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British Royal Family News: Is This The Mistake “Meghan Markle” Made With The ‘Royal Family’?

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Meghan Markle is an American based Actress. She is the former “Duchess of Sussex” and a member of the British Royal Family. Meghan belongs from Los Angeles, California, and started appearing in television series and films while studying. She is the wife of “Duke of Sussex” Prince Harry. There is news that they left the royal family due to reasons. Meghan, father, and brother are saying that that was her huge mistake to left the family like that.

What’s that mistake?

Meghan Markle, the 39 years old American actress now is a member of the Royal Family. She was thrust in the spotlight without much royalty in her. Without Royal pieces of training, she appeared unprepared sometimes. From the lifestyle to the choice of dresses and so on. With tacky choices that are not an idol for royals.

On the first engagement with Queen Elizabeth, mortan said that she was tried her best but she was confused at sometimes like what to do and how to do. From where to enter in the car and on which hand to handle the handbag just like royals. And now both husband and wife have left the royal.

What’s Royal Observer’s Said?

They said that she didn’t know about the proper protocol and etiquette to be a member of the British Royal Family. They believe that the problem is that she belonged to America and that’s the main reason because her lifestyle is American based completely. She is a non-British and facing difficulties due to this reason.

Although she is very confident as she is an actress and fond of the Hollywood lifestyle.  She doesn’t have much knowledge about British culture and that’s why she made such mistakes like tacky outfits and all the things. Now see what will happen next to her and the couple.

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