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Will Tower of god season 2 hit the screen again? Let’s find it out and also know the truth and all the details

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Tower of God is based on a South Korean web series. It is an action, adventure, and dark fantasy anime show. The story has surrounded a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. ‘Bam’ can mean ‘Night’ or ‘Chestnut’. He has spent his life trapped under a mysterious tower with his only best friend Rachel who kept him company through the years. They share a deep bond. Tower of god season 2 anime is much awaited by the fans but Tower of god season 2 anime release date has yet not been declared but can be done in a short time.

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Tower of god season 2

Tower of god franchise

It is a South Korean manhwa webtoon series that actually debuted in 2010. Tower of god got its anime adaptation in 2020. The first season of the show aired from April 1, 2020, to June 24, 2020. Tower of god streamed on Crunchyroll. It was directed by Takashi Sano, written by Erika Yoshida, and produced by Joseph Chou.

Will Tower of god season 2 hit the screen?

Till now there has been no such official announcement about Tower of god season 2. So for the time, we can neither be too excited nor we have loosened our hopes. Let’s get familiar with the possibilities of the release of Tower of god season 2. The first season of the show was a big profit to the makers so it has nothing to worry about the popularity. Also, we can have hope because this series can not end only in one season.

Are the makers out of content?

Tower of god season 2

I would say as the Tower of god manhwa has now been going on for more than ten years, it definitely has a lot of content that can not be concluded within 13 episodes of the first season. So Tower of god season 2 anime has pretty high chances of streaming. The popularity and demand of the anime is another plus point for the makers to renew the show. Content is enough, popularity is high, profit was massive: what else could makers demand.
The original manhwa series has around 500 chapters of Tower of God and in the first season, there are only 78 chapters that are covered. so content is not the issue at all.

Tower of god season 2 anime release date

The tower of god season 2 release date has still not been updated so saying anything regarding the date would be more like guessing. If Tower of god season 2 gets greenlit in the near time then we can definitely expect its renewal in mid or last of 2022.

The plot of Tower of god

Tower of god season 2

The story of Tower of god revolves around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. The name has a strange name which means night and it also has a spiritual aspect of a Messiah. So this Bam has spent most of his life under this tower that to unwillingly. He was accompanied by his dear friend Rachel. Bam was attached to his friend. Rachel realizes that the tower never called out for her but Bam was the one who was passing through all the obstacles with not many efforts. There is another character in the scene named Head-on who told her that she could climb the tower only when she would be able to defeat Bam. In the blindness of the success, she betrays Bam and shoves him into the lake. Then the story goes around the two of them.

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How much content do the makers have?

The first season of the show is comprised of 13 episodes which are

Episode 1- Ball

To achieve what is there on the tower, one would have to survive all the conditions.

Episode 2- 3/400(Three four-hundredths)

Bam completes the first level of the tower

Episode 3- The correct door

Rak shows tantrums when Hansung Yu familiarises them with the subject test.

Episode 4- The Green April

After the end of the first level of the Crown game Anaal, wielder of the ever-changing sword, The Green April, squires the throne.

Episode 5- The crown’s fate

Bam’s team defends the throne from the others.

Episode 6- Position selection

The selection for the position started.

Episode 7- Lunch and tag

Anaak’s and Endirsi’s fight has passed a few days ago and now Bam seems to be in a problem.

Episode 8- Khun’s strategy

Team A was mesmerized by the performance of the Ranker.

Episode 9- The one-horned ogre

Rachel is held captive by Hoh. Endorse kicks her own teammates.

Episode 10- Beyond the sadness

Rachel got a tough wound by which she might not walk.

Episode 11- Underwater hunt (1)

Another level to reach the tower

Episod12- Underwater hunt (2)

Regulars continue to clear the path for Bam and Rachel. Androssi is stuck at a hard decision.

Episode 13- Tower of god

Reaching near to the end, Rachel pushes Bam off. Time turns back to when the door of the tower opened.

The first season of the show took out the content of few chapters whereas the original one had 500 chapters so content is in abundance.

Tower of god season 2

Tower of god season 2 is surely one of the most awaited sequels of the time. The first season was very much loved by the fans so waiting for Tower of god season 2 is quite difficult. Fans are desperate to get any leads on the release date. Manhwa readers have waited for an entire decision to watch the anime adaptation of the series.

The first season was a great hit and it also took some records on its name and was a great success. The show holds a score of 7.61 which is a good one. And the success is quite enough for the producers to renew the show. The show does not only consist of the amount of content for the second season but it has it in abundance and can have the third sequel to be wrapped and that too with a good quality of content. So it is sure that Tower of god season 2 would definitely make up to the screen.

Fans usually ask for

1. Is the show getting renewed?

There is no such official commitment from the side of makers, but I personally believe that it would get renewed as there are many factors in its favor.

2. Why did Rachel pushed Bam?

Rachel pushed Bam off because she wanted to see the stars and the top of the tower. She felt that Bam was taking everything away from her.

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