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Anime Days season 2: Discover your interests for animes here and all interested things you should know

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Days was quite famous after its serialization. Fans loved the series and are waiting since last almost five years. But the makers have not updated anything about the Anime Days Season 2. So will there be a sequel? Will the fans get to have another segment of Days? Continue reading to know!

Anime Days Season 2

It is an adaptation of the manga series. Manga has been in demand for a long time and has proven itself by entertaining a huge number of fans and is continuing with the same. To date, there have been 42 volumes of the manga and it is not the end, fans might get more added to the list. The show left an impact on its viewers, of course, a good one. Even after a good response from the fans, the studio MAPPA has yet not decided to renew the series. 

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Does Anime Days Season 2 has a hope of release?

With the end of the season, 1 fan is more curious to know what’s going to happen next. But their craving has got no clue of satisfaction yet. Anime Days Season 2 has been in demand ever since the first season ended. 

Anime Days Season 2

The good news for fans is that Crunchyroll has promised the completion of the plot as the first season did not end in a concluding manner. Crunchyroll has tweeted the confirmation of Anime Days Season 2. 

Though after some time it was announced that Crunchyroll has misreported that and there would be no Anime Days Season 2. The company later made corrections and announced that the sequel would not be typically released but it would be released in three original anime DVDs. A teaser promo was also released by them.

So the three DVDs were presented on the dates March 16, May 17, and July 17, 2018. These DVDs had all the plotline wrapped up in them and the show was resolved. Therefore it can be said that Anime Days have officially ended and the fans might not get to watch Anime Days Season 2. 

Should fans wait for Anime Days Season 2?

Anime Days Season 2

Even after the cancellation of the sequel, many fans are still in a hope that the show would come with a sequel soon. So if the demand stays this high, we can hope for Anime Days Season 2. Because in the recent times we have seen many animes have come back with a bang but yes, of course, there were some reasons. Reasons could be a heavy demand from the fans or the anime had some potential to kill the screen back.

Until the fans are demanding we can not say completely that the show has ended. Fans have magic, they can make it happen. So if you are a fan of anime try to bring out your demands and let’s see what does it change.

But the recent status says that the show is canceled at least until another studio agrees to pick it up. It can be said there are low chances of the renewal but as for a reboot series or anime film, we can say these have a better chance at it.

This kind of project usually takes longer so fans might have to wait for a longer period. Out best assumption says that if there would be Anime Days Season 2 then it would hit the screens by 2023. To get updated keep a check here. 

Anime Days

Anime Days Season 2

Days is a Japanese sports manga series written by Tsuyoshi Yasuda and anime serialization was directed by Konosuke Uda and was written by him only. MAPPA adapted this series and it ran for 24 episodes from July to December 2016. This manga has won several awards out of which one was 40th Kodansha Manga Awards, 2016. 

Anime Days season 2 Plot

The plot revolves around two boys named Tsukushi and Jin. Tsukushi is an ordinary boy but on contrary Jin has specificity for Soccer. Days has shown the struggles of Tsukushi who is a shy, bullied, and clumsy teenager. One day Tsukushi was saved by Jin from the bullies and Jin asked him if he was interested in football. He invited him over as they were lacking one player in their team. 

Though he doesn’t play well at all he kept running under heavy rain throughout the match. This inspired his other fellow teammates. Finally, he manages to score a minimum required score. Tsukushi gets to know that Jim is also going to be in his High School and decides to join the football club to play with Jin. 

Tsukushi was unaware of the nationwide popularity of the football club of Seiseki. Tsukushi does not play well but manages to enter the team because of his endless efforts and inspires his teammates.

Anime Days season 2 Characters

Tsukushi Tsukamoto

Anime Days Season 2

He is a freshman in high school at Seiseki High School. Despite his poor performance at the start he manages to be a fundamental part of the football club only because of his continuous efforts. He lives with his mother who is paralyzed and is in a wheelchair whereas his father was dead when he was a child.

Jin Kazama

Anime Days Season 2

He is also a freshman at Seiseki High School. He is considered q genius of football. He is quite famous in the school because of his good looks, good height, extrovert nature and above all his talent in football. He doesn’t follow rules and was a bit demotivated before meeting Tsukushi. 

He is a great fan of Bruce Lee. As a kid, he was hard to manage so his mother decided to get him admitted to a boarding school from a young age. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Does Jim quits his team?

Jim initially thought of quitting the football team because he conflicted with the teammates. But after meeting with Tsukushi he gets highly motivated and decides to not do so. He became more versatile and started playing as a midfielder as well.

2. Who gave the music in Anime Days?

Yoshihiro Ike gave music in Anime Days.

3. Was the Crunchyroll tweet true?

No Crunchyroll misreported it and later confirmed with the correct report which said that the series would continue in the form of three DVDs. 

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