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All You Need To Know About Aidan Gallagher Height, Lifestyle, Net Worth, Scandals and 10 Unbelievable facts about him.

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Aidan Gallagher is an emerging young actor, singer, and also environmental activist. He is working in the film industry when he was just nine and his breakthrough role was in the Netflix series The Umbrella in 2019, the show was a big hit and Aidan instantly become a known name in the industry.

His fans loved him as an actor as well as singing, this young celebrity has a massive fan following on Instagram, with 7.1 million followers. He has also worked as a child artist.

His career has just started but he will grow bigger and bigger. His fans are often curious about Aidan Gallagher Height, his age, and his dating.

So keep reading as will discover more about this actor’s personal life and answer all your questions like What is Aidan Gallagher Height? Aidan and Hannah McCloud Relationship Status?

All You Need To Know About Aidan Gallagher Height, Lifestyle, NetWorth, Scandals, and 10 Unbelievable facts about him. 

Aidan Gallagher height

Aidan Gallagher Height

Aidan Gallagher Height is as follows:

Aidan Gallagher Height in cm – 160 cm

Aidan Gallagher Height in m – 1.6 m

Aidan Gallagher Height in feet –  5’2″

Aidan Gallagher Age

Aidan Gallagher was born on September 18, 2003. He is 18-year-old, as of 2021.

Aidan Gallagher Family

Aidan Gallagher was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was born to Rob and Lauren Gallagher, Aidan’s father is a businessman by profession and his mother Lauren is a housewife. You can see them with Aidan, he posted the pic with his parents on Instagram. Aidan did not reveal anything about his siblings. There is no information about them and it seems he is the only child.

Aidan Gallagher Education

Aidan Gallagher is doing high schooling and is soon to be a college student. He is taking classes online.

Aidan Gallagher Net Worth

Aidan Gallagher is an American actor, his net worth, as of 2021 is estimated to be $2 million. It is huge for such a young actor and singer.

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Aidan Gallagher Height

Aidan Gallagher Songs

Aidan Gallagher is a talented singer as well. He has his youtube channel which has 2.98 million subscribers, his song released a year ago “I Love You” has 17 million views. He produced and wrote this song. He also uploads daily vlogs on his youtube channel.

He released his first song named “Blue Neon” on December 31, 2018, it has 2.1 million views. He then released the song “Time” on May 10, 2019, which has 2.5 million views. On June 14, 2019, he released the song ” For You”, its official video has 3.9 million views. Then “Miss You” where he worked with Trinity Rose and who later become his girlfriend. It has 4.9 million views as of 2021. In 2020, he released two songs, titled,” 4th of July(6.2 million views), I Love You(17 million views)

Aidan Gallagher Environmentalist

In 2018, Aidan at the age of 14, became a youth advocate for various environmental organizations, including Waterkeeper Alliance, Wild Aid, Sea Legacy, Oceanic Preservation Society, and Vulcan production. He develops his interest in environmental issues at a very young age.

He is the youngest ever United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Aidan regularly posts about environmental issues on his social media. He is working hard to spread awareness among the youth, he spreads messages about clean water and climate-related issues.

Aidan Gallagher Height

Aidan Gallagher TV Shows

Aidan had worked from his childhood since he was 9-year-old. He first appeared in an episode of drama series in 2013, Modern Family, he played a minor role of a bullied boy. He then appeared in a short film called ” You and Me”, He also made his appearance in the CBS television pilot Jacked Up, which was canceled later.

He played the main role of Nicky Harper, in the Nickelodeon comedy series Nick, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. This was his first major role. He remained a permanent cast on the show and appeared in all four seasons of the show. He was nominated for Young Artist Award and Kid’s Choice Award.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn aired on September 13, 2014, and ended on January 14, 2020. The show’s plot is about the quadruplets who have nothing in common and every day fight with each other. The show was nominated in the Favorite Kids Show category, at Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award, for 2 years(2015 and 2017).

The in 2019, he got his breakthrough role, in the television series The Umbrella Academy, Aidan played the role of the main character, Number Five/The Boy. Number Five has the ability to time travel and ended up trapped in the future as an old boy, where he discovered that the world was in ruins. He eventually returned to The Umbrella Academy years later with the message that the world is going to end.

The Umbrella Academy is an American Superhero Streaming Television series. The first season was aired on Netflix on February 15, 2019. Within the first month of its release, it became the most streamed series of the year. The series was renewed for its second season and was released on July 31, 2020. Its third season will be released in 2022.

Aidan Gallagher Height

Aidan Gallagher Dating

Aidan Gallagher is currently single, he previously dated Hannah Mc Cloud, back in 2017. The couple will always post their pictures on Instagram and interact with their fans. They after every month’s anniversary would post a new picture with a sweet message for each other. Fans were just loving the couple and their interactions. But after they celebrated their six-month anniversary, they both stopped posting. Aidan also deleted the earlier posts. They both broke up, Aidan did not reveal the reason behind his broke nor did Hannah!

Aidan dated Madison Shipman before Hannah Mc Cloud. Aidan was rumored to be in a relationship with Madison, but they both denied the rumor by saying they are just friends and co-workers. Madison Shipman who is famous for playing Kenzi Bell on the TV show Game Shaker, Aidan, and Madison were first seen together when Aidan uploaded a video titled, “Aidan Gallagher: Helicopter Tour w Madison Shipman from Game Shakers” in July 2016. Fans thought there was something special between them and started shipping them. But they did not confirm the rumor nor deny the rumor!

There was also a rumor of Aidan dating Trinity Rose, whom he worked on a song named ” Miss You.” Fans started shipping them but it was only a rumor as they both did not confirm it.

Aidan dated Jessica Belkin in 2015, Jessica is also an actress who worked in American Horror stories, also in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. They dated each other for one year.

Aidan Gallagher Height

Aidan Gallagher  Controversy

Aidan Gallagher landed in some controversy in 2020 which led to many hate comments on social media websites. It was said that fans of Aidan accused him of making insensitive comments against depression and women.

Firstly fans started posting screenshots of the chats which included Aidan’s comment, but the actor denied everything and said it was a trap for him by some agency.

When the rumors were getting out of hand he decided to shut them down. He stated that everyone in the comments is acting like a 13-year-old girl. This led to more hate towards him.

Aidan Gallagher Harry Potter

Aidan Gallagher fans have been voting for Aidan to play the role of Albus Severus Potter in Harry Potter: Hogwarts the Next Generation.


Aidan Gallagher Height FAQS

1. What is Aidan Gallagher Height?

Ans. Aidan Gallagher height in cm- 160 cm

Aidan Gallagher height in m – 1.6 m

Aidan Gallagher Height in feet –  5’2″

2. Is Aidan Gallagher religious?

Ans. Aidan is a Jewish.

3. Is Aidan Gallagher is a boy?

Ans. Yes

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