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North Carolina, Virginia Rocked By Most Powerful Earthquake In Region Since 1916! Click To Read More.

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Earthquake of the magnitude of about 5.1 in Virginia which is on the border of North Carolina. This happened on this Sunday. According to the survey, this was the strongest earthquake since 1916 which rocked Virginia. It was the second-largest earthquake after a century. According to the reports the earthquake was struck in most of the parts of the city. The report says that no-one died because of this but it causes injuries to both non-livings and livings.

Magnitude 5.1 causes structural damage to the buildings!

Serious damage and serious injuries were not reported or detected at the very first but it caused buildings to be damaged and in Sparta, one’s house chimney gets collapsed their home shelves got broke. It made impacts on roads as well as on the water lines and caused them to crack.

Groceries had great damage and items fall off from home shelves and bookshelves in the libraries. But there are no serious injuries to the citizens and no one died from this natural calamity with the grace of God. But this makes human’s terrified and scared them as they saw this in front of their eyes.

According to U.S Geological Survey!

The survey discloses that it was the strongest one after the century. About 5.1 magnitudes, this is very high to rock the area Since 1916. The effects of this one can be seen around the 100 miles from Sparta. This was like a wavy earthquake where you can see the materials to be shed off in the waveform.

People reported that they felt their houses and things were lifting and shaking things to be noticed by them. They are unable to walk properly due to this wavy earthquake. Only some people got hurt and had serious injuries but no one died. People from various places around 100 miles reported and share about the news which they saw. For more details please stay tuned with us.

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