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Who Is Archie Heaton? His Life and Everything in Between!

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Today we are going to talk about ARCHIE HEATON!

After the release of Stranger Things season, Archie Heaton became the talk of the town. People have been talking about him and wanted to know more about his life. Archie is Charlie Heaton’s son who is playing the character of Jonathan in Stranger Things season.

Well, let’s find about more about ARCHIE HEATON in this article and please stay till the end of the article to know more about Archie Heaton.



HE is the Son of Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton and Heaton’s ex, Akiko Matsuura, who is a musician.

Archie Heaton was born in England on 19 May 2014. He is a Taurus. His parents are the famous actor Charlie Heaton and the Japanese musician Akiko Matsuura.

Archie Heaton is seven years old as of now and is the son of Charlie Heaton, a well-known actor, and Akiko Matsuura, a Japanese drummer, and musician. Archie was born in the United Kingdom and holds British citizenship.

Archie has been living with her mother Akiko since Akiko and Charlie divorced. When they got divorced Akiko got custody of Archie and it comes to custody, however, there are no such limitations to look into, Archie has the opportunity to meet his father every time he wishes to.


His parents  CHARLIE AND AKIKO were part of a band called Comanechi and they met and got close during their time together as a part of the band. He primarily resided with his mother in England as of now.


Archie Heaton, 7, is a Japanese drummer and performer. Archie was born in England, and he consists of British society. He is holding a British nationality and He is half Japanese from his mother’s side.


dad an son reading

Archie Heaton is the son of Charlie Heaton. His dad CHARLIE HEATON  grew to stardom after he took the position of Jonathan in the Netflix show, Stranger Things. Before Charlie made his identity as an artist, he received a reputation as a musician. The English artist and performer have hundreds of thousands of followers throughout the earth, and we all recognize how many followers watch their bias’s personal life.

And the big problem as of now for  Charlie Heaton is that he is losing his and his son’s privacy, charlie who had been elevating his son, Archie Heaton, out of the common perception.

There honestly have been a few people who knew regarding charlie’s parenthood and him having a  son. The majority of Charlie’s followers and fans had been ignorant of the reality till before 2017.

Since his followers realized about his son, Archie Heaton, they have always been interested in recognizing the toddler’s mom. So, who is Archie’s mom indeed? Let’s find that out below.

After the breakup of Akiko and Charlie, Archie has been residing with her mom Akiko. Hence, there are no such constraints with the custody. Archie is free to meet his dad.

The toddler, aside from getting his training in primary school, Archie, is additionally getting performing lessons. Archie is the only toddler of his parents. Archie is a fun, friendly baby who is into sports activities too. He performs soccer and basketball.



Archie Heaton’s mom is Akiko Matsuura. The WORLD  is aware of her with a 2nd title too. And that is Akiko Keex Matsuura.Archie Heaton is the son of Akiko Matsuura. Akiko is a popular actress and a musician. She is 23 years old as of 2019 and currently, she resides in London. Recently, she is popular for being the ex-wife of a famous actor and drummer Charlie Heaton. Akiko is herself a musician by profession. She plays in different local bands. She is most popular for her stage antics. She does a lot of pieces stuff when on stage. She does unique dress-up and sometimes stages dive as well. Moreover, she has also been found playing in her underwear on stage. Akiko is a very talented artist and she has a dream of creating her single. She is a lead vocalist of the Comanechi band. Charlie was also a member of the same band previously. Currently, Akiko is working very hard as she has the responsibility of her child Archie Heaton. On the other hand, she is also focusing on her dream to release her single.

 She is a very personal lady. Many of us now do not recognize numerous vital points about her private lifestyle, like where she bought her training from, her parents’ names, etc.

We comprehend that her mother and father had a restaurant returned to Japan. Akiko Matsuura is a brilliant drummer and has labored with some well-known brands such as The Big Pink. She is a superb singer too.


A person who worked with Charlie and Matsuura said, “Both of them were teenagers when they met for the first time. They came across each other because both of them collaborated for the band Comanechi.

Soon they became parents but they couldn’t keep their relationship going and so they split up.” The source also said that even though it’s been years since their breakup, the former girlfriend-and-boyfriend haven’t talked about their romance or why they broke up.


They had been in love and a relationship for a few months; however, Akiko found out she is pregnant with Archie Heaton. Archie  Heaton was born in the summer season of May 2014. 

But simply in a couple of months, they split up. No one is aware of the genuine reason as of why and how they broke up and they have now not responded to any media man or woman out there of their split. It’s pretty non-public and in between them. But there are ideas that they split up due to the fact of the age difference. It’s feasible that Charlie was once no longer equipped to be a dad at that time. But the reason is that we recognize one aspect that each of the performers is undoubtedly buddies to date.

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Archie Heaton lives with his mom Akiko at this time. They are each in London and dwelling a pleasant life. It is also known that charlie has no restrains on meeting with his baby boy and he appears to be aware of his duty as a parent and visits his spouse and son from time to time and attempts to give time to his son and spend time with him.



Well ARCHIE PHAETON is one of those rich-born kids thanks to his famous parents and is said to be having a net worth of around $1.5 Million.

Net Worth$1.5 Million
SalaryUnder Review
Source of IncomeFamily Member
CarsNot Available


Who is Archie Heaton’s mom?

Akiko Matsuura
Archie Heaton’s mom is Akiko Matsuura. The system is aware of her with a 2nd title too. And that is Akiko Keex Matsuura. She is forty years old.

Are Harry Styles and Charlie Heaton related?

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Who is Charlie Heaton’s son?

Archie Heaton,

who is charlie Heaton dating now?

 Archie Heaton’s father later began dating his Stranger Things co-star, Natalia Dyer.
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