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Ghost Of Little Girl Caught In LAS Cruces Graveyard! Read To Know The Details.

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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After seeing this photo, maybe you can change your mind if you don’t believe in spirits or ghosts. In 2018, Faviola Rodriguez a 2 years old girl died because she was badly beaten up by her mother’s boyfriend. According to the sources Saundra said she showed her the videos and photos of her little girl appearing in the videos and photos.

Take a look at the video maybe you believe in ghosts from now.

What’s the whole story?

According to the sources, she died because her mother’s boyfriend abused her and beaten her up all the time. One day she was badly beaten by him and after that, he gets arrested in the charge of child-abusing, harassment, and murder. And now there are photos and news that the girl has appeared in the CCTV footage playing here and there.

In Las Cruces, there has a camera fixed on nearby graves due to some of the reasons. The whole footage has been recorded in it recently. A little girl was seen in the footage which has been taken by cemetery staff. Maybe it was a ghost of the girl looking for heaven’s sake.

Scary footage! Is it a real ghost or something else?

The footage has a girl present in the graveyard, they recognized her and showed that video or pictures to Faviola’s mother. she happened to visit the graveyard at the time when they are able to show her the images of the little girl which has captured by the camera.

According to the sources, her mother said when she showed me the pictures “I started crying”. She told me that she gets emotional as she pulls her phone and said that I’m going to show you something really beautiful. When I saw the pictures of my girl I couldn’t do anything but only cried.

Do you believe in ghosts? Write up in the comment section and stay tuned with us.

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