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Berniece Julien Former Wife of Tyson Beckford, LITTLE SECRET, Wiki, Early Life, Bio, Career, Body Measurements, Net Worth, and Much More.

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Berniece Julien is a businesswoman and former model. She resides in the United States and runs her secretive business which tabloids and the general public is unaware of.

Her only claim to fame is that she was the former wife of the actor and model, Tyson Beckford. The two however have parted ways now.

Berniece has been very secretive and found herself a space away from the glitz of the entertainment industry. She has maintained a very low-key lifestyle.

Let us dive into the article to know more about Berniece Julien, Her Wiki, Early Life, Bio, Career, Body Measurements, Net Worth, and much more.

Early Life

Julien is 42 years old as of 2022. Though there is no information confirming the exact dates of her birth, her birth year is 1980. Julien was talked about much before her engagement. She is born and bought up away from the glamour and glitz of the entertainment industry.

Her birthplace is the United Kingdom. Although it is unclear whether she holds the nationality of the UK  or the United States.

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The identities of her parents have never been revealed. We have no information even on her siblings. Julien is a person who strays away from the eyes of the media.

She has managed to keep her family details hidden. Nothing from her family or near relatives is known.

Even on the web, there is no information on her mother or father. Their names remain unknown.


Before her marriage to Tyson Beckford Julien was said to be an entrepreneur. The area of her business was very unclear.

There is very less source material on Berniece Julien, so we have to take her words into account.

As reported by Berniece herself she runs a successful business. The deets of this too seems very vague. But looks like it has running nice enough to provide for her and her chill life.

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Net worth

As reported by Berniece herself that she runs a business, however, anything about business is still unknown to date. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million by 2022. Her business is her significant source of income as she says, but divorce alimony from Tyson might have also played an important role in increasing her financial dimensions.

The net worth of her former husband Tyson is roughly $16 million as of 2022. In addition, the model is popular for many of his appearances on several films, TV series, and Music videos.


She was married to Tyson Beckford from the year 2007-to 2009. Beckford is a famous American model, actor, and host. He has hosted both seasons of The Bravo program Make Me A Supermodel.

Their marriage lasted for two years before which Julien was not a big name in the entertainment industry. She was a budding entrepreneur before this.

Berniece met Tyson Beckford at a party in Los Angeles in 2006. They both fell in love with each other right away, began dating, and secretly married, in a private ceremony.

Tyson and Berniece married each other on 4th January 2007. The venue of their wedding was Grenada, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. At the time of marriage, these two were so in love. Some say the trouble in paradise began when Tyson involved himself in infidelity.

The two have no children together. Tyson does have a son but the deets on her mother is still unknown.

According to some news tabloids, her divorce from Tyson Beckford is said to have been caused by his adultery with Shanina Shaik (Australian Model). Beckford was seen kissing Shanina Shaik and was said to be having extramarital affairs with her.

After her marriage, the pair were spotted at numerous events. These events included the Didier Drogba Foundation fundraiser, where these two were pictured together. However, after the separation, Julien had chosen her route and stays away from the public eye.

Her current dating life has been also under the wraps. We can’t tell surely about her status. She has been coy ever since her divorce and is focusing a businesswoman.

It is safe to say this businesswoman is seeing no one and is determined to reach new heights of success in her career.

Berniece Julien


Berniece is a lady of beauty. Being a businesswoman may be her profession now but she has also been a former model.

She is strikingly breathtaking. Her key features are her hazel brown eyes with a hint of grey in them.

Berniece stands tall around her surroundings can it can be inferred from that that she is tall. She has also been a model, thus the assumption feels true.

The body measurements of this mixed descent beauty are still unknown.

Her skin is impeccable and smoothly toned. She is an amazing woman of color. Her complexion is dusky and her beauty is exotic.


Presence on Social media

The businesswoman has been very hum hum after her separation from the model and actor, Tyson Beckford.

It is a generation of social media and it is all about the internet game. But looks like Julien is least interested in this game. Julien hardly has any social media accounts so being active on them hardly comes into the picture.

Being head of a business requires you to have a clean and steady image. Sometimes you need this image to propagate your message. However, her business according to her runs impressive and successful but she hardly has any presence to affirm this news.

Even when you search for her images on the web, you will scarcely stumble upon only one clicked along with her former husband. All of these are from the events they had been together to while they were seeing each other and their two-year marriage.

She has taken an extreme route to make her life as low-key as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Berniece Julien?

Julien is the former wife of the actor and model, Tyson Beckford.

What does Berniece Julien do for a living?

Berniece has reported that she runs a successful business.

When was Berniece born?

Her exact birth date is not available.


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