen Howard is giving heads up to CEO Vlad Tenev about a scheduled meeting with Citadel. She informed him that she will be in contact regarding details soon and supplied some background on Kenneth Griffin’s influence within Wall Street as well as his involvement at this firm (Citadel). When I contacted Jim Swartwout for confirmation he said yes it did happen; if these documents are true then there might be bigger issues than just trading stocks!

Sources have reported that Citadel, one of the wealthiest and most powerful companies in America will be meeting with Robinhood to discuss a possible merger. This news comes as no surprise given how long it’s been speculated about online trading platform for small investors like us at Reddit who want more options when browsing through stocks on their phones or computers after work; however what might concern many people such as

Citadel CEO Kenneth C Griffin? I’m sure if he knows anything insider information regarding company negotiations then maybe other big shots should too – including President Jim Swartwout from Robbin Hood LLC (as confirmed by our emails).

It has been reported that the CEO of Robinhood, Vlad Tenev is going to meet with Kenneth C. Griffin from Citadel in a few days. This could mean big trouble for him and his company because they will most likely be discussing how much money we send them every month without even realizing it!

If these documents are verified as true then MrGriffin should really think twice about coming after us anymore or what else he might try throwing at our business like lawsuits etc…


You can check the full 137 Page Document here

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