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How Much Ryan Garcia Weight, Lifestyle, Net Worth, Where is he now? All you need to know about this 23-Year-Old Amazing American Boxer.

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You must know this American-Mexican boxer who has won all his fight in his career and started his career when he was just seventeen years old. You don’t believe it, Right!

Well, Ryan Garcia boxer who has fought hard to make his name known in this boxing industry, is there in the ring with some amazing skill sets, and he will amaze you with his knockouts.

Fans of Ryan are curious about him, they want to know his personal life. Questions like How much Ryan Garcia weighs, his girlfriend, his net worth, his scandals, and much more…

So keep on reading as we will take a deep dive into Ryan’s career, also his personal life and discover a more interesting thing about him.

How Much Ryan Garcia Weight, Lifestyle, Net Worth, Where is he now? All you need to know about this 23-Year-Old Amazing American Boxer.

how much ryan garcia weigh

 How much Ryan Garcia weigh

Firstly, this question is very asked- How much is Ryan Garcia Weigh? Since in boxing, there is a weight category. So here is the weight of Ryan Garcia-

Ryan Garcia weight in kg – 60kg

Ryan Garcia weight in pounds – 132lbs

Ryan Garcia Age

Ryan Garcia was born on August 8, 1998. He is 23-year-old as of 2021. He is very young and already made his boxer career. You must be curious about the age he started boxing. Well, he was just 17-year-old when he started his professional boxing career.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Ryan Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million, this is after he signed a deal with Golden Boy Promotions. Considering the many achievements he has received, he had fought about 21 fights, and he has won every time.

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how much ryan garcia weigh

Ryan Garcia Height

Ryan Garcia height is as follows:-

Height in cm- 178 cm

Height In m – 1.78m

Height in feet- 5’10”

Ryan Garcia Record

Ryan Garcia has played a total number of  Twenty-one matches in his boxing career. And till now, he had not lost a single match. His record is amazing, this young man will concur with the world of boxing.

Matches – 21

Won – 21

Lost – 0

By Knockouts – 18

By decision – 3

Ryan Garcia Instagram

Ryan Garcia has a massive fan following on his Instagram. She has 8.7 m followers. His name on his social media is “kingryan”

how much ryan garcia weigh

Ryan Garcia Family

Ryan Garcia was born in Victorville, California, USA. His father Henry Garcia is a professional boxer and has also trained his son Ryan, his mother, Lisa Garcia, works as a Personal Administrative Assistant for commercial projects. He has four siblings – Three sisters named, Demi, Sasha, and Kayla. Ryan also has a brother named, Sean Garcia, who is also a professional boxer.

Ryan Garcia Wife

There were many rumors of Ryan being engaged to his girlfriend, Drea Celina. But, Ryan confessed that they are not married or engaged. Ryan has two daughters with Celina. He also has an elder daughter from her ex-girlfriend, Cathrine. But they had separated their ways a long time ago.

how much ryan garcia weigh

Ryan Garcia Next Match

Last Fight

Ryan Garcia last fight take place on January 2, 2021. It was Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell!

The match was a tough one as Luke Campbell has won many medals for his boxing. He is a former British professional boxer who competed from 2013 to 2021. He has won gold at the 2008 European Championship, silver at the 2011 World Championship, and gold at the 2012 Olympics.

But Ryan Garcia is surely the king of boxing, in 2 rounds of the match he knockout Luke and held the WBC interim lightweight title.

Then on April 13, 2021, Ryan was supposed to fight with Dominican former WBC (Regular) super featherweight champion, Javier Fortuna, to defend his WBC interim lightweight title. But Ryan withdraws his name from the match due to some health issues and mental health.

Instead of Ryan, comes Joseph Diaz, a former IBF super featherweight champion, who fought against Fortuna and also took away the WBC interim lightweight title from Ryan Garcia.

Then the news of Ryan Garcia challenging Joseph Diaz, to take his title back. The match was set for November 27, 2021. But it has been delayed due to the hand injury of Ryan Garcia during one of his training sessions, he had to go through surgery on his right-hand wrist. His label twits the news on their Twitter and told that the fight will be postponed and they wish him a speedy recovery.

Ryan Garcia is such a sweetheart, as he replied to his fans on his Twitter, he thanked all his fans and their support. He also told his fans that he promise to recover before 2021.

Ryan Garcia Early Career

Ryan Garcia started boxing when he was seven, he became the 15-time national amateur champion and amassed the record of 215-15.

Then at the age of seventeen, he fought his first professional bout. 17-year-old Ryan fought against Edgar Meza in Tijuana. Garcia won the match by TKO, Garcia signed with Golden Boy Promotions in 2016.

He made his debut on December 17, 2016. The bout was against Smith-Hopkins, Garcia won the match by knockout in the second round. In 2019, he decided to sign a five-year contract with Golden Boy Promotions.

Then due to COVID-19 in 2020, his fight with Luke Campbell was delayed, which then happened on January 2, 2021. He won the WBC interim lightweight title. Then his fight with Javier Fortuna was canceled due to this, Garcia lost his title, and it went to Joseph Diaz. On November 27,  they were supposed to fight but due to a hand injury, Ryan had to withdraw his name for now. Their fight will take place in early 2022.

how much ryan garcia weigh

Ryan Garcia Dating

Ryan Garcia is dating a Mexican social media influencer, the couple has been dating for a long time. The couple has two daughters, but Ryan also had a daughter, Rylie, with his ex-girlfriend, Cathrine Gamez.

Ryan told his fans that he and Cathrine decided to separate their ways but they both loved their child so they both take care of her.

When Ryan Garcia was asked about his current relationship with Drea Celina, he told her that they are not engaged and will be in a relationship anymore. Fans were surprised to know this. He also replied to his fans, when the fans started demanding reasons. He told that he tried everything to make this relationship work, but in the end, it doesn’t work out.

Ryan Garcia Scandal

A photo went viral online in 2020, it was of Ryan kissing a TIK TOK star Malu Trevejo. At that time Ryan’s girlfriend Drea Celina was about to give birth to their second child. When Ryan was asked about this he said that he and Malu went there as a friend but they both got caught up in the moment. It was nothing!

Malu also reacted to this news, she said that Ryan told her that his relationship was on and off with his girlfriend and she already knew that he has a kid.

Celina told, ” It’s disgusting” He is such an evil man!

How much Ryan Garcia Weigh FAQS

1. How much does Ryan Garcia Weigh?

Ans. Ryan Garcia Weigh in kg – 60kg

Ryan Garcia Weigh in pounds – 132 lbs

2. What is Ryan Garcia’s ethnic background?

Ans. Ryan Garcia is American by birth and nationality but often combines his Mexican heritage in his personal life.

3. What is the age of  Ryan Garcia?

Ans 23-year-old.

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