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How Old Is Symonne Harrison? Find out how this 15 year old actress found popularity, interesting facts, career, lifestyle and much more about her!

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How old is Symonne Harrison? Know all about her career, family, love life, and much more:

how old is Symonne Harrison

Do you want to know How Old Is Symonne Harrison? Symonne is a YouTuber, actor, dancer, TikToker, and social media influencer. To know how old is Symonne Harrison, her career, films, lifestyle, net worth, boyfriend, keep reading this article.

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How old is Symonne Harrison?

how old is Symonne Harrison

Do you want to know how old is Symonne Harrison? Well, Simone Harrison is a 15-year-old actor-dancer YouTuber and Tik Tok II and also a social media influencer. Is a very well-known and young talent who is popular all over the world. I was passionate about the entertainment industry from the very young age of 3 when she entered into a dance competition. Slowly over the period, her passion becomes her career and she starts her journey fillet in the entertainment industry at a very young age.

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She joined her YouTube channel in the year 2017. So it has been 4 years from when she is making videos on YouTube. It is very inspiring to see that how old is Symonne Harrison. She is just 15 years old and she’s being so active on every platform proving herself. All her videos are made with extreme passion dedication and hard work which lead her to the path of success that she’s walking on now.

She has traveled the entire world and that has not been a very easy journey for her. She has worked hard enough to on whatever she has today and she has been the best in whatever she does. Apart from that huge amount of popularity that she has gained has gotten her a lot of acting opportunities in films and TV series.

Her popularity not only boosted her career Tarzan actor but also increased acquaintances with famous personalities that include Mili Dopson, Piper Rochelle, Nick Bencivenga ADA many other celebrities. Hence now you know How old is Symonne Harrison and how much has she achieved in her life this far.

How old is Symonne Harrison? Age, Wiki, Biography:

how old is Symonne Harrison

Do you know How old is Symonne Harrison? She was born in the year 2006 on 19th June. It is 15 your 2021. She was born in Cleveland Ohio United States. She was born and brought up by an upper-middle-class family in Cleveland. Her family and she follows the religion of Christianity. By nationality, she is considered to be an American. She completed her education in the Cleveland United States.

At present, she studies at the same Highschool mentioned above and she is pursuing higher studies from there itself. She had always had an interest in acting and dancing since she was a very child and has been participating in various dance competitions ever since then.

Not only does she participate in those competitions but also has won many of them for her hometown as she is incredibly talented. She always dreamt of being a very popular actress and dancer in the American industry of entertainment. Har zodiac sign is Gemini. Now that we know How old is Symonne Harrison, let’s proceed to know more about her family career and more.

Symonne Harrison family:

how old is Symonne Harrison

As we have already discussed how old is Symonne Harrison, now let us discuss her family. As you already know she was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Cleveland Ohio United States. The name of a mother is Tania Harrison. The name of her father is Jim Harrison. Her father is a serviceman by profession and her mother is a homemaker.

Now since Harrison has never really talked about any of her siblings not have they appeared in any of her videos on her YouTube channel. So we can consider the only child to her parents and has no siblings. Now that we know How old is Symonne Harrison and about her family let’s take a peek at a dating life.

Symonne Harrison boyfriend:

how old is Symonne Harrison

Now that we all know how old is Symonne Harrison and all about her family let’s learn who is she dating. She is a young talented and popular personality and quite famous in the internet and TV industry. Of course, there’s a lot of teenagers around her who would like to date her be in a relationship. However, according to sources are the sun is currently dating Nick Bencivenga and is in a relationship with him.

Harrison’s boyfriend Nick is also a very popular and talented Tiktok star. He puts off lip-syncing videos dance comedy and videos doing pranks. She has a follower count of 3 million on his Tik Tok account. Apart from that, he has quite a few followers on Instagram as well. Is Instagram follower count is 200k?

It appears that other than Nick Harrison has not dated anyone before. So we can say he is the first person that she found and is in a happy relationship with.

Symonne Harrison physical appearance and profile:

how old is Symonne Harrison

A person has a height of approximately 5 feet 2 inches. She is a young beautiful girl with a very charming personality. With her quirky dressing sense and vibrant personality, she presents herself as a very attractive teenager. She is still Pretty young is expected to grow both physically and personality-wise in the future as we all know how old is Symonne Harrison.

This she weight around 45 kg and body measurement of 32 28 35. Bra Cup sizes 32 B and her shoe sizes 6 us. Coming to her appearance Harrison has both beautiful dark brown eyes and hair. She has a white skin tone that complements her dark eyes and hair beautifully.

Early life and career:

how old is Symonne Harrison

As we already know how old is Symonne Harrison, let’s learn something about her life and career. Family passionate about entering the entertainment industry of America and making a place of herself over there. That is the reason why she started her career as a dancer actor very young age of 2. Then she began her career at the age of 7. Side-by-side she continues going to school just like a normal teenage girl.

In the year 2017 utilizing her talent to make a living of her own. She started using it to make some income. She started her YouTube channel and started posting various kinds of videos over there. People started showing engagement content and liked it and over four years she has about 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

With the popularity that she gained from YouTube, she got the opportunity of acting in various TV shows. State in the TV show project called the affair which won the Golden Globe award. She acted alongside Emily Browning an Australian actress in this series. Apart from that, she has done series Like The Hot Mess telecasted on Nickelodeon. She also acted in a television show called blackish.

Being an actress she is also a model. She has performed in various magazines Aise beauty and hot model. She also collaborated with great brands like beach waves and lip smacker. Her popularity allows her to join the famous social media group which is known as the squad. She is a Core member over there.

Symonne Harrison net worth

how old is Symonne Harrison

We all know how old is Symonne Harrison. So the age of 15 Harrison has an astonishing amount of net worth. You will be surprised to know that her net is approximately about 3 million dollars.

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It is a very well-known social media and TV star and a model as well. So from all the sources, she has been making quite a lot of income. Apart from YouTube she also on through brand endorsements and ads of sponsored content. All of this together helps to build a net worth of 3 million dollars. So we now know how old is Symonne Harrison and her net worth.

Frequently asked questions

How old is Symonne Harrison?


What is Symonne Harrison Height?

5 feet 2 inches.

Who is Symonne Harrison’s boyfriend?

Nick Bencivenga

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