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Lonely Women At Nursing Home Looks Out Window To See Grandson, She Never Knew Existed!

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Anna Perkins is a 72-year-old woman who got pregnant 57 years ago at the age of 15. Without any family support, she had sent away from her house to ‘Unwed’ mother’s during her whole pregnancy time until the delivery. After the birth of the girl child named “Katherine”, she decided to place up the baby for adoption because she was immature and not prepared to raise the baby girl at the age of 15. She was very young for this big responsibility.

Anna’s life story!

She lives in Aurora, Colorado at a nursing home. And following up the Covid19 guidelines strictly. She has not any visitors or anyone to take care of her. She is all alone from two years in this hospital residency. She grew up into adulthood without knowing her child’s fate. She said that she always wondered about her child Katherine.

She told that she always thinks about her and how’s she going. She never knew that she has a grandson until this Tuesday. She met with his grandson. She said before that she only had a special someone from the past few years when she needed a connection.

“First Encounter with his Grandson”!

On Tuesday, his 35-year-old grandson named ‘Nick Gensman’ first laid eyes on her at the hospital. This was happened from behind the window where the glass was a barrier to connect. She is staying at the hospital. They connect over the phone from the window due to coronavirus pandemics.

Due to the restrictions, they couldn’t able to reach by touch due to covid19. They discussed their lives and experience of their life on the phone. Both get very emotional at that moment as they didn’t know about each other from the past 35 years. Amma said that she gone through various difficulties in her life as well as the grandson told about his struggle with life.

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