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Bridget McCain, Daughter of John McCain [IS SHE HIS REAL DAUGHTER], Her Bio, Early Life, Relationship, Controversies, Family, Net Worth and Much More.

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Bridget McCain is popular for being American Senator John McCain’s adopted daughter. She is of Bengali descent. Her father is late Senator John McCain. She now holds an American Nationality.

Ever since her adoption by Cindy McCain, second wife of the late Senator, from the House of the Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa, Bridget was fated to be in the headlines. Her birthplace is Bangladesh. She now is continuing her studies and is a political personality. She enjoys a celebrity status and got into controversy when she called President Donald Trump a ‘child’ in March 2019.

Early Life of Bridget McCain:

Bridget was born on July 21, 1991, making her 30 years old. Her original birthplace was in Kulaura, Bangladesh, where her biological parents lived. We don’t know the reason why Bridget and her sister, Shupona were in the Bangladesh orphanage “Home of Mother Teresa of the Missionaries of Charity” but she did suffer from Cleft palate and was born unhealthy. However, in the orphanage, they were looked at and protected by the nuns and the workers.

Bridget McCain
Bridget McCain

Cindy McCain, the second wife of Late Senator John Sidney McCain was visiting Bangladesh to help the children of the Mother Teresa orphanage. Here. It was her initial idea to adopt Bridget when she found two young women upon visiting the orphanage. These two women were Mickey who suffered from serious heart disease and the other one was Bridget, who had a severe cleft palate.

Then John McCain and Cindy Mccain decided to adopt Bridget and provide her with a family, shelter, and a happy living. Mickey was also adopted, and she went to one of Cindy’s friends’ families.

Family of Bridget McCain:

Bridget McCain was only 3 months old when the McCain family got her custody. She then went on to become the youngest daughter of the McCain family. The kid was brought from Bangladesh to Southern California, USA, and here is where she was raised. She had six siblings. Four of them were the own offspring of Cindy McCain. The list of her two brothers is John Sidney McCain IV and James McCain and two sisters – Meghan McCain and Sidney McCain. Her two other siblings were mothered by John McCain’s first wife. The two siblings were her elder brothers that is Doug McCain and Andy McCain.

Bridget McCain and fam

Education of Bridget McCain

Just like her siblings, Bridget was imparted with the best schooling in the world. She is a well-educated woman. Her parents sent her to top Universities. Bridget went and graduated from the renowned University i.e The Temple Campus of Arizona State University.

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Bridget McCain Relationship

She has never really revealed much about her personal life or her dating someone. No reports of her past relationship.

Nothing of this sort is available on the 30 years old. It is best to guess that she is single right now. Her marital status is also Unmarried.

When did you first introduce yourself to Bridget McCain?

Interestingly, though the Senator and his wife had openly spoken about Bridget as their own on numerous occasions, she was yet to introduce herself as part of the family.

Her first introduction to the public as Bridget McCain was when she was 17. This incident took place at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

The same year she also gave an interview about her father and the controversies always surrounding him in a Scholastic magazine. Another scandal followed in the year 2000 when they were placed under the spotlight. This was the time her father was running presidential nomination against George W. Bush for the Republican.

The strategist of Bush took a manipulative road to convince all of John’s voters and sowed them with the dilemma will they like to vote for the father of an illegitimate black child. As a result, John lost the Southern California primaries and his campaign never recovered.

Bridget McCain and sister

Recent news about Bridget McCain

Recently Trump gave a statement attacking the late Senator saying he never really liked him and never will. This was after a year of John’s demise by the terminal disease Brain Cancer. He died at the age of 81 in August 2018.

Since her father was not here anymore to give Trump a fitting reply Bridgettt took it upon herself. On March 21, 2019, Bridget released her first statement against President Donald Trump about his repeated attacks against his late father, John McCain.

Bridget through the medium of the internet vocalized her distaste towards Trump, calling him a ‘child’ and asking him to be decent and respectful when talking about his dead father

Net Worth of Bridget McCain

What is the net worth of Bridget McCain?

Bridget McCain is yet to decide a course for her future. She is the youngest and enjoys the luxury of her parents. McCains are a happy family. She also owns 3.4 percent of a stake from the family business, “Hensley & Company.”

The annual sales by the company are an impressive $300 million.

McCain is yet to stand on her own feet and raise a steady income for herself. Hence, her net worth in terms of her income and salary can’t be claimed. However, the family company’s net worth must be in millions if not anything above.

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What traits does this McCain have concerning her adopting family?

Bridget McCain’s descent is from one of the Asian countries and she has received the exotic features of the East. She is 30 years old and dark in complexion, a woman of color. She is always spotted with her bright sunny smile. McCain has dark brown eyes and owns medium-length black hair.

Her body physique is more on the side of plump. She is 5ft 4 inches tall. This is 1.64 in meters and 164 in centimeters. Bridget weighs around 82 kgs that are equivalent to 180 pounds.

McCain’s body measurements are 36-34-44 inches. Her bra size is 36B and her waistline is 34 inches followed by her hips which are 44 inches in size. Her shoe size is 6 according to the US shoe size charts.

Frequently asked Questions

Who is Bridget McCain?

Bridget McCain is the adopted child of American Senator John McCain. She is of Bengali descent.

What is the birthplace of Bridget McCain?

Her birthplace is Kulaura, Bangladesh.

Is Bridget Mccain biological child of John and Cindy McCain?

No, she has been adopted.

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