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Is The Promise Really Based on Armenian Genocide? All You Need To Know Right Here!!.Click here to know more.

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” The Promise ” the movie made around the slaughter of the Armenian citizens by the Ottoman Empire. The movie is is a beautiful romantic periodic drama. Is it really based on the Armenian Genocide? The movie is directed by Terry George who also wrote it alongside Robin Swicord. The running time of the movie is 134 minutes.

Have a look at this amazing official trailer of the 2016 movie-

Let’s take a look into what the reality is behind the plot.

During World War 1 the Ottoman Empire government had planned to eradicate the Armenians. Their main motive to do so was to confiscate The Armenian property and their goods and deport all its citizens.

History says that there were approximately 2.1 million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire in 1914. But the number dropped drastically to a mere 387,800 by the year 1922. The movie ” The Promise ” consists of an immensely talented cast. The cast includes Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, and Christian Bale.

The mean fuzz that’s created about the movie is that the film is based around the story of the slaughter of Armenian citizens by the Ottoman Empire. Now, this is quite coincidental that it is the day of remembrance is in Armenian, April 14. The events that unfolded that day are that the Armenian intellectuals were arrested in the supposed Armenian Genocide.

What is actually the Armenian Genocide?

Armenian Genocide is sometimes also referred to as the Armenian Holocaust. This genocide was the systematic mass murder and expulsion of the entire 1.5 million ethnic Americans.

This inhumane even was carried out in Turkey and in the adjoining regions of the Ottoman government, between 1914 and 1923.

The starting date of this genocide was conventionally held to be the 24th of April 1915. This was the day when the Ottoman authorities rounded up, arrested, and deported from Constantinople to the region of Angora.

This genocide was basically carried out during the First World War and was implemented in two stages. Stage 1 was the wholesale killing of the able-bodied male population through the use of a massacre and imposition of army conscripts of forced labor. The next stage that followed was the deportation of the women and children and then the elderly.


After that, even the other ethnic groups were targetted for extermination in the Asylum genocide and the Greek Genocide. This treatment to them is considered to be a part of the same genocide.

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