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How Tall Is Larray? Networth, Relationship and Everything Else!

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Today we are here to talk and learn about yet another AMERICAN YOUTUBER, LARRAY yep the same Larray you are thinking of right now, let’s find out how tall is LARRAY, his net worth, and his personal life, dating life, and everything else right here right now!

so stay tuned to learn how tall is Larray and everything about him.

LARRAY wiki/bio:


LARRAY MERRITT also known by the nickname LARRAY is an American-born YouTuber, he is known for his comedy youtube videos and he has about eight and a half million subscribers on youtube.

he is also a TikTok celebrity and is part of the content creating TikTok initiative house called the hype house. He went viral and got his popularity formerly from the VINE which is not in function anymore.

most of his youtube subscribers came after he became a part of the hype house and he gained like six million of his subscribers like that and he also has about twelve million-plus followers in his TikTok account.

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Early Life

In his early years as a teenager, he posted videos on the vine to kill boredom and later his videos started blowing off and gained many views and many positive responses and that’s how he started his youtube channel and his TikTok account and during his early teenage years,  he lived in Los Angeles, California with his family until he later moved into  The Hype House in 2020.

Merritt is having an active social media presence and he has millions of followers across multiple platforms like Instagram, youtube, and TikTok. He also is a very popular social media star, he likes to maintain his personal space and privacy when it comes to his personal life and later he let all his fans know that he is gay and that in 2019 he started dating his fellow influencer, Brady Potter.

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His family details are not very much known but we know that he has a sibling and that he has a sister and her name is TYLER BABY. The REST of the information is not known at the present.

BornJohn Merritt
July 22, 1998 (age 23)

Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • YouTuber
  • TikToker
Years active2015–present
Subscribers8.38 million total
Total views867,175,847
Associated acts

he was nominated for the breakout creator category in the 2019 streamy awards.

he also has released songs named “first place “, “last place” and “canceled” all these three tracks together have a total of 41 million views on youtube.

Love life:

larray and Brady potter

According to the reports, Larray and Brady Potter had been dating since 2019 and is said to have moved to their house together and been going strong but then later in the year he unfollowed Brady on Instagram and this followed many speculations from their fans about their break up also things got weirder when Brady moved out of their home where the couple had been living together and this increased more suspicions, well the TikTok power couple announced their break up which was given out by him on his Twitter account which stated that “I and Brady aren’t together. Please respect our discussion & let us figure things out. Hate is the last thing he deserves, please be kind.” aww so sad!

so he and Brady potter are not together anymore as per their social media handles and the rest of the things are being worked out and he is currently not dating anybody else and everybody is getting the feeling that they might get back together or they are together again, well let’s hope for the best!

and that’s about his love life.

Net Worth:


As per the data collected in  2022, Larry’s net worth is estimated to be 1 million us dollars and from other sources, we get to know that he makes about an estimated 5.13 million US dollars a year. The LARRAY  which is his YouTube channel gets more than 2.85 million views daily. Youtube being his main source of income he also gets paid for appearances and collaborations with other celebrities and merch.

How tall is larray?


Well coming to the topic of how tall is he, the American YouTuber is 170 cm tall and is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, so that’s how tall larray is in real life.

Larry on social networks and the internet people and fans look a lot for the Larray pack or the photos in which you can Larray with very little clothes or in very sensual poses, currently, there is no his pack and there is nothing other than those sexy photos of the artist that he has posted on his networks and social media accounts and they can be taken as sexy and attention-grabbing pictures.


What is Larray’s net worth?

1 million dollars as of 2022.


larray is said to be dating Brady Potter since 2019 and currently, they are not together as per their social media info.

How tall is LARRAY?

5 ft 7 inches

Are Larry and James dating?

After creating many rumors and speculations fans have concluded that the video they posted was a joke and the pair are not dating and the idea was more like a publicity stunt. Larray is said to be dating his boyfriend Brady Potter who he’s been with since April 2019, and they are adorable together. Sorry to inform you  James and Larray shippers, they’re just friends!

What is LARRAY’s zodiac sign?


Is Larray vegan?

larray on Twitter: “I’ve been vegan for 2 days now how long do y’all think I’m gonna last” that just reveals that he cannot stay long as a vegan and he loves his nonveg food so much and he is a foodie.

How old is Larray?

Larray is 23 years old as of this year as his date of birth is on 22 July 1998 and he has American citizenship.

Is Larray married to Brady?

Larray who was dating Brady Potter since 2019 has broken up with his beau  and Larray announced their split in September 2021 on Twitter. His tweet read: “Me and Brady aren’t together”.

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