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What to know about the Business Internet Service?

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As more and more companies began to adopt the digital transformation, having a quality business internet connection is becoming relevant for them to function. They need to access their data from the cloud, along with applications and communication tools, and that is only accessible through an internet connection. This article will detail the types of business internet service available, and other factors that are associated with the business.

Business VS Residential Internet Service

Large global enterprises have no room for unreliable or slow internet connectivity, which is why business internet service is the best option in this scenario. This is also why business internet services have more demands to meet than residential internet services.

A residential internet service might be designed to meet the demands of a few smartphone devices and home appliances, at a smaller level as compared to a business where hundreds of devices are connected to the internet.

Business internet services are guaranteed more uptime, availability, and bandwidth. They are also flexible in configurations. Due to these high demands, business internet service also differs in prices from residential internet services.

Types of Business Internet Service

The three types of internet connection available for businesses are:

  • DSL is the oldest of internet connections. It is the most affordable, but the downside is that it is the least reliable. DSL internet connection uses telephone lines to send and receive data, and that gets noticeably slower when users are further away from the telephone lines.
  • Cable internet is among the popular choices for a fast-speed business internet connection. It is run on coax cable lines, providing better reliability and speeds than the DSL connection. However, the speed of cable internet gets relatively slow during peak hours, since cable bandwidth is shared between multiple local users.
  • Fiber-optic internet offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, along with superior scalability. Organizations can have fast internet speeds on a day-to-day basis, making it the best option for business internet.

Now that you know the three types of connections available for business internet service, you can choose the best one that will fulfill your browsing needs.

Fiber Business Internet

Is fiber-optic internet worth the hype for business internet connection? Following are some of the competitive advantages your business will have with the fiber-optic internet connection.

  • Have faster access to cloud apps and services, leading to lower IT infrastructure costs
  • Have personalized customer experiences, to make use of the data-driven powerful apps and services
  • Have reliable connectivity for videoconferencing, leading to reduced business travel costs
  • Be able to provide better customer service through videoconferencing and other media communications

Fiber-optic VS Copper Internet

DSL is no match for fiber-optic and cable internet connections since it uses technology that is gradually becoming obsolete. Cable internet might still be able to meet up the standards of fiber-optic internet connection, but fiber-optic internet connection still has the advantage over it, because it;

  • Offers significantly higher bandwidth
  • Has symmetrical download and upload speeds
  • Provides superior signal over distance, no matter how large
  • Promises stronger data security
  • Uses sturdier cable technology

All of the above features available with fiber-optic internet connectivity just go to show that it is still the better and most reliable option than the copper internet connections (i.e. DSL and cable internet).

Make the Most of Business Internet Service

You don’t just need an upgraded version of the internet connection. It may be smart to consolidate phone and internet connection service by going for a bundle plan offered by any internet service provider. There are several benefits to it as well, which are;

  • Simpler billing, instead of separate billing for both phone and internet
  • Lower costs
  • Improved network performance
  • Faster access to the new technology

If you are looking for a bundle option for your business, our recommendation is to go with Xfinity services, which has multiple bundle plans for both phone and internet, and for business purposes. Simply reach out to them through the Xfinity phone number and a rep will provide you with all the required details.

Final Thoughts

Business internet service is completely different from what is offered in regular internet connection, in terms of their pricing, reliability, speeds, availability, etc. For a business internet, the cost is always a consideration. However, businesses will need to take careful consideration of multiple factors such as quality, bandwidth, reliability, etc., and sign up for the connection as needed.

The best way for a business to decide on an internet connection is to;

  • Understand business requirements
  • Gather quotes on the number of available internet services available around the locality
  • Consolidate internet and phone services so as to save energy, resources, and money.


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