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Fuuka Season 2 is Finally Coming in 2022? Release Date, Updates, Spoilers

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If you are a fan of Japanese anime television series then you have just heard about the Fuuka. It is a recently released Japanese anime television on Netflix.

Also, it is an interesting and amazing musical, romantic drama anime series. It will take you to the beautiful world of love.

After the enjoyable first season of the series Fuuka, fans of the series were eagerly waiting for the Fuuka Season 2.

If you are also a fan of Fuuka and want to know its second season release date then this article is for you.

Here I have done small research about Fuuka Season 2. So to be the first to know everything about Fuuka Season 2 be with me till the end of the following article.

About Fuuka:

fuuka season 2

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Fuuka is an anime television series of manga series Fuuka is written by Koji Seo who is a Japanese writer. Fuuka is a romantic drama.

The manga series of Fuuka had got a lot of popularity, hence by this everyone was sure that its drama series will also get the same popularity. And it has to gain lots of popularity.

The anime series Fuuka was written by Aoi Akashiro and directed by Keizō Kusakawa. Until the series has only one season which consists of twelve episodes.

The storyline of Fuuka Season 1:

fuuka season 2



The first season of Fuuka was on air on January 6, 2017, and run till March, 24 of the same year. The series was very nice and also has made a huge viewership in just one season.

If you had watched the series then you must know about the story of Fuuka. But if somehow it has been skipped from your mind then don’t worry I am here to tell you everything about the series Fuuka Season 1.

It is the sequel of the manga Suzuka of 2004. The story of Fuuka is all about two childhood friends Yuu Haruna, a longer, and avid Twitter user, and Koyuki Higashi.

Yuu Haruna has promised his childhood friend Koyuki Higashi that he will start a band. One night when Yuu was on his way to buy dinner, he stops to take a photo to upload to Twitter.

Suddenly a high school girl Fuuka Akitsuki accidentally bumps into him and mistakenly thought that Yuu is trying to take her panties photos, this made Fuuka angry with Yuu, and this made her smash Yuu’s phone. After this Fuuka leaves behind a CD, which Yuu returns her to the very next day.

I could tell you the whole storyline of the series Fuuka but then it will be a spoiler to you all. So, to know what happens next you have to watch Fuuka Season 1.

Characters of Fuuka :

fuuka season 2


For any show or series, its characters are very important as they play a vital role in the popularity of the show re series.

The main characters of Fuuka Season 1 are:

  • Yuu Haruna, the main protagonist of the series, plays the role of a lender, and an avid Twitter user. He is also a bassist of the band The Fallen Moon. Also, he meets Fuuka in a very strange manner.
  • Fuuka Akitsuki, the female protagonist of the series. A girl who accuses Yuu of taking a peek at her panties
  • Fuuka Aoi is building a musician who originally comes from Izu. Shizuoka.
  • Koyuki Higashi, a childhood friend of Yuu Haruna and also a popular singer. She was the one who confess her love for Yuu on national television.

These were the main characters of the series Fuuka. Besides these, there are also many supporting characters who play a vital role in the popularity of the series.

Release date of Fuuka Season 2:

fuuka season 2


Now it has been almost two years of the completion of the first season of the series Fuuka, and also there is no news of the premiere of the second season of Fuuka.

Also, you all know that the series Fuuka has been adopted from the manga series. The manga series of Fuuka has only twenty episodes, and according to news and other sources, the creator of the series has used many of the volumes in season 1.

So, we can say that due to the lack of materials and content the creators of the series are not willing to make the Fuuka Season 2.

However, there is no official announcement related to the cancelation of the series. So, if the creator of the manga series publishes their new volume then maybe we will get to watch Fuuka Season 2.

So, hopefully, we can get to watch Fuuka Season 2 somewhere in 2025 or 2026, but we can’t expect the series to be renewed in 2021.

Trailer of Fuuka Season 2:


The first season of the series Fuuka was premiered on January 28, 2017, and runs till September 24, 2017. And since then there is no news about the Fuuka Season 2.

Also, there is no official trailer related to Fuuka Season 2. If you find any kind of trailer related to Fuuka Season 2 online, then It must be fan-made.

And as you all know that fan-made trailers are not so good as compared to original ones. So, I recommend you all not waste your time watching fan-made trailers.

Also if someday Fuuka Season 2 gets renewed then we wi get to watch its official trailer one month before of premier. So until then enjoy the first season of the series.


So, now we reach the end of the article so I must say that Fuuka is a very interesting and amazing romantic series.

Also if likes romantic anime television series then Fuuka can be the best for you. Until yet there is only one season of Fuuka.

And also there is no official announcement related to the release date of the Fuuka Season 2. But, hopefully, we will get to watch it somewhere in 2025 or 2026.

Until then enjoy the Fuuka Season 1 and stay tuned to know more about the Japanese anime series.


Who did Fuuka end up with?

Fuuka end up with Yuu Haruna.

What anime is Fuuka?

Fuuka is a Japanese anime television series that is based on Koji Seo’s manga series of the same name.


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