September 28, 2021

Sky Wizards Academy Season 2 canceled or renewed? Find out if this popular and awaited anime will finally hit the Televisions.

Sky Wizards Academy Season 2 Latest Updates 2021:

sky wizards academy season 2

Sky wizards academy season 2 has given the fans of the anime world one of the most anxious waits. The previous season of this very popular anime series ended with a not-so-satisfactory finale and that has led the fans to wait for sky wizards academy season 2 all the more eagerly. The fans have a very high demand to know know what happens in the story after where it was ended in season 1.

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However, Studio Diomedia the production house for sky wizards academy season 2 has been tight-lipped about the renewal of the much-demanded anime series and has not announced sky wizards academy season 2 as of now. If you want to know if there is a chance of the return of this anime series the check out the full article.

About Sky Wizards Academy Season 2:

the sky wizards academy season 2.

We are here to discuss Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyoukan Season 2 or sky wizards academy season 2 release date and know when can you expect the return of this much-awaited anime show was broadcasted on AnimeLab, FUNimation Entertainment, and Anime Digital Network. apart from this, French Television networks had also broadcasted this anime show.

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The sky wizard academy is also known as Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan was born as a lightweight novel series that was published in the year 2013. Written by Yū Moroboshi and illustrated by Yuka Nakajima, the LN became quite popular during its run until 2017. Studio Diomedia released an anime version of the light novel in the year 2015, which premiered in July of the same year and ran for 12 episodes until September of that year. They also came up with an OVA episode in March 2016.

The series is another harem comedy from the Diomedia animation studio. This series and its release was a very important matter to many local tv channels and also different other tv networks all over the world. To the Japanese TV channels like Chiba Television, Gifu Broadcasting Mie TV, Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, Sun TV, Television Kanagawa, Television Saitama Co., Ltd., Tokyo MX, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. the release of Sky wizards academy was of great importance. Worldwide channels like AnimeLab, FUNimation Entertainment, and Anime Digital Network of France also broadcasted this series.

After a rocky finale episode fans have been waiting for sky wizards academy season 2 for almost 6 years now. Let's find out what are the chances of the renewal of this highly demanded anime series.

Renewal Status of Sky Wizards Academy Season 2:

the sky wizards academy season 2.

As mentioned before the season finally of Sky Wizards Academy Season 1 left the audience in the middle of a path with a lot of cliffhangers in the storyline. This had made the fans back in 2015 think that sky wizards academy season 2 might be arriving soon. Though the fans were proven wrong as the production has still not made any plans for the sequel of the series.

There is indeed a heavy demand for sky wizards academy season 2, but sadly it may never make it back to the TV as sky wizard academy season one has not performed as well as it was expected to. The debut series was neither well appreciated by the viewers or the critics nor could it make any commercial success. So the arrival of sky wizards academy season 2 might be at stake for this reason.

Apart from this, it is very difficult for Sky Wizard Academy might not release under any studio as it is an adaptation. Unlike US TV shows anime adaption does not get renewed years after years. As soon as the series runs out of source material it is stopped and might not return for another round no matter how much it is demanded. It comes as bad news that the Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan manga ended years ago in July 2017. This might hinder the much-awaited renewal of sky wizards academy season 2. 

However, it's up to the fans, if they can generate enough petitions requesting the renewal then there might be a chance for the audience to get to watch sky wizards academy season 2.

Is There Enough source material for sky wizards academy season 2?

the sky wizards academy season 2.

The most important aspect for anime series to return for another round is the availability of source material. If there is not enough source material there is no chance for a series to return no matter how popular they were. The same reason aligns with the sky wizards academy season 2. But in this case, there is good news. The production house Diomedia has enough source material required to makeKuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Season 2 or the sky wizards academy season 2.

Out of the fourteen manga comics, the first season covered only the first few of them. Hence the rest of them holds a major chunk of the storyline thus assuring that there is enough source material for the season renewal. From the source material aspect, there is an obstacle in the path of the sky wizards academy season 2 as of now.

The Sky Wizards Academy Season 2- PLOT:

the sky wizards academy season 2.

The sky wizards Academy is just like any other harem anime with a lot of beautiful girls in the role of the main characters with a boy. In this case, the name of the boy is Kanata's age. He is portrayed as the best swordsman in the town. Though he retired after getting injured. His fellow swordsmen insulted him and called him a coward for not being aware of the entire situation.

Since he stopped fighting because of this injury and had nothing to do, he started passing on his knowledge about military experience and all the skills that he possessed to other people by teaching them. Girls were usually considered the weakest and worthless in the military so he started teaching and training those girls. The plotline shows the relationship between the trainee girls and the trainer who has a very complicated life.

The story is based in an alternate universal future land. Some humans who were banished from the earth have come there and they have built castles in the air. Magical insects like creatures had driven these humans out of the earth and they also reached this aerial land that the humans have built.

Sky Wizards Academy Season 2: Release Date:

the sky wizards academy season 2.


It's only the fans who can save the future of the anime and make it come back for another season. This however would take a couple of years. Hence the audience would need to wait For season 2 for a couple of years. As of now, Diomedia is yet to make any official statements about the future of Sky Wizards Academy Season 2. Even then there is no chance of the arrival of the next season until 2022 or 2023.


Frequently asked questions:

Is Sky Wizards Academy coming for Season 2?

There has been no official announcement as of now but it is expected to come by 2022 or 2023. There is enough source material and the audience too has a high demand. So there is a fair chance of this series returning.

Who is the strongest character of Sky Wizard Academy?

Kanata Age.

Is Sky Wizard Academy a harem?

Yes, it is a harem.

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