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Jay Leno Is Jokingly Referring to Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock as the “most Recorded Assault in History”

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Will Smith‘s obscenity after punching Chris Rock at the Oscars disturbed’ Jay Leno. Will struck comedian Chris in the face when he laughed about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, according to the 71-year-old TV host, less than an hour before he picked up his Best Actor statuette for his performance.

King Richard – who screamed expletives shortly after the incident at the Oscars event in March – showed real indignation’ with the expletives he screamed.


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‘For me, the most frightening thing wasn’t the slap,’ he remarked, grinning a little after slapping Chris. It was the profanity-laced yells. “Wow,” you exclaim. “What the hell is going on here?” This is genuine rage.”

Will Smith’s obscenity, which he used after punching Chris Rock at the Oscars, ‘disturbed’ Jay Leno (photo 2019)

“Jada, adore you,” Chris said as he presented an award at the presentation. GI Jane 2, I can’t wait to watch it,” Will joked, but Jada was unimpressed, so Will marched up to the stage, slapped the host, and walked away.

“Keep my wife’s name out of your blasted mouth,” Will roared from his seat.

Since the event, the Bad Boys star has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has been barred from attending the awards ceremony for a decade. I’m in need of one.

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“Jada, adore you,” Chris stated when giving an award at the presentation. “I can’t wait to watch GI Jane 2,” Will said, and though he laughed at first, he ultimately stepped up and hit Rock.

Contact the Palm Beach Daily News for more information. “What are you looking into?” Jay inquired. It had to be the most well-documented terrorist attack in history. I caught a glimpse of the back of his shoe and Chris’s ear. This incident was caught on camera by a large number of people. What exactly are you looking into? I understand that things aren’t always as they appear.’

On top of the blow, Leno discussed a number of issues throughout the interview, including a planned concert he will be doing in town.

When asked what fans could expect from the legendary comedian, Leno said he’s worked really hard to make sure the show doesn’t become divisive.

There is no need for an investigation, according to Leno, because “it had to be the most documented attack in history” (pictured with Smith 2001) Leno stated that his stand-up schedule isn’t what it used to be and that he’s a lot more relaxed now than when he was on the road for months at a time.

“I’m going out by myself,” he declared. ‘I don’t travel in a group.’ I go somewhere, crack jokes, and then return home. I don’t start in August and finish in May. I’m currently caring for some relatives, so I’m only home every two days. I make an effort to be home most weeknights.’

Later, he urged young comedians to “work clean,” using subtle rather than overt vulgarity.

On Sunday, April 17, Leno will perform at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach.

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