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Darwin’s game season 2: Release date, Plot, Characters and everything you want to know

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Darwin’s game season 2: Renewed or canceled? All that you want to know

The first season of the show had an amazing effect on the fans and it has set its place in fans’ hearts. The first season streamed a year ago from 3 January 2020 to 21 March 2020. The first season was a great hit that fans are demanding for Darwin’s game season 2. As it’s been a year since the last episode of season 1 fans are getting a little impatient and they want to know about the renewal of the series. We are here to settle all your questions.

Darwin’s game is a Japanese action sci-fi Isekai anime series. It is a remake of the Flip-flops mange series. The producer of the series is Nexus animation studio. The first season had 11 episodes which were enough to make the fans curious about more. So now there is a heavy demand for Darwin’s game season 2.

Darwin's game season 2

Darwin’s game season 2 release date

The production of Darwin’s game season 2 has not been announced yet. Nexus or any other company that is related to the series has not made any progressive announcement regarding the production of Darwin’s game season 2.

The verge on which the last episode of season 1 ended could poke you towards reading the manga or it could be the indication for Darwin’s game season 2. Studio Nexus has not made any official commitment about Darwin’s game season 2 and there are no announced plans for animes in 2021. So by our best assumption, we can hope for Darwin’s game season 2 in 2022.

As sooner as the officials would make an announcement, we would update you on the news on this block. So stay connected.


Darwin’s game season 2

The anime series has a crazy fan base and has got an admiring response from everyone. It became famous and gathered everyone’s attention in a pretty short time. It is not just an ordinary Isekai anime that takes people to the sport’s World but everything that happened in this show has happened in the real world. Characters of the show are the ones to be praised and other than them the action scenes in the series were loved by everyone.

Darwin's game season 2

Are the makers having a lack of content?

The makers are not facing any problem regarding the content instead they have a good amount of it. So the material to make Darwin’s game season 2 is available to the makers. The demand for the same is also at its height so for now there is no such issue that would create a hurdle in the making of Darwin’s game season 2. The announcement can be assumed in the very next year hopefully which is good news for anime lovers.

The plot of the show

A 17- years old boy named Kaname Sudo accepts an invitation online from a friend to play an app game called Darwin’s game. He was not aware of the game that included a fight between life and death. The participants of the game get a Sigil which is an ability that differs from player to player. Kaname gets trapped in the game of murder and conquest. He then determines to clean it up and kill the game master.

Characters of the show

  • Kaname Sudo

Darwin's game season 2

He is the male protagonist of the series and is a 17 years old high school student. He accidentally gets trapped in Darwin’s game. As everyone was given a particular Sigil, his sigil was ‘The fire god’s hammer, which allowed him to recreate some weapons and other simple objects and could modify them according to his will. Kanama is a kind-hearted person and is not really into killing anyone unless it is required. He becomes a top player of Darwin’s game players because of his intelligence and rational behavior and yes also because of his spontaneity.

  • Shuka Karino

Darwin's game season 2

She is the female protagonist of the show. She is also a 17 years old teenager who belonged to a rich family. Her parents had died and taken advantage of this she was tricked into Darwin’s game by a girl named Miho. She is the love interest of Kaname. She had the Sigil ‘Princess of thorn’. Her sigil allowed her to handle wire-like objects. She has got the title of ‘Undefeated Queen’ for her mobility with her weapons. Along with Kaname, she formed the clan Sunset Ravens.

Rein Kashiwagi

She is a 13 years old middle school student who has great intelligence, maturity, and calm nature which gains her respect from other game players. Her sigil ‘Laplace’s demon’ helped her in the calculation of physical vectors and knowledge to that height where she can nearly look into the future. She joins Sunset Ravens and works with Kaname to crack the code behind the game.

Season 1 Episodes:

  1. First Game
  2. Gemstone Mine
  3. Ignition
  4. Fireworks
  5. Aquarium
  6. Hardness
  7. Eighth
  8. Fragile
  9. Heads up
  10. Old one
  11. Sunset Ravens

What can we expect from Darwin’s game season 2

Darwin's game season 2

The ending of the last episode of the first season corresponded to chapter 30 of Volume 8. Though the ending of the 11 episodes of season 1 summarised the later chapters as to how the Sunset Ravens implemented a D-Game ban.

The first season of Darwin’s game did not have the police investigation so it might be possible that it can be included in Darwin’s game season 2.

Darwin’s game season 2 might feature Kaname reaching out to the larger clans in Kansai regions to form a new alliance. He is likely to make some alliances as he has a goal to create an A1 player. Japan is monitoring the Sunset Ravens and CIA agents of the USA are investigating the D-Game. After that Jab, a member of the clan will come to the scene to investigate it.

Where to watch Darwin’s game

Darwin’s game is available on multiple platforms

Questions that emerges in fans minds

1. Does Shuka loves Kaname?

Shuka is a girl who is normally friendly but can turn out to be fatal if needed. She was interested in Kaname and fell in love with him after he beat her.

2. Is there any Darwin’s game season 2?

Though there is no official announcement of Darwin’s game season 2 our assumptions direct us that way because of certain factors discussed above.

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