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Phil Mattingly’s Wife? Who Is Phil Mattingly’s Wife Whats Her Networth,where Is She Now!

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Today we are getting to know about PHIL MATTINGLY’s wife, but first of all whose Phil Mattingly?

PHIL MATTINGLY is an award-winning political reporter and journalist who works in Washington, D.C. bureau for CNN.  Birthday Date 16 December 1984. He was born in Toledo, Ohio, USA. He is one of the best correspondents for the news channel CNN.

Here we will talk all about Phil Mattingly’s wife her family, husband, kids future, past, and everything in between!

That being said we are going to focus on Phil Mattingly’s wife and all about her and her life which we all are curious about!

but if you want to learn more about Phil Mattingly’s wife you will have to stay till the end of this article and fortunately, we will learn many amazing and tea-worthy facts about Phil Mattingly’s wife.

so who is this woman well let’s check that out?

chelsea carter phil mattingly's wife wedding picture.ABOUT CHELSEA CARTER:

chelsea carter spotted at some resturant.

The woman who is talking about is CHELSEA CARTER, well she is Phil Mattingly’s wife and if you don’t know about her let’s get to know more about the history of CHELSEA CARTER, born in 1989 age 31 and she’s female, nationality American and married to Phil Mattingly.


NameChelsea Carter
HusbandPhil Mattingly
ChildrenCarter Mattingly

Phil Mattingly’s wife Chelsea carter doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page as of now and we don’t know much about that.


Chelsea Carter is most frequently addressed and known to everyone as Phil Mattingly’s wife and well since Phil is a reporter and has his known fanbase as a great political reporter, Phil Mattingly’s wife choose to be more passive on her popularity and to keep it low and prefers it that way.

Chelsea Carter who has been laying low as Phil Mattingly’s obedient and more silent and not very popular wife she’s been has always been shyer of a person and not very much interested to be always in the spotlight in front of the camera.

shes is the mother of Carter Mattingly and is has been married to Phil Mattingly for quite a few long years and has been living together happily and creating fewer headlines as a popular couple and has been very careful about keeping their private life to themselves.

more of a silent and not so interested in making a big fuss and not very interested in creating a  scandal and both Phil and Phil Mattingly’s wife was not involved in any known big scandals till now and are focussed on going with the same image and keeping a good profile for themselves and their family.

Both of them have been sharing their glimpses of life through their social media but they are not entirely interested in seeking too much attention for themselves through many head-turning incidents.

Now at this moment Phil Mattingly’s wife and his relationship still and hopefully remains unbothered and unaltered,  they remain strong and there are no signs of complications or problems. They also have a mutual love and affection for each other. Carter likes to keep her personal life behind tight walls. So, she hasn’t revealed any information about her family members and relatives so far for us to know.


She graduated high school and is known to be a good student and bright student in her academics and graduated with good grades that are possibly the best information we could give you since Phil Mattingly and Phil Mattingly’s wife has been very careful not to disclose about their more personal information.

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Well, Phil Mattingly’s wife who is thirty-one years old has been married to Phil for quite some time their relationship is just like any other family-oriented couple and they have been careful about keeping their private space private and clean and neat.

Phil Mattingly married his then-girlfriend and now wife CHELSEA CARTER  on dec 10,2011 after their dating life and engagement to Phil Mattingly.

Chelsea carter Phil Mattingly’s wife and himself are now parents of two kids. Their first son  Carder was born on 6th July 2015 and they together welcomed their second son on 5th July 2017 also the couple has a dog which they both consider to be their baby, so we can say they have three children!


when we talk about Phil Mattingly’s wife and her net worth we must say that as per the data collected till now and as of present 2021 data we are concluding that Phil Mattingly’s wife makes approximately one  Million dollars to five million dollars yearly and this is the net worth of Phil Mattingly’s wife make and that’s the data we know about and we can give you about.

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well, Phil Mattingly’s wife Chelsea Carter is well conscious about her health and keeps a good figure proportional to her height and weight, and is currently not having any health ailments or mental health issues which are significantly big ones. Speaking about her physique, she has a good height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Further, she has blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.


Phil Mattingly’s wife has acquired quite some following and followers on all her social media platforms recently from her social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and is currently having many thousands of followers who are active on all of her social media platforms.

she gained most of her followers through sharing her adorable pictures of her little family and her little humans at home also since she is phils Mattingly’s wife and he’s been getting good comments and responses on his career and winning awards for his amazing political reporter career and has been gaining more and more fanbase from all his great work and commitment to his reporter and journalist work at CNN.


Well, she is currently happily living with her family and focusing on bringing up her little humans and taking good care of them, and living at their home in America.

hoping that you all enjoyed this article on Phil Mattingly’s wife and well she you guys with another article and much more amazing news on the people you wish to know more about.

FAQ s:

who is Phil Mattingly’s wife?

-Chelsea carter

what’s Chelsea carters net worth?

  • 1-5 million $

how old is Chelsea Carter?

31 years as of now.

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