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“Jordyn Woods” Attracts offensive and unwelcome comments with “Unclothed” massage! Click to read the whole thing.

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
As a writer I'm a freebird.

As we all know Jordyn Woods is a 22year old model from the United States and she is known for her Plus size and work as a plus-size model. Recently she is in trend as she posted a video of her spa massage and the video gets viral all over social media. The video is getting popular on Instagram by the account named “The shade room”. In the video, she is laying Unclothed with music sets aside.


Video gets 1million+ views just in an hour!

The video gets viral in an hour and now achieve millions of views from then. This is the medium of getting unnecessary attention and criticism. Now, she is receiving offensive and disrespectful comments from the fans and people on Instagram. People are liking but only to make fun of her. Some comments are getting popular and people comment disrespectful for the nudity.

The video contains a peach emoji to compliment her killer curves. She was not wearing anything in the video but only a piece of towel is there on her body. According to the fans, she crossed every limit and makes herself a source of laughter.

Offensive comments from fans like- ‘Sis could have kept this in-camera roll!’

This comment is getting viral too and liked by more than 4000 user’s on Instagram. People making fun of her as she is showing her body while getting a massage. Seriously who could even post a video of massage on social media! People are making comments on her body by saying that the one who is doing massage is equal to Jordyn’s leg size.

She has a habit of creating scandals and scenes to get popularity and fame. To get attention anyone could do like these people are commenting like that. Now see what will happen next after this video. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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