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Lizzo’s Age ,Height ,Weight, Relationships ,Net Worth? Every other facts about Lizzo you need to know in 2022..

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Lizzo is an American singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Flutist, and Actress. She is 33 years old in 2022 and she released her first debut album in 2013 which was titled “LizzzoBangers”. And her first debut single was titled “Batches and Cookies”, her debut music video was also “Batches and Cookies”. She later on in her life release another album which was titled “Big Grrrl Small World”. In 2016 she released her first major labeled extended record which was called “Coconut Oil”. She even did her debut movie in 2019 which was the movie “UglyDolls”, and she was a voice actor for the animation, it was an amazing movie.

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She is got her fame in 2019 after she released her 3rd album “Cuz I love you”, it was a banger and everyone loved it. After her fame, she signed with record labels like “Nice Life” and even “Atlantic Records”.



Lizzo is a beautiful long haired brunette with dark brown eyes. She is also quite tall, she is 5ft 10 inches. Her weight is 140 kg and she is well praised for being confident in her body.


Since Lizzo is a very famous singer in Hollywood, she earns a net worth of 12 million dollars.

Lizzo has achieved many things since 2019 and she got famous in a snap of her fingers after she build her music career. Lizzo has won many awards for music and her amazing albums. She won an Apple music award in 2019 and the category was “Breakthrough Artist Of The Year”. She won a Grammy for her song “Truth Hurts” and the category was  “Best Pop Solo Performance” and she won another Grammy for her 3rd album “Cuz I love you” and the category was “Best Urban Contemporary Album”.


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On August 13th, 2021 she released her music video with the one and only Cardi B who is also an immensely famous singer. She even did 73 questions with vogue which may not be an important thing for a Grammy winner but it’s still a huge achievement in the eyes of her fans. Her 3rd album was one of the top five in US Billboard 200. She went on a tour of her “Good As Hell” album in 2017 and toured with the likes of Haim and Florence and The Machine. In 2018 she became a big influential figure for body positivity and self-love and self-acceptance. She even performed at Coachella in 2018. Lizzo also starred in Hustlers alongside JLO, Julia Stiles, Cardi B, and Keke Palmer which happened in 2019, it was based on an article written by Jessica Pressler in 2015 in New York Magazine and it was called “The Hustlers At Scores”. She was also a voice actor in the film “Ugly Dolls” alongside Nick Jonas, Pitt Bull, and Kelly Clarkson.

She released a remix of “Good as Hell” featuring Ariana Grande in 2019 and she even performed at the Glastonbury Festival in the same year. Lizzo was nominated in four categories in the 2020 BET awards and the categories were Best Female Hip-Pop Artist, Album Of The Year for “Cuz I love you”, the BET HER Award for the song Tempo, Best female R&B/ Pop Artist. She performed at the Brit Awards with her 3 amazing songs which were “Truth Hurts”, “Good as Hell” and “Juice”. And then she released her single “Rumors” featuring cardi B in 2021 which was the last time she was active about her music besides being very much active on social media now and then.



Lizzo has a brother named Mikey Jefferson and she also has a sister named Venessa Jefferson.

Despite being very open with her fans Rizzo hasn’t said anything about her past romantic relationships or if she is dating someone right now and it seems as if she is single currently, She was once asked about her sexuality and she gave a bold answer saying “І dоn’t аѕсrіbе tо јuѕt оnе thіng…. Тhаt’ѕ whу thе соlоrѕ fоr LGВТQ+ аrе а rаіnbоw! Весаuѕе thеrе’ѕ а ѕресtrum аnd rіght nоw wе trу tо kеер іt blасk аnd whіtе. Тhаt’ѕ јuѕt nоt wоrkіng fоr mе.” and even her fans are called Lizzbians and she also has huge LGBTQA+ followers who love her for openness.

Lizzo is known for her friendly-ness and she is friends with a lot of people and those people are also quite the famous ones. Lizzo is beat friends with Quinn Wilson who is also her creative director and has been for 8 whole years. She is also friends with Lauren aka Sophia Eris and they have been friends since 2011. She also said that she and Adele are also really good friends and that they have a lot of things in common with each other.

The star is also really great friends with the one and only Harry Styles, in December 2019 Harry covered lizzo’s famous song Juice and said ” she is exactly what you want an artist to be which is yourself” and both the fandoms went crazy later in Jan 2020 they both performed the song “Juice” and it was magical, then in February Lizzo covered harry’s song “Adore you” and their bond grew, and then again they met at the Brit Award and sat together at the table all cuddled upholding each other’s hands and the last content they gave us was when they met at the Grammy again and Lizzo posted a photo with Mr. Styles. Lizzo is also good friends with many stars.

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Lizzo’s real name is ‘Melissa Viviane Jefferson’ and she is from Detroit, Michigan, United States. She has a Youtube Channel and its called “LizzoMusic” and she is also very much active on Tiktok and she even made a TikTok about her drunkenly DMing Chris Evans and Chris replying saying “no shame in drunken DMs” and he even said that “God knows I have done worse on this app lol” and even told her that he is a fan and that she should keep the good work and we couldn’t agree more with him.


Who is Lizzo? –

Lizzo is an American famous singer.

What is Lizzo’s height?

– Lizzo is 5ft 10 inches tall.

Does Lizzo have a boyfriend?

– No, Lizzo currently has no relationships with anyone.

Is Lizzo married?

– No, Lizzo is not married and has never been.

What is Lizzo’s real name?

– Lizzo’s real name is ‘Melissa Viviane Jefferson’


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