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Craig Melton New Wife? Has Craig Moved on in His Life? Discover Out His Love Life, Net Worth 2021, Career and Much More!

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Who is Craig Melton new wife? Craig Melton who was a model once was found guilty as he cheated on his wife and his wife who is an author wrote about it all in her book. Interested to know more? Here are all the information about the model, the author, their relationship, and the confrontation with the truth. So let’s fill you up with all the details! 

Craig Melton new wife
Source: Instagram

Who is Craig Melton?

Who is Craig Melton new wife? Craig Melton is a former model and also a soccer player. He was born in Virginia,  United States.  He has gained the limelight as the partner of Glennon Doyle who is a renounced author and an activist known for her memoir titled UNTAMED. Craig is among those celebrities who have been known more for controversies than their area of work. The netizens are finding much interest in his personal life and want to know the current situation of his relationship.

Who is Craig Melton new wife?

Who is Craig Melton new wife? Craig Melton’s very current relationship status is single.  His former wife’s name is Glennon Doyle. Glennon Doyle is a renounced author who is much famous for her memoirs such as Untamed and Love Warrior.  Their first meeting was at a bar in Washington.  They met in the early 2000s and they dated for two years.  Finally, they planned to take their relationship a step ahead and they tied the knots in 2002 and have spent a long time of fifteen years together.  But unfortunately, their relationship could not hit a happily ever after and they separated their paths. 

Their life was never very smooth throughout the journey but they somehow managed to lead it this far but at last, they could not take it any further. The couple was blessed with three children.  Their childrens’ names are Chase, Tish, and Amma Melton. Though Glennon Doyle was pregnant before her marriage she aborted her first child. 

The couple separated their ways when Craig Melton confessed his disloyalty towards her wife throughout their marriage.  Glennon Doyle has shared all the details about her marriage and the confession of her husband in her memoir titled Love Warrior. Love Warrior was released in 2016. But now Glennon Doyle has moved on in her life and is happily married to Mary Abigail Wambach. She married Wambach in 2017.

But we assume that Craig Melton has still not overcome the separation as we have not seen Craig Melton new wife and also there are no rumors about his romantic relationship with anyone.  Be in touch with our article because we will update this section as soon as we get any leads about the celebrity.  

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Who is Glennon Doyle?

Who is Craig Melton new wife? Glennon Doyle is the best-selling author. She is the former wife of Craig Melton.  Glennon and Craig married back in 2002. Glennon Doyle is famous mainly for her unique writing style in which she draws out the truth very wisely in her writing.  Similarly, she unfolded the infidelity of her husband through a book titled UNTAMED. The couple has separated after fourteen years of marriage.  

Everyone got to know that the reason for their separation was her husband’s infidelity but she did not release much information like with whom he was cheating on her and more. She wrote how Craig disclosed and confessed his disloyalty during a therapy session.

But in another memoir titled LOVE WARRIOR, she unfolded the rest of the folds of her married life. She wrote everything about their first meeting and how they were acquainted with many troubles throughout their married life. Glennon wrote how she had to abort her first child and she married Craig when she was expecting her second child. 

She wrote further about other troubles like Craig had a habit of porn and one-night stands were not a big deal for him. So this was the reason that led them to divorce.  Their separation has never affected their love for the children.  Both are taking good care of their children.  Now Glennon is married to Abby Wambach who is an Olympian whom she met when she was on her book tour. 

Craig Melton new wife
Source: Instagram

How old is Craig Melton?

Who is Craig Melton new wife? What is the age of Craig Melton? Craig Melton’s exact age is not known but we can assume he’s in his mid-40s. He was born in Virginia, United States.  He holds American nationality. He belongs to mixed ethnicity.  

Height, weight, and other body measurements of Craig Melton 

How tall is Craig Melton? Craig has a height of 6ft 3 inches. He weighs around 80 lbs. He has brown eyes and black hair. 

Some lesser-known facts about Craig Melton 

  • Craig has a maintained body as he is a model by profession. He has maintained his body weight and he stands at a good height which makes his appearance charming. 
  • He has three children with Glennon Doyle.
  • He states himself as an optimist and he is inspired by Anne Frank. 
  • Craigie is now working as the enterprise sales director at the Visible Thread. 
  • He is active on Instagram with 26k followers.  

Frequently asked questions about Craig Melton 

1. Who is Craig Melton new wife?

Recently Craig Melton is single, he has been divorced from his wife Glennon Doyle. We will update you on Craig Melton new wife. 

2. How old is Craig Melton?

The exact birth date of Craig is not known but the closest assumption of his age is in between 40-50 years.

3. Is Craig Melton married?

No Craig is not married,  he is a divorcee right now whereas his ex-wife has married Abby Wambach.  

4. What is the net worth of Craig Melton?

The nearest estimated net worth of Craig Melton is around 2 million dollars.  His primary source of income is his modeling career and as a former soccer player.

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