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“Megalo Box Season 2”: Anime coming back for another installment? Click to know more about the Cast, Release date, Plot and other details!

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The Megalo Box is an anime TV series developed in 2018. This series was a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Ashita no Joe manga series. It is under the production of TMS entertainment studio and 3x cube studio and The first season premiered in Japan on 6th April 2018 to 29th June 2018. This anime has 13 episodes for the 1st season. It is one of the most applauded anime series, with an IMDB rating of 7.8/10.

Recently, the fans have gone crazy with the announcement regarding the second instalment of this anime. Continue reading to know more.

“Megalo Box, Season 2”: Release date

The makers took to Twitter regarding the announcement of the sequel’s arrival. The sequel’s arrival is for sure, but a fixed date is yet to come. Official notifications regarding the same are however to be available. Back in 2019, the makers declared the renewal. Sources reveal that the second season might arrive towards October 2020. but the official notification is not available. In the current pandemic situation, everything is at a halt. SO, there is a delay in production. But the English version of this anime is available on Amazon; you can watch it there.

“Megalo Box”: Storyline

The series is in a future scenario, where all the licensed citizens live a lavish lifestyle within the city. At the same time, the unlicensed citizens stay in the outskirts of the town in Japan. Megalo Boxing is a famous sport similar to boxing with a modification; the boxers fight while wearing a metal frame. This modification leads to more brutal and lethal attacks.

Junk Dog, a young man, who is one other fighter in the underground illegal ring fights. There match fixing occurs, and his coach, Gansaku Nanbu, asks Junk to act upon his direction. One evening, he crashes his bike into Yukiko Shirato, head of the wealthy Shirato Group, that oversees the Megalonia tournament.

This accident leads to Junk Dog combatting his bodyguard who is also another lead fighter in the Megalo Box ring fights. Yukiko stops the battle, but Yuri revenges his insult from Junk Dog. He easily defeats him in another battle of illegal underground ring fight and asks him to combat him again in Megalonia. But, for this Junk Dog would require to be among the top rankers of the Megalo box fighters, along with a proper citizenship ID.

Fortunately, his coach Nanbu, persuades the mob boss, Fujimaki to forge Junk’s ID under the name of Joe. Both of them receive a deadline of three months to achieve their goal of being a top ranker in the megalo box rankings.

“Megalo Box, Season 2”: Plot

The Season 1 concludes with Junk Dog surviving the final episode. There are still more angles of his story to cover, such as his past and future after surviving fight. The fate of Joe’s character is still uncertain. We expect to see more about his future. Will his guilt trip for what happened to Yuri affect his future matches, is still under suspense. Fans are also excited to watch some romance in Junk Dog’s life. The original plot is still under wrap, so we need to wait till the season’s arrival to know more about the plot.

“Megalo Box, Season 2”: Cast

The original voice cast includes-

We expect the original cast to return along with some few new faces.

“Megalo Box, Season 2”: Official trailer

The official trailer is yet to come, but the official teaser is available. So, let’s check the official teaser here.


The trailer might arrive one month before the sequel’s arrival.

For any more updates, stay tuned.

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