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10 Shocking Facts About Adonis Graham: Net worth, Age, Relationship and More stunning facts about Drake’s Son

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If you are a big fan of the world-famous singer, Drake, then you must have known and seen his son, Adonis Graham, his rapper dad post pictures of him daily on Instagram and keep his fans updated about his and his son, Adonis, life.

Adonis Graham is a name that is famously known for being Drake’s Son, you can see him hand-in-hand with his father in Billboard Music Awards 2021, where they both attended the event and the little boy also accompanied his father on the stage while receiving an award for Artist of the Decade.

And if you don’t know about this celebrity kid then keep reading, here is all the information about Adonis Graham that you should know.

10 Shocking Facts About Adonis Graham: Net worth, Age, Relationship and More stunning facts about Drake’s Son

Adonis Graham

Adonis Graham Age

Adonis Graham, Son of the Grammy winner singer, is a Canadian, he was born on October 11, 2021, in California. He turned 4-years-old on October 11, 2021. He has fair skin, blonde curly hair, and blue eyes. He is the first child of Aubrey Drake Graham and Sophie Brussaux.

Adonis Graham Mother

Adonis Graham’s mother is Sophie Brussaux, born on 1 August 1989. She is a French Model and former film star, Sophie and Drake got split up but they are co-parenting Adonis.

News of Sophie’s pregnancy breaks out when Drake and Jennifer Lopez just ended their relationship. The shocking news about his “Secret Child” was revealed to curious fans in 2018.

Adonis Graham Net Worth

Adonis Graham Net worth is estimated to be $20-$30 million.

Adonis Graham Full Name

Adonis’s middle name is ‘Mahbed’, Adonis Mahbed Graham.

Adonis Graham

When Drake did not consider Adonis Graham as his son!

Well, we all know that the story between Sophie and Drake did not have the perfect ending, but both were there for their firstborn.

Sophie and drake were struggling in their relationship, things got worse when in 2017 Sophie shared her pregnancy news to Drake, the rapper first denied being the child’s father and asked Sophie to take a paternity test and provide proof for the same.

Sophie also shared with TMZ in May 2017, that Drake was threatening her to do an abortion since he did not believe the fact that the child was his.

Till now nobody knew the truth about Drake’s Son, the news attract more attention when an American rapper Pusha T mentions Drake’s secret son in his song, ‘The Story About Adidon’.

Finally, when the result came out, it turns out that the child’s father was Drake. He then confessed and accepted it, by mentioning his relationship with his wife Sophie in his song, “March 14”, Drake came clear about his feeling on the whole situation and also mention his father, how he lived with his mother and always felt an absence of a father-figure in the house and now that he is a father, he regrets not being there for his child.

Drake in his other song, “Emotionless” from the album, “Scorpion” talks about the reasons for not making his child’s matter public, as it is a known fact in Hollywood that celebrity kids face online hate, and sometimes it can get too far.

If you look at Kylie Jenner’s baby, Britney Spears’s Son, and many more, faced regular media and online hate, they were regularly judged on looks and other factors.

Drake did not want that to happen to Adonis. But he can’t change anything since online hate is something, you can say, it is a price that famous people have to pay and Adonis is no exception.

During the 2021 Billboard Music Award, Drake and Adonis Graham came together and spend time enjoying each others company, but when the photos of Adonis Graham surfaces on Internet, people behind their keyboards did not leave the four-year-old alone, the posts were filled with negative comments like how Adonis does not look like a son of Drake or they were surprised how fair he is and how curly his hair is! And many ridiculous things.

So Drake’s worry about this matter is agreeable, he was just trying to save his child from all the hate.


Sophie Brussaux: 6 Things to Know About the Mother of Drake's Son Adonis | Billboard

How many kids does Drake have?

For now, it’s only one, Adonis, Fans and general people have been curious about Drake’s on and off relationships. The rapper was linked to many celebrity actresses and models when he rose to the fame in 2010 hit album, Thank Me Later, which debuted at number one in Billboard 200. And later on, produced many hit album.

He has won four Grammy Awards, 29 Billboard Music Awards, two Brit Awards, and many more achievements. Currently, in 2021, his album ‘A Certified Lover Boy’ was released on 3 September 2021. It has debuted on number one Billboard 200. The album achieved a record for the most US top-ten singles from one album. Make sure you check that out if you haven’t!

So it’s natural he was involved in all different kinds of rumors, but still, fans don’t know exactly how much it was true. However, according to various sources, Drake and Rihanna were dating for a long time, both the singer had an on-off relationship and had worked on many projects while they were dating. Fans were obsessed with this couple, but they finally broke up. Well, we have discussed the only relationship of Drake, there are many like Kylie, Joanna, Bella Hadid.

If want to see the cute family pictures of Drake, Adonis, Sophie, then check out their Instagram

Adonis Graham FAQs

1. When was Adonis born?

Ans. October 11, 2017

2. What age is Sophie Brussaux?

Ans. 33-years-old

3. Does Drake have 2 sons?

Ans. Drake has one son, named, Adonis Mahbed Graham.

4. Is Adonis is related to Drake?

Ans. Yes, Adonis Graham is the first child of Drake.

5. Did Drake and Sophie break up?

Ans. Yes, but they are co-parenting Adonis.

6. Who is Adonis Graham’s biological father?

Ans. Adonis Graham is the first son of Drake, many people were curious to know about how Adonis looks so different than his father and wanted to know that, Is he the biological father of the child? Since Drake himself doubted and asked Sophie Brussaux to show the proof by taking a paternity test. The result came in 2018 and it was confirmed that Adonis is the son of Drake and Sophie Brussaux.

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