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“Mob Psycho 100 Season 3”: Bones renews another sequel!! Click to know more about the Plot, Release date, Cast and other details!

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Mob Psycho 100 is a Japanese anime, derived from the web-comics by One. This anime is a combination of action, supernatural elements as well as a lot of comedy. The main highlights of this anime series are the fantastic graphics and the intriguing storyline which keeps the audience hooked. Mob Psycho 100 has a total of two seasons with over 25 episodes. The first season debuted in 2016, while the sequel came in 2019. After two back to back hits, the fans are now curious about the third instalment.

“Mob Psycho 100, Season 3”: Release date

This anime is an evergreen series. Whenever you start watching, you will feel the same rollercoaster ride feeling. You won’t get bored owing to its intriguing storyline. The success rate of the previous seasons is so high that fans are now excited about the third season. But unfortunately, no official notification is available regarding the third instalment. We expect the makers to opt for another episode in 2021. All the cinematography is at halt owing to the current pandemic situation. Both the seasons have a humongous fan base, so it’s natural to expect a follow-up. But as no official notification is available, we need to wait a little more. This series even got 10/10 rating from IMDB.

“Mob Psycho 100”: Storyline

The story traces the journey of a boy with strong psychic powers, struggles to find happiness. He wishes to lead a healthy and happy life, but unfortunately, with excellent skills comes significant responsibilities. He is under constant emotional stress owing to his powers. So, to keep his powers under his control, he decides to assist Reigen Arataka. The Season 1 concludes with the end of the fight and Mob, Reigen, Ritsu, Dimple and Teru leading a healthy life.

The Season 2 starts withReigen accepting an exorcism job from a farmer but ultimately infers the job requires another person. So he summons Mob, who exercises the high-level spirit, Wriggle. Wriggle can control the plants and creates havoc. The story then traces how the Mob unleashes his real powers and uses it for others benefit. The season concludes on a massive explosion to occur, resulting in abrupt growth of broccoli seed. This broccoli seed was in Mob’s pocket, which ultimately forms the divine tree.

“Mob Psycho 100, Season 3”: Plot

The original plot is still under wrap as no official notification is available. But, we expect the makers. If they make the sequel, to start from the season2’s ending. Many questions have come up after the sequel’s last episode. Will Mob get his powers back or will he become the dumb boy again? Will he be able to prove his intelligence?

“Mob Psycho 100, Season 3”: Cast

Half of the credit for the humongous fan base of this series goes to its fantastic voice cast. We expect the series to return with heir original voice cast along with some new additions.

“Mob Psycho 100, Season 3”: Official trailer

Currently, there is no trailer for the third instalment, but we expect it to be available by 2021. However, you can still rewatch the second season’s official trailer for a quick recap.

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