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UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date: Is The Most Awaited Anime Show Finally Returning For Another Round? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

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UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date And Latest Updates:

UQ Holder Season 2 release date


When is the UQ holder season 2 release date is one of the most asked questions in the anime world ever since 2018? As we all know UQ holder season 1 was premiered back in 2018 and the wait has been never-ending since then. UQ Holder is adapted from a manga comic book that has the same name too and that comic is written by Ken Akamatsu. 

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The previously released manga comic was well praised by both anime fans and critics and hence everybody was super excited about the arrival of the anime version of the comic. Shockingly after the release of the anime adaptation, the fans were left disheartened as the anime could not match up to the efficiency level of the manga. Even after this disappointment, fans are eagerly waiting for the UQ holder season 2 release date to be announced. 

About UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date:

UQ Holder Season 2 release date

Fans were delighted when a reboot of the anime that was initially released back in the year 2006, happened in 2007 and it was called UQ Holder Season 1. Now the anime that was released in 2017 was not an exact remake of the 2006 comic so many people like the believe that the latter was more of a sequel of the former one than a reboot. Nevertheless, it was appreciated by the audience as it had a very new style of its own and people seem to like it. Hence fans want to know the UQ holder season 2 release date desperately.

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The season finale of UQ Holder season one ended with many rough edges and plotline cliffhangers. This is why fans do not want to settle without knowing the UQ holder season 2 release date. The anime series was authored by  Ken Akamatsu and Shogo Yaskawa and directed by Youhei Suzuki. If we take into consideration the current situation it can be predicted that the UQ holder Season 2 release date might be announced by the end of 2021.

Masou Sensei Negima is another name of UQ holder by which it is popularly referred to. It is a Japanese anime in the action-fantasy genre. It is an anime adaptation of the manga comic written by Ken Akamatsu which goes by the same name. Producer JC Staff, later on, made the anime adaptation of the manga which was released on October 3 in year 2017. The first season went on for 12 episodes and ended in December of the same year.

Now the fans are asking many questions about the UQ holder Season 2 release date. They are wondering if at all the sequel of the anime will come out considering the ill-handling of the storyline in the previous season. The plot itself was well appreciated but how the makers rushed through the storyline and picked up an unnecessarily fast pace was highly criticized, Fans were expecting a full 2-cour season but instead of that season, 1 ended at episode 12.

Continue reading the article to know UQ holder Season 2 release date.

What does the source material status say about UQ Holder Season 2 Release Date?

UQ Holder Season 2 release date

Author Ken Akamatsu started writing the manga comic known as the UQ Holder in the year 2013. He has been successful in publishing 24 volumes of the manga that consisted of a total of 180 chapters. While making the first season the makers used up the source material of the first 13 volumes and covered 131 chapters while doing so. A total of 11 volumes and 50 chapters are left to be used as source material and announce the UQ holder Season 2 release date.

Normally this amount of source material would have been enough for any anime series to make an entire season. But if we take a look at the previous season, the makers have used a lot more than what is remaining of the source material as of now. Taking that into consideration we can say that there is not enough source material for UQ holder Season 2 release date to be announced,

Also taking into consideration that the world was recently hit by a deadly pandemic (Covid 19), it took a toll on every business sector and industry. Even the entertainment sector was not spared from its claws. Many production and releases were hampered and postponed for an unknown period. So it is understandable why there has not been any announcement regarding the UQ holder Season 2 release date. 

Also if there is no arrival of new source material, the chances of UQ holder Season 2 release date nearing us also decreases,

UQ holder Season 2 Release Date and Plot:

UQ Holder Season 2 release date

This anime series is based on the life of a boy whose name is Touta Canoe. He is the protagonist of UQ Holder. He is shown as a small village boy who dreams of becoming successful and settling down in a big city. His simple normal life takes a drastic turn when comes in contact with a hunter who was there to captivate Touta’s guardian. After this incident, he comes to know that she had turned him into a vampire while healing a wound. He also discovers the fact that his very guardian was a 700-year-old vampire himself.

This is when Touta comes in contact with the UQ Holders which is a squad of immortals and supernatural beings. The UQ holder is a secret supernatural society that consists of vampires Yokai and they are led by Yukihime. The agenda of this super squad is to look after the supernatural beings of the world and also take care of the outcasts of society. It also protects human beings if they are caused any harm by any supernatural.

UQ holder season is expected to continue the storyline right from where it was left in the first season. People are waiting anxiously for UQ holder Season 2 release date.

UQ Holder Season 2 renewal update:

UQ Holder Season 2 release date

The fast-paced storyline made the first season fetch some negative reviews. The viewers could easily see that several chapters were skipped and many plot holes were visible. Apart from that, the anime put some of its storyline lines into the plot that was not originally present in the manga. So these mixed reviews could be a reason which is making the producers have second thoughts about the UQ holder Season 2 release date.

UQ holder Season 2 release date:

UQ Holder Season 2 release date

The official team has not made any public announcement about UQ holder Season 2 as of now. Since there has been a scarcity of the source material that could one of the main reasons for the delay. However, if there is a new volume of manga coming then the chances of a sequel also increase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is UQ Holder Complete?

UQ holder season 1 covered 13 of the 24 Volumes of the manga and UQ Holder season 2 is expected to cover the rest.

Is UQ Holder canceled?

The makers have not yet officially announced the renewal of the series but they also have not said anything about the cancellation of the show.

What came before the UQ holder?

You should read the Negima Manga before starting UQ Holder.

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