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Many people are not active on social media platforms like Instagram. However, people may occasionally wish to see updates and tales from their favorite star or athlete. They may be unsure whether they may browse Instagram posts and stories without an account in that situation. We’ve got you covered if you’re one of them.

To be honest, Instagram does not enable you to view posts and stories without first creating an account. But there’s always a way around it. You do not need to feel discouraged. You may access Instagram posts and Stories without an account if you read the entire article.

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Is it possible to view Instagram posts and stories without having an account?

As previously stated, there is no official way to access Instagram stories and posts without first creating an account. The requirement that you have an Instagram account to view a post or story should be changed.


However, some certain third-party programs and websites will allow you to do so. You can view stories and posts anonymously on these websites. However, these websites have some limitations.

Only users with public accounts can see their posts and stories. The stories are accessible for 24 hours after they are published. Posts and stories from private accounts are not visible.

These websites are simple to use while being loaded with questionable advertisements. Hit enter after typing the username of the account whose Story you want to see into the website’s search field. After some time, you’ll be able to see all of the previous Stories and postings. If there are no stories to display for the account, a profile of the account will be displayed with the “Stories” tab blank.

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Can you see a private account’s Instagram posts and stories?

You might be wondering if you can access private Instagram posts and stories without following someone. The simple response is “NO.” You won’t be able to see their updates and stories unless you follow them. You can’t see private profiles on Instagram because of its strict privacy policies.


Many articles on the internet suggest that private account postings and stories can be viewed. They are FAKE and will waste your time. They’ll ask you to complete surveys in exchange for nothing. So please don’t get involved in anything like that.

Without an Instagram account, how can you view Instagram posts and stories?

You don’t use Instagram, but someone you care about recently uploaded a story, and you want to see it as soon as possible. Because the person who posted the article can see who opened it, you don’t want to ask your pals for aid. You can only view the feed if you register for an account on the Instagram website, and there is no way to do so without doing so.

You can read Instagram stories without having an account, but you’ll need to use a third-party app. Fortunately. We’ve created a list of the best ones available, along with full instructions on how to use each one, to assist you.

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