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Baby steps season 3: Cancelled? Here is what you want to know all latest details visit to know

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Baby steps is a sports anime that can be undoubtedly said the best one of the decade. Fans have been waiting for Baby steps season 3 which is yet not clear whether it would be broadcasted or not. There are chances of cancellation of the show because of the time-lapse it has taken after the release of the second season. Should fans lose hope? Would there be Baby steps season 3? We are here to update you on every aspect.

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Baby steps season 3

Does this series usually take this long to launch the sequels?

Baby steps season 1 was serialized back on April 6, 2014. That season was such a great hit that the producers didn’t waste much time and we’re back with season 2 in April 2015. But as of now, it’s 2021 and there is no confirmation of the release of Baby steps season 3 yet. So can be considered bad news for anime fans.

Baby steps season 3 canceled?

Some rumors say that Baby steps season 3 might be canceled. Because the second season of the series took place quite a long time ago which is making the fans think with a negative approach. Despite the success of the second season of the series, Studio Pierrot has not renewed the Baby steps franchise. But for hope, it is not officially canceled so it’s not an end yet. Fans still have a hope to stick with.

Baby steps season 3

Assumed release date of Baby steps season 3

As of now the Studio Pierrot or the makers of the Baby steps have not given it a green signal. If the renewal takes place right in a while, we can expect the release somewhere near 2022 because 2021 is almost leaving us and it never happens that a show is announced on such short notice. We will update you and for that, you will have to keep a check regularly on this section.

Baby steps season 3

How are fans dealing with the delay in Baby steps season 3?

Studio Pierrot has not been updated yet on any grounds by which fans are not really in good spirits. They are constantly raising questions on the arrival of Baby steps season 3. But they have got nothing that can hold them for much time. And the rumors of the cancellation of the Baby steps season 3 are making fans uneasy and disappointed.

Why are Baby steps season 3 delayed or on the verge of cancellation?

According to the sources, one reason for the delay of Baby steps seasons 3 might be the sudden and inappropriate fire of Hikaru Katsuki by the publishing company. It actually caused problems to the writer and the readers as well. The abrupt ending of the series was a concern. Despite having enough content, the series could not make a future sequel.

A glimpse of Baby steps

Baby steps season 3

Baby steps is a Japanese manga series by Hikaru Katsuki. The story revolves around the first-year honor student Eiichirō Maruno. One day he finds that he has been very little into physical exercise so he decides to join the Southern Tennis Club where his tennis story begins. He instantly feels connected with the sport.

Eiichirō is a studious personality and he uses this trait in the tennis game where he observes the game systematically and becomes really good at it. During his trial classes, he meets a girl who is also a first-year student, Natsu Takasaki. She is determined to become a professional tennis player as she loves sports. Though Eiichirō has always been into studies but now when he has joined the Southern Tennis Club he has started enjoying it and he becomes great at tennis and has become capable enough to play against the best tennis players.
The story of Baby steps is not confined upto the sports genre only but it also has one of the best romances despite being a romantic series. If someone is interested to watch something romantic, this series is worth watching.

The eye-catchy characters of the show

Eiichirō Maruno

Baby steps season 3


His friends call him Ei-chan. He is the protagonist of the series. He is a studious personality and is famous in the school for his extraordinary way of taking notes. Due to his tight studying schedule, he could not get time for physical exercise. When he met a girl Natsu Takasaki and gets fascinated by her passion for tennis, he convinces himself to try playing it. He joins the Southern Tennis Club. His behavior of taking down notes helped him in becoming a prominent player in tennis. Ei-chan and Natsu started a relationship that grabs the spotlight of the show.

Natsu Takasaki

Baby steps season 3

She is the female protagonist of the show who is also known as Nat-chan. She has a great love for tennis and is a member of the Southern Tennis Club and is playing from a young age. She is very focused on tennis and is aiming at becoming a professional tennis player. Natsu and Mario share a special bond that deepens as the series progresses.

Takuma Egawa

Baby steps season 3

Takuma is one year senior to Natsu and Maruo and is in the same school with them. He is one of the best tennis players in Japanese is aiming to go bro. He is protective of Natsu.

Baby steps is a series about not only the sport of tennis but it is also a love story. The love connection of Maruo and Natsu is adored by everyone. Fans loved their equation and were expecting Baby steps season 3 which is still in between and has no such announcement of being streamed.

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Usually animes series take longer to be streamed. 4-5 years is not a big deal for a season to have a sequel but as we watched the second season streamed within a year and now Baby steps season 3 has taken 6 years and still there is nothing we can count on us giving a sign that it might be canceled. But being optimistic we should not lose hope, at least until we have an official statement. To get updates on your favorite shows and characters we are here to provide all that you need. 

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