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Bryce Hall Height Tiktok, Wiki, All About, Networth, Relationship, Where Is Now?

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Bryce Hall is an American celebrity known for his TikTok and youtube videos. The American youtube was born in 1999, in Ellicott city of Maryland, United States. His full name is Bryce Michael Hall. His youtube videos are vlogs. As in 2021, he is 22 years old and at this young age, he has gained such popularity and fame which we all dream for.

bryce hall height tiktok
Younger Bryce hall

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Career stats:

He is having millions of followers on various social media platforms. His Youtube channel has over 3 million subscribers and his TikTok channel has gained over 19 million followers. His YouTube channel has over 330 million views. He also received creator awards from YouTube in 2019 when his channel gained 100k subscribers and another in 2020 after gaining 1 million subscribers.

bryce hall height tiktok
Bryce Hall and Blake Gray

He used to upload dance, comedy, and lip-sync videos which gained him a lot of followers and views on tik tok which helped him in winning an ace comedian badge on tik took as his videos are always interesting and eye-catching.

bryce hall height tiktok
Image from Instagram

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He was born and bought up in a rich and upper-class family from Ellicott City, Maryland, United States. He always wanted to be famous over social media. He completed in studies at Howard high school, Maryland. As stated earlier, he was interested in becoming popular so he started his journey when he was just 15 years old on an American live broadcasting service named YouNow and later became a famous YouTuber and TikTok.

bryce hall height tiktok
Childhood photo of Bryce Hall

He started his life as a Youtuber back in 2015 after which he appeared in Jawline in 2019 which featured his career beginnings and his scandals with his former manager.

Family and relationships-

He belongs to a Christian family, his father being a businessman and his mother works in a private company. She raised him alone. He has one stepbrother named Brandon Hall. talking about marital status, he is unmarried. His girlfriend’s name is Addison Rae.

bryce hall height tiktok
Bryce Hall and Addison Rae
bryce hall height tiktok
Bryce Hall with his mom
bryce hall height tiktok
Younger Bryce hall

Physical appearance-

He is a smart good looking guy. His height is 5 foot 9 inches ( 180cm).

Weight- In kilograms:77 kg, in pounds:169lbs.

His eyes are brown and his hairs are black.

bryce hall height tiktok
Image from Instagram

Youths are crazy about his fitness. Bryce is often called hot and sexy when people see his shirtless pictures and his followers know how hot he looks when shirtless. His social media is flooded with these types of comments. Fans love his comedy videos and dance. He is a constant user of tik tok and Instagram and uploads content frequently.

bryce hall height tiktok
Image from Instagram

Bryce Hall’s controversies-

Bryce Hall became a part of a controversy when he accused Thomas Petrou of stealing money. The situation gets worse than leading Hall to share screenshots of their chats. Later the issue was settled.

He also faced a lot of criticism when he was accused of mocking the LGBTQ community. for which he later apologized.

Bryce Hall once filed a case against his manager accusing the manager of sexual assault. But later apologized for the same.

He is involved in a lot of rumors regarding his sexuality and relationships.

The latest news says that he was involved in a fight over a mysterious girl-

I am talking about a video posted on YouTube by Hollywood fix. We see Bryce hall and Fashion designer pretty boy Larry. They were seen in a heated argument after which he punched the tik to star and threw him onto the floor. The reason behind the fight remained undetermined. After which the two of them left the party.

bryce hall height tiktok
Image from game7

In a separate video fashion designer, Larry said that he was talking to a girl and Bryce came in between them which started the fight. He said that Bryce shouted -“that’s my girl”.after which they got in a heated argument.

Later Bryce hall called him a “random clout chaser”.

“Last night, it was a little hectic with JRod’s birthday. We just kinda let everybody and their moms in, which resulted in random clout chasers trying to fight me. So this time for my birthday party, we’re gonna have a list. So if you’re not on the f***ing list, don’t bother coming ’cause I have eight giant a** security guards enforcing that s**t. So message me if you wanna be on the list.” Wrote Bryce Hall.

How fans responded-

Many people commented on videos about their fight. Below are their comments-

“I always find him hilarious he thinks he’s all tough.”

“All I see is a nice house guest trying to take some trash out… oooh wait never mind that is just Bryce Hall.”

“If the guys didn’t help Bryce I’m sure he would have gotten knocked.”

None of the celebrities said anything after that about their fight.

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Lesser known facts about Bryce Hall-

As we all can see he has got a wonderful body and of course, it’s the result of his hard workouts in the gym and he is a fitness freak.

bryce hall height tiktok
Image from Instagram

When the rumors about his sexuality worsen, he confirmed that he is straight.

He was accused of so many acts including violence about race and citizenship, assaults.

His favorite colors are orange and blue. He loves dancing too.

The tik to star just launched a podcast called “Capital University”.

He is also an avid animal lover. His pet name is Cici.


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