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Trino Jenni Rivera relationship! Discover what went wrong in their relationship! 31 years sentence to prison?

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Trino Jenni Rivera, once a couple but now a pity and a thing of past. Continue reading to know what happened to Trino Jenni Rivera and some interesting and unpopular facts about the couple.

Trino Marin

Trino Jenni Rivera
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Trino Marin was born on February 15, 1964. His full name is Jose Trinidad Marin. He is majorly famous as the ex-husband of Jenny Rivera. Trino was a singer, songwriter, actor, television producer, spokesperson, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. His recent location is the jail. He was arrested for offenses of sexual assault.

He was sentenced to 31 years for this heinous crime back in 2007 and is in jail right now. His possibilities of release are nearly null.


In the initial years of Trino Jenni Rivera relationship, he switched many jobs and finally found a stable job as a restaurant manager with good pay. So he suggested Jenni Rivera be at home and take care of their children to which Jenny retaliated but eventually agreed.

Trino Jenni Rivera relationship

Trino Jenni Rivera
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Many details are not shared of Trino Jenni Rivera’s relationship. Jenni was his second wife. In 1985 Trino Jenni Rivera became a couple officially. In the same year, they were hit with good luck disguised in the form of their first child named Chiquis. After Chiquis they had another two babies named Jacqueline and Michael in the years 1989 and 1991 respectively.

But Trino Jenni Rivera relationship did not go well after some time so they decided to be separated even after having kids to take care of. The very basic reason for their dispute was the sexual and mental abuse.

Trino Jenni Rivera
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After the divorce, many unbelievable accuses were slammed on Trino Marin’s face. Jenny’s younger sister came up and put an allegation on her sister’s ex-husband that he used to molest her in 1997. After this, a chain of allegations popped up and Trino Marin was the guilty one.

One can not imagine the extent a father can exceed with his daughter. He was also accused of molesting his daughter Chiquis. Later in the medical test, it was found that he had molested the younger daughter Jacqueline as well.

The molestation case was filed back in 1997,  after that he had been running from the police for nine years. He was captured in April 2006. He was sentenced to prison for 31 years and that too without the possibility of release.

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Net worth

Trino Marin’s only source of income was his business. His estimated worth was 700k USD.

Jenni Rivera

Trino Jenni Rivera
Source: wiki.projecttopics.org

Jenni Rivera’s full name was Dolores Jenni Rivera Saavedra. She was born on July 2, 1969.  She was a famous American singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist, spokesperson, and actress too. She was the one to be responsible for the establishment of Mexican music in the world.

She was majorly popular for her signature style of Banda and Ranchera music. She had registered many titles for her which includes “Best Selling Latin Artist of 2013” and “Top Latin Artist of 2013” by the renounced Billboard magazine. Banda is a genre that was supposed to be male-dominated but Jenni Rivera had been acknowledged for her contribution in this particular genre.


Trino Jenni Rivera
Source: en.mundohispanico.com

Jenni had started singing from a very young age and her first recording was a tribute to her father on Father’s day in 1992. It was not easy for a woman to fit in this male-dominated Mexican music industry. She had faced much criticism as well. She shared an incident from her initial days that her CD was thrown into the bin while she was right there.

She released her album independently named “Farewell to Selena”. It was a tribute to Selena Quintanilla Perez. Selena was murdered by her boutique manager. She was the “Queen of Tejano music”.

Her music career had been commendable and she succeeded in reaching her dreams.

Personal life

When Jenny Rivera was in High School, she went pregnant with Trino Marin’s child. They married in 1984 and then had two more children. Rivera’s married life was not going the way she had expected. But she was sexually and mentally assaulted by her husband. It went worse when through a medical test it came out that Trino Marin had assaulted his daughters as well.

They got separated in 1992 and Rivera filed a molestation case against her ex-husband to which he was sentenced to 31 years of prison with no release possibility.

Trino Jenni Rivera
Source: nydailynews.com

In her life Rivera had married thrice, the first one was with Trino Marin, the second with Juan Lopez, and the third with Esteban Loaiza. Rivera and her third husband had also filed for divorce but this could not happen as Rivera died.

Legal actions against Jenni Rivera

Jenny was arrested as during her concert, a fan threw a beer can over her. So she called him on the stage and started assaulting him both physically and verbally. She was given bail after a fine of $3,000.

She was also involved in an illegal act when she could not give any valid explanation when she was questioned about the amount of $52,467 she had in her purse at the airport during her detention. Again she was subjected to a fine of $8,400.


Rivera had her concert at Monterrey Arena, Mexico on December 8, 2012. When she was done with her performance, she left for Monterrey Airport. She was traveling by private jet. In the mid of her journey, the jet lost its communication with the air traffic control. She was traveling along with 4 other passengers and 2 crew members lost their lives. The jet was later found crashed and their death was presumed which was confirmed by her father in a press conference.

Frequently asked questions

1. How was Trino Marin caught?

He was apprehended at his house in Riverside which was informed to the officials by their reporters.

2. What was Trino’s age when he married Jenny Rivera?

Trino was 20 years old when he married Jenny and became a father at the age of 21 years only.

3. How did Jenni Rivera die? Is her death still a mystery?

Jenny Rivera died in a plane crash. Her death was confirmed by her father. After two years, the investigation of the case was ended by the Mexican Director of Civil Aviation, citing inconclusive evidence.

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