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All You Need To Know About Ashe Maree. The 18-year-old Adult Film Actress, her dating life, Net Worth, Age and more shocking facts about this young woman

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Today we will be talking about an Adult Film Actress named, Ashe Maree. She is a cam model and has a great sense of fashion.

She also has a massive fan following on various social media and the numbers are increasing day by day. She first started posting adult images on Tumblr at the age of 18-years-old. But soon her followers on Instagram, TIK TOK increased at very a fast pace.

Many fans were curious about this Instagram star and had Questioned her work, age, height, boyfriends, and many more.

So keep on reading as we will answer your questions and discover more about Ashe Maree.

All You Need To Know About Ashe Maree. The 18-year-old Adult Film Actress, her dating life, Net Worth, Age, and more shocking facts about this young woman

ashe maree

Ashe Maree Age

Ashe Maree was born on 25 January 1993. She is 28-year-old as of 2021. She started her career as a model at a very young age.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be USD 300000. She also gets paid for partnerships and advertisements with sponsors.  She has a great sense of style and has also been a model for brands. Fans of her on social media loved her dressing style and make-up tutorials.


She was born in America and there is not much information about Ashe’s family as she has not revealed about her personal life.


She has completed High School. But there is no information about her school and whether now, she is going to college. It seems she is focused on her Instagram and modeling career.


Ashe Maree height is as follows:-

Height in cm – 165 cm

Height in m – 1.65 m

Height in feet – 5’5″

ashe maree

Physical Appearance

Ashe Maree is a beautiful model. If you see her pictures on Instagram you would see she looks like a doll. Her eyes are blue, she has a well-built figure and her hair is long and black. She usually posts sexy and explicit pictures of her on Instagram. Because of the great fashion style and beautiful face structure, Ashe was offered many modeling opportunities.


Ashe Maree weight is about 55kg or 121 lbs.

Ashe Maree

Ashe Maree Instagram

She has 480k followers as of 2021. She usually posts her pictures, in which she looks so beautiful. She posts pictures that are sexy, explicit, she also sometimes posts pictures in her everyday clothes. You can’t ignore her beauty, her visual is similar to a doll. She is really brave as unlike many sex-worker she is very open about it.

Fans of her loved her makeup and praised her on her dressing sense too.  She also makes videos that include lip-syncing. With all those glamorous pictures you can also see her love for animals. Her Instagram ID is “Kittenisod

She surely is a cat and dog lover.

Ashe Maree

Animal Lover

Who in the world does not love animals? I think everyone loves these furry animals, or maybe I’m wrong. Ashe Maree is surely an animal enthusiast, she has a dog named “Pebbles”. Her Instagram posts are filled with her outing with Pebbles.

Her house is filled with cats and their babies. Fans of Ashe called her a “Cat Lady” since she has a lot of cats in her house. One of the cats is named, Ever. You can see her Instagram, she posts many videos and photos of her being with cats.

She is really quiet about her personal life, she does not include her family, friends, and boyfriend. It’s only here and her cats. Maybe she is not comfortable sharing pictures of her family and friends.

 Ashe Maree

Ashe Maree Career

Ashe Maree started her career when she was 18-year-old. She started posting her nude pictures on Tumblr, which made her popular, and then she transitioned into a can model. She started her model career and her main source of income is from her Instagram. She got paid for endorsements and advertisements.

She also has a Twitter account on which she promotes her web sessions and her subscription services; her Twitter content is often sexy or explicit. She also had a Youtube account which is now no longer active, she uploaded makeup tutorial videos.

It is said that Ashe’s boyfriend encouraged her to do this and he also takes images. His face is not revealed and Ashe has not spoken about him or any other questions like- How long they are in a relationship? How do they meet each other? How old is he? Many questions are left unanswered and fans were starting to get more curious about her. Fans also want to about Ashe’s childhood, how did she end up here, where are her parents.

Body Image Issues

Ashe Maree is such a gorgeous Instagram star, her photos were stunning. People loved her makeup and everyday clothes. But these social media have their negative effect too! it can affect people’s minds and increase problems related to body shaming. Ashe was also affected by this. She lost so much weight and she said that she is suffering from body image issues and that she will regain her weight and maintain a healthy balance.

It is true that people on Instagram though have money, fame, but it all comes at a price, which they all have to pay. They all pay that price through their peace, their privacy. Now that many young people are choosing their career in this field, they either become YouTubers, tik tokers, in which all that people see matters! Behind-the-scenes are usually ignored.


1. What is the Age of Ashe Maree?

Ans. She is 28-year-old as of 2021.

2. What does Ashe Maree do?

Ans. She does modeling. She is also active on Instagram. She posts sexy videos and photos. She is also known for her lip-syncing videos, her tik tok videos also got positive and millions of views.

3. What is the height of Ashe Maree?

Ans. Many fans started calling Ashe a miniature, so she decided to reply to them and said that she is 5’5″.

4. Does Ashe Maree has a dog?

Ans Yes, she has a dog named Pebbles. You can see her photos on her Instagram. She is also a cat lover and has many cats in her house and her Instagram is filled with lovely, funny, and weird photos of cats.

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