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Game of Thrones: Video Game Maps Explained: Complete Guide To Every Location In Westeros as well as Beyond.

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The Game of Thrones chart is actually as nitty-gritty as this found truth. Below are actually the complete (recognized) planet as well as a failure of all the essential regions.

Game Of Thrones World Map

Below is actually the complete Game of Thrones chart, featuring Westeros as well as Essos, along with tracks of the strange regions to the much eastern as well as southern that have not been actually cultivated also in George R.R. Martin’s manuals. Our company’ll presently split up every region, exactly how it is actually crucial to the series, as well as what various secrets they might accommodate.

The North

The North is actually the most significant constant area in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros as well as the minimum crowded. The Starks stuffing in as Wardens of the North as well as operate out of Winterfell, as they eat approximately 8000 years.


Dorne is actually the most southern region of Westeros as well as displays a unstinging as well as unbelievably remarkable lifestyle relative along with the rest of the landmass. They understand sex-related chances as well as appreciated ill-conceived young people in to their loved ones easily.

The Reach

Usually controlled through House Tyrell, the Reach is actually a central area of Westeros possessed of the absolute most opulent field on the landmass. Its own central place is actually Castle Highgarden included due to the selection House Tyrell (up until Game of Thrones time 7) as well as it similarly displays substantial vacationer areas like Oldtown, the Citadel, as well as various other primary political residences in Westeros like the Tarly’s.

The Westerlands

The Westerlands perform the western edge of Westeros. The Lannisters have actually handled the region because the hr of the First Men as well as their chair is actually as for any individual understands untouchable Casterly Rock, located near to the beachfront metropolitan area of Lannisport. Considering that of the important metallics as well as iron blood vessels that go by means of the inclines of the area, the Lannisters as well as their bannermen are actually recognized for their enormous treasures.

The Riverlands

The Riverlands are located legally towards the eastern of the Westerlands as well as just north of King’s Landing. It is actually selection family members is actually House Tully, whose garrison, Riverrun, was actually the young people house of Catelyn as well as Lysa Tully. Provided the Riverlands’ central region as well as the altercation in between the Tullys as well as the Lannisters that began in Game of Thrones time 1, the area completed as the key amphitheater for the War of the Five Kings.

The Stormlands

The Stormlands are located legally towards the south of King’s Landing as well as are actually flanked due to the Dornish Sea towards the South. Home Baratheon was its own selection home after Aegon I’s strike as well as they’ve controlled coming from their beachfront château Storm’s End coming from that place forward.

The Vale

Like Dorne, the Vale is actually identified through its own circumstance of loved one isolation depending on to the rest of Westeros. Found higher eastern of the Riverlands as well as just southern of the Neck, it is actually commonly removed coming from the rest of Westeros due to the Mountains of the Moon as well as is actually for all intents as well as reasons unreachable using property in the course of cold periods.

The Iron Islands

The Iron Islands is actually a party of 7 isles off the western side coastline of Westeros, legally north of Casterly Rock. They’re controlled through House Greyjoy away from Castle Pyke, as well as their maritime prestige is actually seemingly the most effective in the Seven Kingdoms. Socially, they likely talk with Westeros’ biggest abnormality.

The Crownlands

The Crownlands is actually a specific area of property inside Westeros as well as speaks with some of the 9 substantial “worlds,” nevertheless it is actually generally included King’s Landing as well as the region including the metropolitan area; it is actually socially identified essentially through its own propensity as the landmass’s principal city. It completed as the jumping off aspect for Aegon I’s victory of Westeros, as well as after he cultivated prosperous as well as signed up with the Seven Kingdoms, he started constructing the Red Keep.

The Free Cities

Socially, Essos switches frantically coming from Westeros, as well as the Free Cities of Pentos, Braavos, Volantis, Myr, Lorath, Lys, Tyrosh, Norvos, as well as Qohor are actually prime circumstances of the dissonance in between both landmasses. The Free Cities are actually provider, self-administering city-states without link to one more, even more substantial opening authorization. They are actually dispersed throughout the accumulation Essos – some beachfront, some inland, as well as a handful of, as Lys, on isles.

Dothraki Sea

Typically gotten in touch with the Great Grass Sea, the Dothraki Sea is actually the most significant semi-persistent area in Essos. Typically included meadow, it includes a tremendous area of inland Essos, prolonging for a terrific several kilometers towards each course as well as outlined due to the Free Cities towards the west as well as the Red Waste towards the eastern.

The Further East: Asshai as well as Yi Ti

Among the even more popular keys even with every little thing kept uncharted in both guides as well as the Game of Thrones TELEVISION setup is actually the easternmost region of Essos described equally as the Further East. HBO’s series does not generally explain on this region beyond the first minimal periods when Dany is actually bobbing around the Red Waste as well as Qarth, but the complicated metropolitan regions of Asshai as well as Yi Ti are actually each referenced a number of opportunities.

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