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Friend can’t connect to Minecraft server! Fix it! Easiest Solution.

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Minecraft server is a video game series. It is online gaming of both single-player and multi-player. This app allows players to play online with other people. It is a paid app. Players install Minecraft by buying it with a worth of $26.95 for PC. In this, a free trial was given to new users. In this Minecraft, there are a lot of editions available. One of the best editions in this is the Bedrock edition. This Minecraft game can be played on any PC/computer as well as any browser windows. And the Minecraft game allows a 30 day free trial for new users if a player selects a 10 user subscription. This game contains lots of mini-games which are so interested, so players used to play Minecraft games. But some issues occur in this server. Friend can’t connect to Minecraft server.

friend can't connect to Minecraft server

Minecraft server An Introduction

Minecraft servers make plays to play online along with other people. This game lets single-player as well as multi-player. As said, this server consists of both single and multi-player games. It is one of the most popular online games along with 100 million users. In December 2020, the server was shutting down and making the users feel panic. But the server was repaired as soon as possible. There also another server problem occur in June 2019. This problem was also rectified. Minecraft consists of many servers that are joined to play the game with other players. This server may let you build new things.

Minecraft Gaming

Minecraft is a sandbox video game. It is one of the world’s most popular online games and more than 100 million people install and play this game. firstly, players enter into a specific field. players may choose their goals based on their interests. Players can also buy and sell things with other players online either by exchanging things or by buying with coins. They can create new buildings. By gathering raw materials in this game and constructing buildings in our interest. The opportunities and the possibilities in these games are endless. The visuals in these games are flawless. Players thoroughly enjoyed this environment both low resolution and high resolution.

Friend can't connect to Minecraft server

Friend can’t connect to Minecraft

One of the world’s most famous games which have more than a million users daily play this game. This server works continuously. Because people around the world play this game even day and night time. This may cause a server problem. As said, some server problems occur earlier. But in 2022, friends can’t connect to the Minecraft server. One of the benefits of playing in Minecraft is players can play with their friends. But this fun was getting for some of the reasons. This makes the players more unhappy. Friend can’t connect in Minecraft server annoying. But it has easy to rectify. First and simply, players may check their internet connections. Internet connection is a very common and major problem in online gaming. If there is no problem with the internet connection, then we go for the next step to rectify this problem.

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friend can't connect to Minecraft server

Way to fix “Friend can’t connect to Minecraft server

  • Check if all are in good condition

Firstly, you should check whether your internet connection was good. One of the most common and frequent problems in online gaming is an internet connection. So, make sure that your internet connection was proper.

Check if you have sent your friend an invite from your side and also check whether your friend accepts your invite or not.

Mostly check your friend is on your friend list in your Minecraft server.

  • Sending IP address

If all the above things are good, then there might be an issue with the server. The next step is checking your IP address sent to your friend. Check whether your IP address is wrong.

Check if you sent your private IP address to your friend for inviting is your public IP address. By only using public IP address, your friend can join your server by your invite, and your private IP address won’t do this.

  • Port Forwarding

One of the most difficult methods is Port forwarding. Even all are not technical persons, it’s not a big deal to work on it. There are simple steps to set up port forwarding.

Setting up port forwarding is giving a solution for Friend can’t connect to the Minecraft server.

Steps to set port forwarding

1.Log into the router, you used as an admin.

2. Next, find the port forwarding setting.

3. This will be on the wireless category or maybe on the network category.

4. In some of the servers, it was in the advanced category.

5. Next set up the port number and range

6. At that point, you need to enter your IP address.

7. After that, it asks some names and you can give any name on it just to find this problem may occur in the future.

8. Lastly, it asks for enable. After accepting this, the problem will be solved.

The simple way to fix a friend who can’t connect to the Minecraft server is here. Check your internet connection first. If you have any problem with your Wi-Fi connection, then disable the connection and then enable it again. Secondly, check if the Minecraft server is accepted or not. After that add your friend again.

Friend can’t connect to Minecraft server is fixed!

Gaming is one of the most favorite entertainment among this young generation. There are lots of online gaming these days. Minecraft is one of the famous online gaming. The very first step for fixing Friend can’t connect to the Minecraft server is just to try to restart the computer and the game. If the problem may not fix in this case, then you may remove your friend invite him again and add him as your friend again.

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