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All you need to know about Gavin Magnus Height, Lifestyle, Lovelife, Net Worth and 7 shocking facts you won’t believe.

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This 14-year-old boy has achieved so much at such a young age. Gavin Magnus is a famous American actor, singer, Youtuber, he also works as a host for a ” Dreamworks” youtube channel, he is also a writer and a director too! Well, this kid is surely multi-talented!

His fan following has increased, as the years go by, his videos have millions of views. Questions like Gavin Magnus Height, his girlfriend, break up, Net Worth, TV shows, comes to every person who first discovered Gavin. What is his secret of success? Fans of this huge social media star just can’t get enough of this child celebrity, they wanted to know more about him.

Gavin started his career when he was just 9-year-old, in 2016, he decided to become a content creator and released his first video” SMG: Mario’s Kindness Problem” which has 139k views, as of 2021.

So keep on reading! As we will discover more about Gavin Manus and answer all your queries about Gavin Magnus.

All you need to know about Gavin Magnus Height, Lifestyle, Lovelife, Net Worth, and 7 shocking facts you won’t believe.

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Gavin Magnus Height

Gavin Magnus Height is as follows:-

Gavin Magnus Height in cm – 129 cm

Gavin Magnus Height in m – 1.29 m

Gavin Magnus Height in feet- 4’3″

Gavin Magnus Age

Gavin Magnus was born on March 26, 2007. He is 14-year-old, as of 2021.

Gavin Magnus Net Worth

Gavin Magnus net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2021. His net worth is increasing year by year and why not! he is receiving so much love from the audience for his youtube content, which includes videos like prank videos, challenge videos, puppet videos, he also does vlogs with his family.

Gavin Magnus Height

Gavin Magnus Family

Gavin Magnus was born to Dave Magnus and Theresa Magnus. He was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. His father is a businessman by profession and his mother Theresa is a housewife. Gavin has two brothers: Justin and Jacob Magnus, who both are social media celebrities.

Gavin Magnus Education

Gavin has finished middle school and currently he is studying online. This may be due to lack of time or this can be because of COVID-19.

Gavin Magnus Music career

Gavin Magnus is known for his song “Crushing” and “Hollaback”. He is a talented singer and he makes history when he signed a record deal with Columbia Records and released his music video “Crushing” which has 31 million views, as of 2021. He has also released a remix version with his ex-girlfriend, Piper Rockelle. When Gavin released the teaser of Crushing Remix, it received many positive reviews and has 1 million views on it. He also released the “Behind the Scenes” of the music video.

He has released many songs like A Whole ‘Nother Level, where he had his first on-screen kiss with his girlfriend Coco Quinn, “Catching Feelings”, “ICE” which was released two months ago, “Tuesday”(four months ago), ” I Say Love”(1 month ago).

Gavin Magnus is a huge fan of Justin Bieber and he said that he listens to his songs. Gavin had also done covers of Justin’s songs and not only him but other artists too! Magnus has more than 50 million views on his cover of “Senorita”.

So make sure to check this young celebrity. His Song “Crushing” is crushing it.


Gavin Magnus Height

Gavin Magnus TV Shows

Earlier we discussed Gavin Magnus’s musical talents, but since this kid is filled with many talents, let us talk about Gavin’s acting career.

Magnus starred as Gavin on the Television series Magnutizers in 2016. He also wrote and directed the series. Magnuitizers is a series featuring the adventures of Gavin Magnus and his puppet family friends and more. It is a comedy series.

Magnus then appeared on the TV Series Jam Jr from 2018 to 2019. It is a musical that includes stars like HayleBlanc, Gavin Magnus, John Legend. Jam Jr is, in fact, a girl group, the members of the girl group acts, sing and have a huge fan following on their social media platform.

In 2020, he was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Breakout Youtuber. He also work as a host of Dreamworks TV Series: When Sports Collide and also appeared in the movie named Timecrafters.

As a young artist, he had also appeared on the major TV channels, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Networks. He also joined The Rock Your Hair Squad.

Gavin Magnus Height

Gavin Magnus Dating

Gavin Magnus is currently dating Coco Quinn, who is also a social media star. They first met when they met each other for a collaboration and they both started liking each other. Fans gave names to their favorite couple, they call them “Cavin”.

But when Gavin uploaded a video, titled, “The truth about our break up…”, he revealed about the relationship between him and Coco was falling apart as they both were living different lives. He explain why they broke up and said that even though they are not together as a couple but they both are still friends.

Gavin previously dated Piper Rockelle, she is also a social media star, but they broke up after celebrating their first anniversary. When Gavin talked about the reasons for their broke up, it shocked his fans. Piper and her mom used to control every aspect of Gavin life.

He stated in an interview that the environment was so toxic and it was his most stressful month. Piper’s mom not only controlled whom Gavin should meet but also she used to use abusive language with him.

When Gavin decided to break up, Piper’s mom started a campaign against Gavin, #unfollowGavin. So shocking, Right!

Gavin Magnus Height

Gavin Magnus Merch

If you are a fan of Gavin Magnus and want his merch, you can buy it from its official site. You can also buy his merch on Amazon. You can check out his “Goat Farm” merch.

Gavin Magnus Instagram

Gavin Magnus has a huge fanbase on all social media. 1,168 followers on Instagram.  He has 4.2 million subscribers on Youtube.

Gavin Magnus Height FAQS

1. What is Gavin Magnus Height?

Ans. Gavin Magnus Height in cm – 129 cm or 1.29 m or 4’3″

2. What are the religious beliefs of Gavin Magnus?

Ans. He believes in Christianity.

3. Is Gavin Magnus Married?

Ans. He is unmarried.

4. Gavin Magnus Squad?

Ans. Gavin squad name is The Goat Farm.

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