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Cloveress, the Youtuber! Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Asmr, Boyfriend, and Untimely Death and Cause.

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Cloveress was a renowned YouTuber who was known for posting ASMR videos. Her YouTube channel was home to many videos that dazzled with the tongue in cheek. She also got recognized for work in a short film named “Life Is Strange”. Her interest was never really towards building a YouTube community. The channel was started with the purpose of prepping and bringing out her onscreen persona. However, she garnered some amount of success making her question a lot of things. Eventually, she redefined herself after the initial success, she took on with it and started posting more and more content.

Her channel had raked up to 200k+ subscribers and had managed to attract viewers pulling views close to 46,48,601. She had achieved the status of a social media star in a very less time. This was only due to her sheer hard work.

So read the article further to know about Cloveress the ASMR phenomena, her bio, age, height, net worth, relationship status, and the cause of her untimely death.



Cloveress Age


Though Cloveress is with us no more. But How much was her age at the time of untimely death? Cloveress was born Natalie Annabelle White † in the United States Of America on October 11, 1998. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She passed at the very young age of 20. Her nationality belonged to America and her ethnicity was mixed. The name of her mother or father is not known. Also, she did have siblings. As for her education, she was well educated and performed well in her studies.


Cloveress and Her journey on YouTube

How did this American receive such amount of glory in such little time? How did her journey on one of the biggest and busiest platforms- YouTube start?

Professionally White was a content creator and most of her content was posted on YouTube. She had two channels that are “Cloveress” and “Cloveress Archive” In the latter one, she posted all videos which were deleted from the Cloveress channel.

Cloveress started her YouTube channel in January 2016. Here in the very same year, she went to post on ASMR videos and gained a huge fan following.

The videos on her ASMR channel earned more than 3 million views.

All her 31 videos from this channel have been deleted.

She had posted her oldest video on the channel on 11th October 2018. This was named ‘WHAT HAPPENED TO ME + WHY ARE MY VIDEOS GONE + QUITTING ASMR?’ This video has over 244k views on it. Followed by this, she posted old ASMR videos of her. The second video that followed after that was titled ‘OLD CLOVERESS ASMR VIDEOS (BEFORE THE BANANA)’. She posted this video on 15th October 2018 and has 142k views on it.

She also has another channel. This was a non-ASMR comedy channel named Cloveress where she posted comical videos. Cloveress indeed was a girl with humour. Her second channel featured videos about popular YouTubers like LeafyIsHere and iDubbbzTV.

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Cloveress on other platforms


The niche of videos Cloveress posted was ASMR and Vlogs. She was active on Twitter. And her presence was also on Patreon and Twitch.

Cloveress food videos

Cloveress Height

Her height was approximately 5 ft 5 inches. That is her height was 1.65 meters.

Cloveress Weight

Her weight was approximately 55 kgs. That is her weight is 121 lbs.

Cloveress Appearance

Cloveress was born ‘Natalie Annabelle White’ and raised in Texas, United States. She grew up to be a beautiful girl with a radiant personality. The shade of her eye color was brown and her hair color was blonde.

Her shoe size was 5 according to the size chart followed in the US.

Cloveress appearance

Cloveress Net worth

Though there is no source that has confirmed her status, the details below combine the various information found regarding her net worth on the web.

She began posting videos on YouTube in the year 2016. Her main source of income was through her social media handles. She had a steady viewers base. Her most watched video was a Banana ASMR video, which was 13 minutes long.

Therefore, her net worth was estimated at around $30,000(USD).


Many say the 20-year-old was in a relationship with a singer and she constantly posted their pictures on her handles. However, neither her family nor closed one confirmed the same.

While according to some sources it is also said that the reason for the death of Cloveress was disclosed by her boyfriend of two weeks. However, there was no one or nothing proving anything that this two-week boyfriend claimed was real.

According to the other half of the divided sources on the web, the relationship status is termed as single or nothing is much disclosed about the love life of the 20 year old. The same goes for her Marital status.

What is the cause of the early demise of this young girl?

White died on September 22, 2019. Her boyfriend of two days had tweeted the cause of her death. His story was later on proved to be wrong by his own social media posts and anonymous sources.

A funeral service was held on October 2, 2019. At the time before her death, she might have struggled with substance abuse issues for quite some time.

There might have been a case of an overdose.

Unfortunately, her demise left her fans and family in a very grief state.

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Social Media Presence

Apart from being active and posting consistent content on her YouTube channel, White was active on Instagram and Twitter too. Before her untimed demise, she had a simmering social media presence on her Instagram handle that was @clover3ss for her some thousand followers.

Her Twitter id was @thatcloverchick which she joined in September 2018. These accounts are however not found anywhere now.


Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Cloveress when she died?

She was born on October 11, 1998 making her 20 years old at the time of her demise.

Where Can I find her videos?

Her channel Cloveress Archive is still there on YouTube. Also, many other channels have also re-uploaded her content.

What was Cloveress real name?

Cloveress was born Natalie Annabelle White † and the former was only her stage name.



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