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Fashion Sensation “Jennifer Lopez” spotted in “Sweats” and “Nike sneakers” in New York. What she said about her daughter? Click here to read more.

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The world is under lockdown. Cases are increasing day by day. New York has strictly mandated the use of the face mask.  Despite all these, we get a glimpse of Jennifer Lopez’s super cool look during this pandemic. Watch this video for more information.

Her Appearance

The lady this time dressed like a rainbow walking through the streets. She has dressed in splashy polo ralph Lauren tie-dye sweats with Nike sneakers. Apart from it, she has a mask on her face showing her regards for safety. Her color combination and dressing sense surely need a compliment.

Demand For the Dress

There is no denying that her appearance has created a lot of demand for the dress. If you want to purchase one you can purchase at Pac sun. however, her pants have already sold out from the stores with hoodie still available for purchase.

She is in New York


As per the reports the singer is in New York from the last couple of weeks. she is enjoying some private time with her family and fiancé Alex Rodriguez. While talking to the red January issue she talked about her journey in love and how it took time for her to understand the value of her self.


She elaborated that she feels like it is her second third and fourth act. She has lived several lifetimes and she has to figure her way out of that. “should I go into a relationship that did not serve me well” she added. However, I finally understood that it’s me that matters and I have to fix that problem. I have to understand my need and value. Check out this video of her about love:

Healthy Outlook

But she thinks that her 12-year-old daughter Emme Muniz has a much healthy outlook of love than her at the same age. she explained it by saying that I have grown with the fairy tale. I am like a princess waiting for a prince to save myself. I waited for true love thinking it makes me happy. If I don’t get married I am not going to be happy she added.

About Her Daughter


Singer praised her daughter by saying that she is way more superior than her. at her age 8, she said to me that she doesn’t know if she will marry someday. And when she said such a thing I was like “yes “. Because I am teaching her from the beginning to always value himself more.

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