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Ao chan can’t study season 2: Find out all you crave for here all things what you find and all latest news

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The reason for your presence here must be the curiosity for Ao chan can’t study season 2. You must have finished watching the first season and are willing to watch the sequel. The first season aired from April 6, 2019, to June 22 of the same year.

Ao chan can't study season 2


Ao chan can’t study season 2: canceled or renewed? All the updates for fans!

The first season concluded back in mid-2019. It has now passed two years and the fans who are awaiting Ao chan can’t study season 2 are becoming impatient. The makers have not come up to speak about the sequel yet. So where are these signs taking us to? Would there be Ao chan can’t study season 2?

Ao chan can't study season 2

About the show

Ao chan can’t study is a Japanese romantic comedy series. The series has been directed by Keisuke Inoue and produced by Rina Shubida, Makoto Furukawa, and Hiroyuki Aoi. It is a Magna-based series of the same name which was adopted by the Silver Link Studios.
The first season was only 12 episodes long and ran for approximately only two months. Since then fans are curious about the second installment of the series. Anime has a crazy fanbase all over the world and hence they want to watch more of it. But due to the lack of an official statement, fans are not getting any updates are becoming impatient with time. 

Ao chan can’t study season 2: Release date

Ao chan can’t study was admired by the viewers. They liked the fusion of ecchi and comic elements along with the romantic factor. But it could not impress the critics.  Fans have been demanding Ao chan can’t study season 2 ever since the first season ended. But due to lack of updates and no response from the makers, the fans are quite disappointed and curious at the same time. 

Ao chan can't study season 2

Animes take along to be aired so we may say that it has only been two years so we should wait a bit more. But any updates from the officials would have been like reinforcement for the viewers which could hold them for longer. For now, as the production has not made it clear and is quite tight-lipped, we can assume in the best way possible that the series might get a renewal by 2022 mid.

Though this is just an assumption, anything can happen which can be out of the box but we have an eye on every detail and will update you with the most precise content. 

Ao chan can't study season 2

Are the creators facing a lack of content?

As we told, Ao chan can’t study has been inspired by the manga series under the same title. The manga series began in October 2015 and ran upto December 2018 which included eight volumes of the series. And now in January 2019, Ren launched the sequel of the series which concluded in April 2020. It has added three more volumes to the series. 

The good news for the viewers is that the anime production has only used the content of the previously launched volumes of the manga series and now they have more to use in their anime show. Silver Link Studios have quite a good amount of content and can create Ao chan can’t study season 2. 

The only problem that seems to occur is that the makers would not have any source material to promote. But if the fans continue to demand Ao chan can’t study season 2 then the makers would give it a go and would invest in Ao chan can’t study season 2. The series needs to be more popularized to get a sequel made. 

Ao chan can't study season 2

The plot of Ao chan can’t study

Ao shared a story in her kindergarten and regrets that for a long time. Her father, Hanasaki Horie was an author of erotic novels. Ao was not so happy with her father’s company and her sole motive in life was to get admitted to an elite University and get freedom from her father.

Ten years later she had no time to think about her past and men as well. But one day one of her classmates, Kijima proposed to her but she tried to ignore him but could not help thinking about him. She has been thinking about him throughout the day and was having all the dirty feelings in her mind. She blamed her father for this and assumed that she has acquired this trait of her father and was under his influence. 


Ao Horie

Ao chan can't study season 2

Ao is a school-going girl who tries to avoid any kind of interaction with the boys as her father is an erotic novel writer. She is an intelligent girl but has an ill feeling for boys and any kind of romantic relationship. She thinks everyone is a pervert and wants nothing but sex. But things change when a boy Kijima proposes to her. Initially, she tried to ignore him but could not do so and couldn’t stop thinking about him and eventually developed feelings for him.

Takumi Kijima

Ao chan can't study season 2

He is a popular boy in Ao Horie’s school. He had feelings for Ao and he repeatedly fell in embarrassing situations with her but was amazed to get the same response of feelings from Ao. 

Hanasaki Horie

Ao chan can't study season 2

He is Ao’s father who is an erotic novel writer who tries to get into Ao’s social life but always fails to do so.

Questions you might have

1. Where can we watch Ao chan can’t study?

Ao chan can’t study is available on Crunchyroll.

2. Does Ao chan can’t study has a dub?

Am English dub has been confirmed by Sentai Filmworks. This anime has been produced by Silver Link Studios. 

3. Is Ao chan can’t study season 2 in making?

As for now, nothing can be said in confirmation as the makers have yet not made an official statement about the renewal or cancelation of the Ao chan can’t study season 2. 

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