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All you need know about 48-year-old Jordan Schlansky, What does he do? Age? Couple Counselling with Conan and more stunning facts about him

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Jordan Schlansky is famously known for his chemistry with the talk show host Conan Brian and is the oldest member who has worked with Conan O’Brien from the beginning of his career. It’s been 27 years for Jordan and Brian.

Jordan has been seen on various episodes of The Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien, where he and Conan had produced some of the best-unscripted comedy moments.

Fans loved Jordan Schlansky’s weird and strange personality, also fans have a blast when Conan ridicule every single thing about Jordan Schlansky’s personality.

The show has an inside joke where Conan asks Jordan to tell him what he does on the show. Since Jordan is an associate producer on The Late Night Show, fans were curious about it, but they don’t have the answers to their question, Yet!

So keep on reading as we will discover more about Jordan Schlansky, his life, married or single, and his friendship with Conan.

All you need to know about 48-year-old Jordan Schlansky, What does he do? Age? Couple Counselling with Conan and more stunning facts about him. 

Jordan Schlansky (@NBCSchlansky) | Twitter

Jordan Schlansky Age

Jordan Schlansky is born on April 13, 1973. As of 2021, he is 48-year-old.

Jordan Schlansky Net Worth

Jordan’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $5 million.

Jordan Schlansky Height and Weight

Jordan Schlansky height is 1.76 m tall and his weight is bout 70 kg.

Jordan Schlansky Personality

Jordan Schlansky is a strange and weird guy, described by the viewers and also Conan himself too. Jordan has an introverted personality and he s=does not like to talk much. He has done very few interviews too!

Jordan Schlansky  Life

Jordan Schlansky was born in Southern California, and he currently resides in LA, California, USA.

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Jordan Schlansky

Jordan Schlansky Education

Jordan after completing his elementary education, graduated from the University of New York, at Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree. And after completing college he became an intern at The Late Night Show and now it’s been 28 years, he is working as an associate producer of the show.

Jordan Schlansky Wife ?

Jordan is an introverted kinda guy, he does not share much information about his personal life and he usually keeps his answers short when someone asks him about his life. He had done very few interviews.

Since Conan and Jordan have worked for so many years with each other, Jordan was there when Conan was just his career as a host. So it’s not surprising that they know each other well.

When Jordan was asked about whether he is single, married, Gay! He revealed that he is going to be engaged with a lady named “Emma.” He then tells how he met her at CVS.  After listening to this Conan jokingly said that he is shocked to hear a girl’s name as he thought Jordan was Gay. Brien surely knows how to pull Jordan’s leg!!

There is not much information about his wife Emma, but apparently, they got married. Conan also threw a bachelor party for his long-time friend and also gave him a very expensive wedding gift.

 Jordan Schlansky

Jordan Schlansky Career

Schlansky has worked with Conan since 1996, he initially worked as a studio coordinator. Later, he produced “The 10TH Anniversary of Late Night”, ” Late Night: The Best Of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.”

Robert Smigel was the first head writer, creator, and puppeteer behind Triumph. He said that the Triumph’s remote sketch would have never happened without Jordan. It was when their shoot for Westminster Dog Show where Triumph would act as a “Late Night” correspondent was canceled a day earlier, and Smigel accepted the defeated but Jordan came up with an idea and he printed out fake NBC Ids for his staff and entered the show through “the loading dock” area, and then Triumph the insult dog started his magic.

The remote became a big hit and was very successful, it is also becoming one of the greatest comedic legacies.

In 2021, “The Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien” has ended on 25 June 2021. There were rumors that Jordan might be also working for Conan in his new show, which is said to be released in 2022.


Jordan Schlansky hobby

Jordan is very fond of Bullwhip, he has shown his skills in Late Night too! Even when he was in quarantine in 2020, when Conan did a video chat with him he showed his bullwhipping skills. Also when Harrison Ford came on the show, as a fan of “Indiana Jones” he asked a pretty weird question. Yes, his question was related to the bullwhip used in the film.

Well, you will think what kind of hobby is that? But you will agree only Jordan can have these kinds of interesting hobbies. He is a mysterious person.

 Jordan Schlansky

Is Jordan Schlansky is a Character or a real-life person?

Fans have been saying that Jordan was only acting in The Late Night, since he does not laugh that much, he usually stays quiet in the show, and when sometimes he starts laughing fans say that he is “Breaking his Character.”

Conan O’Brien has also replied to the fans who believed that Jordan was just acting and all the episodes in which he appears are all scripted. Conan said that it is true that Schlansky does not laugh much in his daily life and he is a person whose smile can make someone scared. His smile is like a joker.

He also revealed that whatever Jordan does is all unscripted, and his chemistry with Jordan is something amazing! Also a comedian Mike Birbiglia had worked under Jordan as an intern and also confirmed that saying he is just faking or acting is bad, people should know that Jordan knows a variety of facts of random things.

You can check out more things like podcasts and many more things on their official Youtube channel and their website named “Team Coco.

 Jordan Schlansky

Is Jordan Schlansky is Italian?

The answer is No, he is an American who has Italian ancestry. He loves Italian culture and Italian food. He also speaks fluent Italian.

When he was asked about his love for Italy, he said that one day when he got the chance to visit there, he was stunned. He immediately clicked with the place and decided to go there again. Now he visits Italy every year.

Jordan Schlansky FAQS

1. How many times does Jordan Schlansky visited Italy?

Ans. Almost 30 times.

2. Does Jordan Schlansky work for Conan?

Ans. Yes, he is the show’s associate producer.

3. Is Jordan Schlansky on Instagram?

Ans. Yes, you can check out his Instagram. He has 141k followers, as of 2021.

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