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Xbox Series X Pre-Order Store Pages: Get Notified When Pre-Orders Become Available. Click here to know more.

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Microsoft revealed the new Xbox Series X at last year’s Game Awards. The company has now been slowly releasing information about its next-generation console and games lineup.


From when will Xbox Series X be available to pre-order?

While no one has an exact date for pre-ordering the Xbox Series X. Several retailers are now letting people sign up to be notified whenever the Xbox Series X becomes available for pre-ordering.

The Xbox Games Showcase took place on the 23rd of July. The showcase made everyone to expect the Xbox Series X to get launched in the August of 2020 itself.

But if you want to be ready for the exact moment Xbox series X pre-orders become available to all.

You can still sign-up at Best Buy, Game Stop, and Target. And get yourself notified as soon as pre-booking goes online.

Though Amazon and Walmart also are placeholders for the Xbox Series X they don’t have sign-up options available.

What will be the cost of the new Xbox Series X?

While the console was revealed months ago, Microsoft’s plan has been to hold off on revealing a price and opening pre-orders until customers could know for sure what they’re paying for, the company told GameSpot. “We think, in the end, what people want from us is … to put a controller in their hand,” said Xbox partner director of program management Jason Ronald in a December 2019 interview.

What is the release date for the Xbox X series?

Thankfully, we do know the Xbox Series X is releasing later this year–its current release window is Holiday 2020. While the coronavirus pandemic has raised some questions about production and delays, Microsoft hasn’t announced anything in that vein. In fact, it’s looking very likely November will be the release month for Series X, according to Bloomberg tech reporter Dina Bass. In an interview with Microsoft CFO Amy Hood, Bass asked if the “new console” was still on track for the “November holidays”. Her answer was the single word YES.



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