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Diego Martir, the 19 Year Old Instagram Influencer, Wiki, Bio, Family, Relationship, Net Worth, and Much More.

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Diego Martir is another internet phenomenon. His claim to fame was his funny/comical videos via Instagram. He is highly active on the social platform and is known for consistently sharing his day-to-day images on the same.

Diego is predominantly an Instagram influencer and one of his many talents comprises being an excellent meme developer. He relates his content to the lives of famous celebs and personalities around the globe.

Talking about social media platforms, the internet phenomenon is also active on YouTube. Here, he has a collaborative channel which he shares with his now rumored ex-girlfriend, Desiree Montaya. This channel that he shares alongside her is named ‘Diego and Desi’.
Diego is a man of many talents, his sense of humor being the biggest asset.
His favorite way of connecting with his viewers is through his comedy videos. He cares deeply about interacting with his audience, which majorly consists of teenagers and youngsters.

instagram diego martir

Diego has a chirpy boy next door vibe, like his personality. If we are to decode anything from his Instagram wall is Diego loves partying with his friends and traveling. He is an avid dog lover, and he also happens to have one as a pet. He is often seen sharing pictures playing with his pet dog.
So let’s get to know more about this boy next door. Dive into this article for Diego’s Wiki, Relationship, Networth, and much more.

Personal Life

Diego Martir is also known as Baby Diego is born on December 24, 2003. As of 2022, he is 19 years old. His zodiac sign according to this is Capricorn. Diego Martir is born and raised in Wisconsin, USA.

He later relocated to New Jersey to live with his father and has four sisters, including one named Jenny. There is very little information regarding his parents or even his siblings. Neither is the name of his parents is known. He has been home-schooled.

Diego Martir hails from El Salvador and holds an American nationality. His Ethnicity is  White Caucasian Descent and the Religion he follows is Christianity.

aesthetic diego martir


Diego Martir is approximately 5 ft 5″ inches tall which is 165 inches and in inches is 1.65 meters and weighs around 65 kg which may be subject to change and has a body build which is Lean Build. He has got Black eyes and curly Black hair and does not have any tattoos on his body.

Rise and Claim To fame

Diego had initially started posting videos on Instagram around the year 2017. Soon he gained some sort of Internet sensation status with the funny posts and memes. The one that really lit up and spread like wildfire was his video of him making fun of USA’s president Donald Trump. A lot of attention was received after this video. He also trended a hashtag #Skittlegang.

As mentioned above soon his Instagram wall started filling up with pictures from his day-to-day life. And his followers felt more intimate with him.

In 2018, when he freshly started dating Desiree Montoya they shared pictures of each other on their social media account. These became a rage on the internet and earned him numerous new followers in no time.

in no time he garnered a dedicated number of followers and now he is no less than a celebrity. Currently in the year 2022, the 19 year old holds a fam of 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Not only this, after his initial success he shifted posting videos to Tiktok where there is a greater niche for content like his. His tiktok id is diegomartir. There he has around * million fans and he has also earned a crown. Collaboration makes for more viewers perceptible to your content. And Diego happens to tag along with a lot of other fellow users.


The 19-year-old Diego Martir started dating his YouTube collaborator and friend Desiree Montoya in the year 2018. They were frequently spotted together at various events and venus. Desiree Montaya like Diego is an Instagram Influencer and endorses brands like Fashionova through paid promotions. The two were very vocal about their relationship and often were seen posting pictures with each other. Their social media profiles screamed PDA!

The two broke after two years of dating. While we are still confused why this beautiful couple decided to part ways. But earlier in the year 2021, during Valentine, the two exes were seen getting cozy again. Things got a little chaotic because at this time Desiree wasn’t single and in fact was dating this game named Rene Alegria.

Lots of comment and hate was thrown back and forth between the two boys after a video on TikTok surfaced where Desiree was laying on top of Deigo while plucking his eyebrows.

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Well, Diego has a colorful dating history. A lot of his company comprises of beautiful girls doing choreography with him. So, who would want to hold back?

Diego was also dating, TikTok and Instagram celebrity Lauren Kettering, a 16-year-old from Anaheim, Calif who has been gaining fame since she joined TikTok back in 2016. They dated for a while and broke up in the year March 2020. There was a lot of proof over the internet stating Lauren as the reason for them to grow adrift.

It seems right now he is totally single and is focusing on his upcoming projects.

Diego and Lauren

Diego Martir Net Worth

What is the net worth of Diego Martir? Most internet celebrities earn from endorsements and paid promotions. However, Diego has proved his mettle as an actor lip-syncing and doing drama on TikTok. He has great acting talent and he awaits future projects. Net worth and salary are subject to change over time. There is no confirmed source.

The approximate total net worth of Diego Martir is $150K – $200K US Dollars (As of 2019).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Diego Martir?

The net worth is $150K – $200K US Dollars (As of 2019).

What is the religious belief of Diego Martir?

He believes in Christianity.

What is the Zodiac sign of Diego Martir?

According to the birth date, the Zodiac sign is Capricorn.


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