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Take Your Gaming Experience to next level with “Best Mods” of 2020. Why are you waiting for? Check the list now!

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Are you feeling bored being monotonous by hunting the same monsters and trying the limited quests every day? If you think there is nothing new to try on or and your weaponry has become obsolete. To overcome all these Mods are the best bet to try on! It will take your gaming experience to the next level.

It will enhance your game display, enable you to try everything you want in the game coupled with the best weaponry and new quests to solve on. To sum up, Mods help you in making your game more interesting, appealing, and wonderful to play. So why are you waiting for? Let’s dive deeper into this world of games.

Types of Mods

Before moving further we must understand that for different gaming experiences there exist different mods. What suits your choice depends upon you and your requirement. If you want upgraded weapons or fantastic quests you have to choose from them accordingly.

The seven main types of Mods are listed below. If you find it interesting Try one of them:

  1. Essential Skyrim Mods
  2. Graphics Mods
  3. Gameplay Mods
  4. Weapons and Armour mods
  5. World Mods
  6. Quest Mods
  7. Funny Mods


How to download Mods

Just click on the link of the mods and subscribe to it. It will be downloaded and apply itself automatically.

Before downloading mods, make it clear that your PC has Skyrim Script Extender to let you download the complicated mods with ease.

Best Mods for Skyrim

Now we are going to summarise the top 10 Mods for the Skyrim games that will make 2020 an awesome year for gaming fans.

Relighting Skyrim

This mod is basically designed to overcome the lighting problems in the game. If you play the game you will find that there are numerous object emitting lights making your visibility difficult. Using this mod will help you get rid of such issues making it more visible and alluring.

Apocalypse spell mods

As the name suggests these mods provide you with 140 spells. With the help of each spells you can do a wide array of things like calling tornados, destroying the beast, or bringing different objects. Apart from all these, it can help you to in getting aid.

Duel combat realism

This mod remains the perfect choice for the war. When you fight the enemy stamina becomes an important thing to consider. If you apply this mod it will help you in getting your attention towards the same .your armor and sword will become realistic. War defense and offense both matters for the victory. So It helps you in choosing which is needed at what moment with the perfect combination of suit and armor.

Sounds of Skyrim

What happens if you found a blurred voice or find nothing at all? It will destroy your gaming experience and most likely it will bring chaos. To end all these, sound mods are a perfect choice. Using it will help you in getting the perfect combination of voice which adjusts itself according to a different day, weather, and location. As a whole, it makes your gaming experience immersive.

Moon path to Elsweyr

Whoever not wants Skyrim beautiful landscape with forest and wildernesses along with new quests. if you want one, This mod will help you in getting that. It will help you in exploring new places and quests along with different sceneries of Elsweyr. It is always a delight to hunt the prey and conquer the quests which come with this mod.

Monster Mayhem

If you are a monster hunter who is waiting for new monsters to hunt then choosing this mod is a perfect idea. This mod will provide you with enough creatures making your game more thrilling and adventures. More killings more fun! isn’t it?

Open cities

A limited city always affects your interests. If you are suffering from the same. This mod will bring you in exploring new horizons of the existing city with an option to complete the news quests associated with them.

Sky UI

If your war skills are limited because of limited and unused inventory, then consider choosing this mod. It brings with itself a convenient inventory management system helping you in choosing the best from the store. It further helps you in searching Large names saving your precious time.

2K textures

If you want to see your game by closeby or in Zoom it is the best option. It provides you with resolutions up to 2160P making everything in your way clearly visible and real.

Castle Volkihar Redux

This mod is all about beauty. If you want to make your game more appealing to the viewers that it is the best mod for you. With its use, the castle in the game appears accurate along with dungeons and eerie corridors. It unleashes the Texture and every detail of the game giving it a perfect shape.



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