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Tales of Zesteria the X season 3: Know all of the details through with this article and also know Renewed or cancelled?

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Tales of Zesteria The X was created by Studio Ufotable and was aired on July 3, 2016, followed by the second season in January 2017. Since then the fans are waiting for Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3. It has been 4 years since the fans have heard any update about Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3. But the makers of the show have yet not opened up about the third segment of the series. What does it mean, would there be no Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3? Let’s check it out.

Tales of Zesteria the X season 3

Would there be Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3?

Fans who are eagerly waiting for the Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3 have not heard anything satisfactory yet as the makers are still maintaining a silence on the future segments of the series. They have neither canceled nor renewed the further seasons of the series. Through our best assumption, we can say that it’s quite the chances of renewal of the season are quite low.
Both the seasons of Tales of Zesteria The X have been greatly loved and admired by the fans and were a hit within a short period, so the popularity can not be a factor in delayed streaming of the series. The ending of season 2 was quite concluding which is also being assumed as the reason for not having Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3.

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Plot description of Tales of Zesteria The X

Tales of Zesteria the X season 3


It is very well known to all that Seraphim exists. Seraphim is a superior race that blesses human beings when they are offered prayers. Those who can interact with them are called by the name of Shepherds are also considered superior to human beings because they make an appearance in the time of crisis.
Sorey is the protagonist of the show who is a young boy and spends most of his time in the village only. He is amused by the amount of knowledge the celestial bodies hold within them. He builds a curiosity inside him about knowing more about the history of Seraphims by one of his friends Mikleo.
During the time they were digging deeper they bumped into a girl who seemed to be in a trouble and needed the Shepherd to save her world from falling apart. Though Mikleo doesn’t believe the girl initially Sorey decides to help her out and from there the journey of uniting the human world to the Seraphim begins.


Expected release date of Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3

It’s quite difficult to assume the future of any anime series if it does not possess any grounds in a novel series or manga. Looking at the time that has passed after season 2 of the series it is quite difficult to set an estimate for the release date but as both, the seasons gained popularity and the demand that fans’ are putting it might be possible that the makers can show a greenlit to the Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3. If it starts immediately which is not certain then also it would take at least a time of one year so for now, we can expect Tales of Zesteria The X Season 3 to be aired somewhere in 2022 last or 2023 start.


Characters that played the major role


Tales of Zesteria the X season 3

He is the most important character in the series. He has a kind and optimistic personality. Since his childhood, he has been very fascinated with the relationship between humankind and the Seraphim. In his village Elysia, he is the only human among all Seraphim but still, he had the ability to see Seraphim. He is a soft-hearted and calm kind of person and this trait of being kind-hearted puts him into trouble sometimes. He tries to give his best at everything he can and always offers a helping hand.


Tales of Zesteria the X season 3

Mikleo like his friend Sorey is a calm and kind personality and he is a water Seraphim. Though he was not born Seraphim he became one when his own uncle offered him as a sacrifice.

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Tales of Zesteria the X season 3

Talking about his physical appearance he happens to have long white locks which are green at the tips. He has orange eyes. He has a muscular body and he flaunts it by not wearing a shirt. Apart from his physical appearance, his personality possesses the trait of fancying women as he is seen flirting with multiple.


Episode list of the series:

Season 1:

Episode 0- The ages of chaos

Episode 1- Celestial Capital

Episode 2- Elysium

Episode 3- The Sacred Blade Festival

Episode 4- The shepherd’s destiny

Episode 5- The beginning of the calamity

Episode 6- Velvet Crowe

Episode 7- Their respective thoughts

Episode 8- Rayfalke Spiritcrest

Episode 9- City of the epidemic

Episode 10- Alisha Diphda

Episode 11- War

Episode 12- The lord of calamity

Tales of Zesteria the X season 3

Tales of Zesteria the X season 2

Episode 1- World without Malevolence

Episode 2- Dezel the Wind Separah

Episode 3- Each philosophy

Episode 4- Revenge

Episode 5- Justice at hand rather than ideal beyond one’s reach

Episode 6- Negotiation

Episode 7- Ladylike

Episode 8- Purification

Episode 9- The world I once steamed of

Episode 10- The land to the north

Episode 11- Become the wind

Episode 12- The answer we come upon

Episode 13- Legend

What do fans crave to know?

1. Does Tales of Zesttiria possess good animation?

Yes, it is one of the best animated series I have watched, and the studio which has produced it is very well known for its high-quality production.

2. Are there romantic scenes in the series?

Romantic scenes are not particularly in the series but the ending leads to a romantic end of the story which is actually not really necessary for the show.

3. Would there be Tales of Zesteria the X season 3?

It’s yet not confirmed about the renewal or the cancellation of the show.

4. Are the makers running out of content?

Season 2 of the series has the concluding ending so it is hard to rely on the publishing of the Tales of Zesteria the X season 3.


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