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Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 1, episode 14, Storyline and interesting facts

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About Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 1 episode 14

In Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 1, episode 14, Min-chae is searching through her mother’s next diary, unsure of what would happen next in the story. She cleverly ends up googling the couple in question, relieved that Hee-do and Yi-jin have never been involved in any scandals, but intrigued by a video of the two from 2009. Yi-jin is the anchor of UBS at the time, and he is interviewing gold medalist Hee-do. It’s an unpleasant encounter that seems to imply that the two haven’t spoken in a long time. We also learn that Hee-do won a gold medal in Madrid in 2001, defeating her buddy Yu-rim and that her opponent went on to represent Russia as Julia Ko.

Shocking end of Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 1 Episode 14

We then cut to February of 2000, where we see the friendship group drinking together. The fact that Yi-jin and Hee-do are formally together is established there, followed by adolescent discussions over who is too good for who. Before they stroll drunkenly back to the journalist’s residence, the fivesome is happily playing games, reveling in Yi-constant jin’s failures. When they arrive, they talk about upcoming vacations, objectives, and who Yi-jin has made weep in the past. As a result, Yu-rim and Ji-Woong decide to leave together.

In Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 1

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Interesting facts About Twenty-Five Twenty-One season 1

In the future, Ji-Woong and Yu-rim listen to her parents’ revelation that she has a lover, with the musician swearing to beat her father’s record for who can love her the most. The fencer is touched, and she bids him luck before putting her head on his shoulders. As the bus pulls away, we hear the noises of a “serious accident,” one involving Yu-father, the rim’s who is slumped over his wheel and later seen injured outside the operation room. The family of the second victim then rushes in and confronts the fencer’s father, demanding to know what responsibility he will accept while screaming that he should die.

Coach Yang reaction

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Yu-rim talks to coach Yang the next day, who is ecstatic about her impending come back to the national team, about her financial needs, explaining that she is unable to sign the contract with the team that her mentor had introduced her to for that reason. The child apologizes, and we can see how shaken she is by everything at the bus stop. She eventually visits Hee-do to open up, solemnly emphasizing that she has honored her commitment not to dive any longer. In other news, Yi-jin pays a visit to the national team offices and overhears a potential nationality change for the former Yu-rim. His curiosity gets the best of him, and he decides to probe for more information.



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