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Mushishi season 3: canceled or renewed? Are you a fan of anime? This is you place to stop

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Mushishi Season 3 is a much-awaited series by the fans. Fans have been waiting for it for the last 6 years and are curious to know all the whereabouts of the show. Though it’s not the first time that they are left waiting for such a long time but the second season was released after 8 long years of wait. But fans are fans, they were never out of interest or hope of the streaming of the sequel. Here are all the details that the fans of anime are willing to know.

About the series

Mushishi season 3

Mushishi is a Japanese adventure anime series. Studio Artland took the manga’s story and recreated it in an anime show. It was first aired on 23 October 2005. The first season ended on 19 June 2006. The second season of the anime series hit the screen after 8 years. On 5 April 2014. Still, there was no decrease in fans’ enthusiasm and support. This clearly shows how anime fans are waiting for another sequel. It’s been six years since the last episode got aired which was on 21 December 2014. Mushishi Season 3 is awaited with all the enthusiasm of the fans. 

Mushishi Season 3 renewal status

Mushishi Zoku Shou aka Mushishi was a great success not only in the anime series but as a manga’s story also. It has named itself many awards and secured a place in the list of best anime shows in the last decade. But Mushishi season 3 has yet not been given a greenlit.

Though this is not something like a strange move because the second season itself took eight years. Fans have been waiting for Mushishi season 3. But the makers have not shared anything regarding any kind of updates about the anime series sequel. The production house has neither Renewed nor Cancelled the Mushishi season 3. Fans are willing to track any updates but for now, they have got nothing of an official announcement. Fans still hold hope of the renewal keeping in the mind the time last season took to be released. 

Mushishi season 3

Are there any content issues?

The anime series is based on the manga’s story which started in 1999 and almost completed a decade and ended in 2008. The author of the manga’s story has now published ten volumes. But most of the content of the story has been used by Studio Artland. Though they have left some stories untouched those stories alone can not stand in a full-fledged series. So yeah it might be a reason that the makers are not coming up with any updates about Mushishi season 3.

Mushishi season 3

Possibilities of the renewal of the show

The history of the series has been very amazing. Both the seasons have gained a huge success and paid a really good profit to the makers. Another achievement of both the seasons was that they managed to make a space for them in the best anime show list and had been on the top of that. 

The second season that came after 8 years was a kind of closure to the storyline. The second season has exhausted almost all the content of the manga’s story. So keeping in mind all these points we can assume that the possibility of the sequel is quite low but still we should not lose hope as the anime series have always been successful in surprising us. But fans should not hope high about the renewal. 


Mushishi season 3

Mushishi is a Japanese manga series written by Yuki Urushibara.  It is set in a hypothetical time between Edo and Meiji periods. The story includes ubiquitous creatures named Mushi that had some supernatural powers. Apart from humans kind, many different creatures are living on this earth and some are yet not acquainted. But along with them, some can see and communicate with them, and among those was Ginko who is the protagonist of the show. He considers himself as a Mushi master and travels from one place to another and saves people from the damage caused by them. 

Ginko is uncommon among others. He not only could interact with Mushi but also he attracted them which was not a good thing actually. So to prevent it he continuously smokes and wanders. He says that Mushi is not bad ones they are not evils but to survive, one has to overcome the other. The story revolves around how Ginko helps people to identify their problems and sort them out. 

Mushishi episodes

Season 1

  • Episode 1- The Green throne
  • Episode 2- The light in the eyelids
  • Episode 3- Soft horns
  • Episode 4- The alley through the pillow
  • Episode 5- The traveling swamp
  • Episode 6- The dew consuming swarn
  • Episode 7- Raindrops and Rainbows
  • Episode 8- Where beyond the sea
  • Episode 9- Heavy fruit
  • Episode 10- The whiteness in the ink
  • Episode 11- To sleep in the mountains
  • Episode 12- One-eyed fish
  • Episode 13- The one-night bridge
  • Episode 14- Inside the cage
  • Episode 15- Pretense of spring
  • Episode 16- Dawn snake
  • Episode 17- Picking empty cocoons
  • Episode 18- The mountain bearing robe
  • Episode 19- A string in the sky
  • Episode 20- A sea of ink
  • Episode 21- Cotton spores
  • Episode 22- The sea shrine
  • Episode 23- Chorus of rust
  • Episode 24- The journey to the field of fire
  • Episode 25- Pleasant sights, woeful sights
  • Episode 26- The sound of footsteps on the grass

Season 2

  • Episode 1- Banquet at the forest’s edge
  • Episode 2- The warbling sea shell
  • Episode 3- Beneath the snow
  • Episode 4- The hand that caresses the night
  • Episode 5- Mirror lake
  • Episode 6- Floral delusion
  • Episode 7- Cloudless rain
  • Episode 8- Wind raiser
  • Episode 9- Valley of the welling
  • Episode 10- Depths of winter
  • Episode 11- Cushion of grass
  • Episode 12- Fragrant darkness
  • Episode 13- Lingering Crimson
  • Episode 14– Hidden cove
  • Episode 15- Thread of light
  • Episode 16- Sea of otherworldly
  • Episode 17- Azure waters
  • Episode 18- Lightning’s end
  • Episode 19- Mud grass
  • Episode 20- Tree of eternity


Questions frequently asked

1. Is Mushishi fully adapted?

The manga was adapted into an anime series in 2005 which was the first season of the series. The second season of the series aired on April 4, 2014.

2. Is Mushishi worth watching?

It’s basically a series of short stories as it doesn’t have a continuous storyline. If one is searching for something artistic then it is worth trying. 

3. Would there be Mushishi season 3?

It is yet not declared whether there would be a renewal or not.

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