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Ricegum Height, Asian Jake Paul, Scandals, Dating, Net Worth in 2021, Age, and 10 Shocking facts about him.

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Ricegum is an American YouTuber, gamer, rapper, and he is also comedian. He started his career in 2013 by posting videos of Call of duty: Mw3 Gameplay Lifestory: Babysitting.

Now, he has ten million subscribers and over two billion views. Ricegum is also a singer and his music video was certified platinum by RIAA in 2018. He has 10.3 million views on his youtube channel, 3.7 m followers on Instagram.

Questions like Ricegum Height, his dating life, his music career, his scandals, come to every Ricegum fan.

Many fans loved his diss track and his feud with other YouTubers. As he always ends up in controversies, his fans became more about him.

So keep reading as we will answer your questions and discover more about Ricegum.

Ricegum Height, Asian Jake Paul, Scandals, Dating, Net Worth in 2021, Age, and 10 Shocking facts about him

ricegum height

Ricegum Height

Ricegum height is as follows:-

Rice gum Height in cm – 180 cm

Rice gum Height in m – 1.80 m

Rice gum Height in feet – 6’2″

Ricegum Age

Rice gum was born on 19 November 1996. He is a 25-year-old as of 2021.

Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum net worth is estimated to be  $10 million, as of 2021.

Ricegum Real Name

Ricegum real name is Bryan Quang Le.

Ricegum Education

Ricegum completed his high school at Sierra Vista High School. He was on the basketball team in his school days. After completing school he started attending the University Of Nevada, Las Vegas. But Bryan dropped out of college when he was in his first year to make his online career full-time.

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RiceGum Height

Ricegum Family

Bryan is born to Vietnamese-Chinese parents. His father is Laut Quang le. He is in his 40s. They live in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is an American American. Bryan calls his father “Daddy Gum.”

His mother’s name is Quang Ly. She is also in her 40s. He has an older brother and a younger sister. But it is said that he has three siblings, but it is not confirmed the news.

ricegum height

Ricegum Music Career

Ricegum is not only a gamer or Youtuber, he is also a singer. His songs are usually dissing songs in which he roasts other YouTubers, he has released many songs and the music videos have millions of views.

So he started his music career in 2017. He released a single titled “It’s Every Night Sis” featuring Alissa Violet. It was a response song to a Youtube personality Jake Paul’s viral song “It’s Everyday Bro.”

This song of Bryan became his first charting single. His song reached 80 and 55 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also the Canadian Hot 100 charts. His song was then certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 2018. “It’s Every Night Sis” has 193 million views, currently in 2021. It was the most popular song by Bryan.

Then in July 2017, he released another single named “God Church.” This song was also referred to as Jack Paul’s song “It’s Everyday Bro.” The music video of God Church has 74 million views. He then released many songs like Frick da Police, which currently has 38 million views. Then in 2018,  he released the song “Bitcoin” which has 5.7 million views, another song titled “Fortnite n Chill” which has 8.6 million views.

In 2020, he has released “DaAdult”(3.2 million views), “My Ex” (4.8 million views), and also the song titled “Freestyle”

Bryan does rap, diss tracks, but many of his fans are wondering if the Youtuber writes his song. The majority of people say that there is a team behind this and Bryan’s rival YouTubers have made videos on this. What are your thoughts about this? Also, make sure to check out Ricegum’s songs on his Youtube channel.

RiceGum Height


Ricegum Dating

Is Ricegum is single? Many fans ask these questions and the answer is yes. But there have been all kinds of rumored relationships.

Fans were speculating that Bryan and Alissa Violet are in a relationship, they both have worked together in the music video of “It’s Every Day Sis” in 2017, which was a diss track aimed at Jake Paul’s song. Fans thought there was something special between the two co-stars. But they both did not address the rumor.

Then Ricegum previously dated Abby Rao in 2019. She is a Tik Tok and Instagram star, fans first got to know her when Bryan started uploading videos under a Youtube channel named “Family Gum”. He was then seen with Abby, they started uploading videos, vlogs, challenges. But then they stopped posting any videos with each other. Fans started thinking that maybe she and Bryan has ended their relationship.

Bryan uploaded a video on his and Abby’s couple channel “Family Gum,” the video was titled “We Broke Up, So I’m Meeting My New Crush.” In this video Bryan talked about his new crush, the thumbnails of the video include Abby’s face, actually when Abby heard about this video she immediately reacted to this and Bryan included Abby’s reaction in his video. The video received a mixed reaction. Many fans called Bryan inconsiderate for his action. But many fans of Bryan also bashed Abby

In 2020, Bryan was rumored to be in a relationship with Ellerie Marie. This was after Bryan uploaded a video titled “My Ex-Girlfriend is calling me…we picked up.” There was a picture of a girl on the video’s thumbnail, fans started their research and quickly found the girl. The girl was Ellerie Marie. She is an Instagram star but not that popular. They have not confirmed their relationship nor denied it.

RiceGum Height

Ricegum Scandals

Feud with other fellow YouTubers

First, a YouTuber named Ian Walker, on his youtube channel “dubbed TV” started a series where roasts other YouTubers, so he also roasted Ricegum by calling ” Asian Jake Paul.” Ricegum did not keep quiet he released a song named “Frick Da Police” a diss track in his response.

Hong Kong Vlog Scandal

There was a reason why people call Ricegum an “Asian Jake Paul.” As we all know that one of  Jake Paul’s vlogs included the Japan Vlog, which was removed from youtube due to Jake’s insensitive remarks. The same happens to Ricegum’s Vlog of Hong Kong. The Ricegum made all the racist, stereotypical jokes about the Asian community. His video was removed for violating Youtube’s Term of Service. Many people got furious and bashed Ricegum for his video.

He then uploaded a video in which he apologize for his actions, and defended himself by saying that he was just joking and that he thought it was okay since he is Asian, many called his apologize as fake or forced!

Mystery Box Scandal

In 2019, Bryan and YouTuber Jake Paul were criticized for promoting a scam website MysteryBrands. This website offers the chance of opening a digital mystery box of preselected items with a promise to win one in real life. But many said that even after they won the prizes were not received. Bryan addressed this issue by saying that many other youtube content creators have promoted this site but why only he was criticized. He also gave Amazon gift cards to his fans and apologized. But again many fans were accused of sending expired cards.

Ricegum Twitch

Ricegum was banned from Twitch for nudity and insensitive talks about his girlfriend. During one of his, live streams Bryan was seen with two women who later exposed her breasts, and Bryan immediately cut the part but it was still banned. Bryan said he was confused and then realized that it was due to the conversation with the two women.

Save The Kid Token

Ricegum with a fellow member of his group FaZe Clan became ambassadors for a crypto token called “Save The Kid Token” which was marketed as a charity token but after it’s released the token’s value crashed.

  Ricegum Height FAQS

1. What is Ricegum Height?

Ans. Ricegum Height in cm- 180 cm

Ricegum Height in m – 1.80 m

Ricegum Height in feet- 6’2″

2. Is Ricegum a Millionaire?

Ans Yes

3. What is Ricegum’s real name?

Ans. Bryan Quang Le.

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