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Do You Want to Learn How to Stop Downloading Offline Speech Recognition Data? Here Is How!

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Do you know what offline speech recognition data is? It is a voice recognition system that was developed by Google. This is a brilliant system that is already pre-installed on every Android phone. Offline speech recognition allows your phone to detect your voice and then convert it into texts. When your mobile device is offline, they then deliver the data from it. Therefore, this new feature in mobile phones removes the perpetual and continuous need for an active internet connection.


The main function of offline speech recognition data is to capture and recognize your voice. Then, it processes the speech and can give back results such as texts or responses on your phone. Besides, this system keeps downloading certain data that are necessary for this feature to work even better while using it. One unique quality about it is that the offline speech recognition keeps updating itself and hence there is no need for an external( the person) to authorize any updates.

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The problem with this is that the person whose device it is hasn’t allowed or sanctioned any such downloads. Hence, there is always fear and worry of the probability of the downloaded data being spyware or some sort of a virus. It could also scare the individual if he fears it to be some sort of malware that can infect and ruin the system/device. A rational person would have these thoughts and this could make them scared or paranoid about the safety of their device.

Finding such unexplainable notifications on your smartphone can be both annoying and daunting. The constant notifications are also draining your data and storage space gradually.

Have you been in a situation where your Android mobile phone is downloading something which says “downloading offline speech recognition data?”

You might have noticed this sort of notification regarding the downloading of ENGLISH (US) Offline Speech Recognition Data. This arcane pop-up notification is mostly enabled by default. But it is important to remember that no android consumers are utilizing this feature. Phone users who have restricted data to utilize or those who do not have access to Wi-Fi are not going to be to use data in downloading Offline Speech Recognition Data which they are not even making use of as much.

Now let’s discuss how to stop offline speech recognition data.


STEP 1 :

Once you open your device, find and press the “Google Now” app (which can be installed using the play store).


Locate the three horizontal line buttons on the bottom right corner and click on them.

STEP 3 :

From the given set of options, choose settings.


After choosing a setting, you will be led to a bunch of options. Locate search. Now under search, locate the button which says “voice”, and press it. Once you press voice, there will be a list of options presented to you. Select offline speech recognition.

STEP 5 :

After your press that, navigate under the ‘installed’ section and you will find an already installed “English (US). ( Similarly, if you wish to install English (US), you should press updates available after you press offline speech recognition. You can continue to install the same for your device after that.)

STEP 6  :

Under the English (US) you will see an option to cancel the update. Click on that and then press the stop download option.

STEP 7 :

We have reached the final step! You are doing great so far. Next, you have to go on the ” auto-update tab and you will be shown 3 options below that. From those options, continue to proceed by pressing the do not auto-update languages.

AND THAT’S IT! YOU GOT THIS. You have successfully stopped downloading offline recognition data. You can always get the offline speech recognition back. But for now, your work is done!


How to stop auto download


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  1. Which is better, offline or online speech recognition?

They both have advantages and disadvantages. The offline system can function even without the presence and need of an internet connection. Whereas the online system can not function without active internet access. Online recognition is far more accurate and precise than the offline system.

Although online speech recognition works slower as it takes time to process your voice and the commands. Offline in that way is faster.

As online voice recognition only works when there is internet connectivity, the system requires to send and collect data for its operation. That is why this process can take up more storage space on your phone may use up more of your battery and reduce battery life. On the other, these drawbacks are not seen in the offline speech recognition system.

2. What would I want to put a stop to offline speech recognition?

When you do not want unnecessary things in your phone and are cleaning your storage to save space, you can put an end to offline speed recognition. Another reason could be that you simply want to prevent downloading unwanted data on your phone or you just personally do not use voice assistance. Whatever may be the reason, You can achieve your goal by following the easy steps as mentioned in the article above!

3. What all tasks are covered under offline speech recognition?

Since this system works offline, and without the use of the internet, it does have certain restrictions. These restrictions apply to the tasks it can perform. Tasks that can be done using offline speed recognition are: Playing music, switching on/off the Wi-Fi, opening a specific app, managing the sound level by raising it up and down, Turning the flashlight on/off, controlling over the Bluetooth and airplane mode on/off option and lastly the ability to dim the screen light.


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