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Heidi O’Ferrall and ProJared are divorced! [HIDDEN TRUTH] But Heidi’s revelations loses him 100k followers in a day!

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Since last May YouTuber ProJared is under many allegations. Jared Knabenbauer is a Gamer and a You-Tuber. Jared has more than a million followers on his YouTube channel. Also, he is very famous for his Gaming skills and other technical kinds of stuff. The YouTuber is married to Heidi O’Ferrall. She too is a content creator. Heidi is a cosplayer and a costume designer. The two had a happy life, and they were expressing their love for each other through their social media platforms. Also, their followers took them for their couple goals. But everything is fine until it crosses the line. So that’s what happened to this duo. Recently Heidi announced she is getting a divorce from her husband. Also, she made some revelations that shook the Social media world.

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“Heidi’s alleged revelations”:

Heidi revealed her husband is having an affair with the content creator Holly Conrad. Both Heidi and Holly are best friend’s too. So this might be very painful for her. Heidi took to twitter to reveal about her husband. But Jared had already posted about their separation in his twitter handle. Also, he blocked his wife Heidi in his social media platforms. But Heidi shared the details. She said she wasn’t able to see his posts and claimed Jared had done this to prevent her from revealing the truths. Heidi also told that there is proof of her husband’s affairs. She has photos and texts shared between Jared and Holly. Though Jared didn’t respond to her posts, Holly did an initiative. She made her social accounts private and went off. The matter made a wave that shook their fans.

“Jared’s sexual torture”:

Heidi revealed another critical matter in the discussion. She said her husband sends nude pictures to teenage followers and also force them to send theirs. With this, many came up with their allegations. A 16-year-old trans man said Jared used to send him dick pictures and talked about his sexual experiences. He was well aware that the kid was 16, but even he forced the kid to send nudes. He even blackmailed people. Heidi says she wasn’t aware of this until recently. Jared has a private Snapchat account. He uses this to share the nude images. Also, he has a Tumblr account for the same purpose. The matter is a big storm that pushed him to a deep hole.

“Jared lost 100k followers in a day”:

With all these allegations Jared followers began to reduce. Yes! He lost nearly 100k followers in a day. Even his other social media accounts too slipped. Many voiced out their opinions. Many social media wars were going on against Jared. Heidi has taken the custody of their cat. And now she has found it as her best companion.

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